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Hardback, color omnibus edition of the Haunting of Hastur modules. DNH1, DNH2, DNH3, DNH4, and DNH5 with VTT Maps and extras
Hardback, color omnibus edition of the Haunting of Hastur modules. DNH1, DNH2, DNH3, DNH4, and DNH5 with VTT Maps and extras
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Update for Week of Feb 4, 2019

Posted by Dark Naga Adventures (Kevin Watson) (Creator)

We are funded. Which is awesome. Now we can focus on stretch goals. I will post an update about the first goal later this weekend. 

Here is an interview I did with Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf about the project, and Dark Naga in general.

Method to my Madness

The reason that I always wait to start a project after I have it fully written and past some specific editing milestones is that I know anything can happen at any time. and my writing is a single point of failure for a project. Artists, Cartographers, Layout Artists, and Editors can be replaced. It's not my goto action if there is trouble, but if they are unavailable, I can find a substitute. The work won't be the same, but I can move forward. If I am out of commission, the project is delayed or dead. 

Add that to the hundreds of little decisions a small print organization must make (and if you are going to be at North Texas RPG Con in June, go to Skeeter Green's talk on this subject. It will be enlightening),  and it is really easy for a project to miss deadlines if the writing process is not a precursor to the project. Larger organizations don't have this issue. So when someone like Frog God runs a project that isn't written, some staff write while others make those hundreds of little decisions and manage the other distractions that can keep a one person shop from functioning effectively. 

Not great news in the short term, but good news for the long term. 

Well one of those possibilities has happened to me. It will not affect this project, and it might not affect the next one. But it will affect the plans for 2019. I am on IV Vancomycin for the next 4 weeks to manage a persistent skin infection. It is the reason I was in the hospital last weekend, and it will have long reaching impact. I get a mild version of a condition called "Chemo Brain" from Vanc. It impacts my ability to concentrate, perform some higher math, and to create. It will last about 3 months after the Vanc ends. So late May, early June I should start returning to normal. 

This project is not impacted. I have 3 essays to drop into InDesign and this one is ready for proofs. Scott has edited 2 of the 3, and has helped with the last one. It needs a little more work. 

The project after this one, DNL1 - The Port of Dragon's Inlet is written and late in editing. It needs some revision work, but it is close, and was slated for April. I am not sure if it will launch in April or be delayed, but it will get done. 

DNL2 is about a third written, and will likely experience a delay due to the impact of Vanc on my brain. I am lucky. true Chemo Brain never goes away and can be a lot more severe than what happens to me. If I get to a point where I cannot move forward, the projects I launch are in a state where a friend can take over and get the rewards delivered. The money sits in a dedicated account until needed for expenses, and the process is well documented. 

However, the events of the last week have also improved my long term health outlook. I am working on getting the varicose veins in my legs repaired (I've got the more severe version than "unsightly spider veins" on my legs and ankles. My major veins in the legs are not flowing properly due to being distended, twisted like the Mississippi River, and the valves aren't all working like they should. This circulation problem is tied to my skin infections and my issues with my foot healing from the big infection from July 2017. So when this work is all done, I should have improved circulation, and thus, better foot and leg health. So there is a silver lining in this cloud. Too bad it's not platinum.

Please continue to share, and encourage your friends, fellow gamers, and people you barely know to back our project so we can burn down some stretch goals. 

Thank you

Kevin Watson

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