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Quadruple your smartphone's power supply with this sleek, incredibly slim, USB portable charger.
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Behind The Scene Update on Dark Energy

Posted by Dark Energy (Creator)

Dear Backers! 

This message is to give you an update of what is going on behind the scene of Dark Energy.

First of all. we understand that there is nothing more disappointing to a backer than not receiving the product on time, with the promised spec. Our team may be small, but we can deliver what we promise. Our highest priority is to make sure that the Reservoirs that we will send to you are built with the best-quality components and sent to you on time. To accomplish this, we have spent the majority of our time working with our manufacturer. We have spent funding from our personal bank account to pay our manufacturer, so we could start manufacturing as soon as we met our goal. We have even just sent one of our team members to China just to work with our manufacturer side by side. Because of this priority, our small team have not made frequent commenting our top priority.

About the new pledge rewards, we have been getting suggestions from backers that we should put up some creative high-number pledges (like the ones on Video Game High School project) on our page, these would be tailored to specific interested parties. We were going to create these new pledge rewards two weeks ago, but we did not, because we believed that the highest priority were to get the product manufactured and be able to send them to you on time.

Because of this very reason, we pushed back the posting of these pledge rewards, until the same time as our posting of the new stretch goal of $150,000. However, the creation of new pledge rewards have absolutely no correlation with the stretch goal. They just happened to be on our posting schedule at the same time.

Regarding the future of Dark Energy. We have spent over a year researching portable chargers and the consumer electronics market, pivoting our strategy and creating the Dark Energy Reservoir brand, because our goal is to make Dark Energy not only a successful project on Kickstarter, but also a company that produces the most premium products. The meaning and effort we put into Dark Energy and the Reservoir go far beyond just making a quick buck, this is a creation of a new brand, and a new lifestyle.

We want you to know that there is so much going on behind the scene, including this one good news to all of us. We are currently negotiating with worldwide distributors and retailers. We will be signing contracts tomorrow. This means that we will be up scaling Dark Energy very soon.


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    1. David Di Troia on

      Sounds Good. The Price is fair the product seems well specced and designed, thats what I care about.