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Quadruple your smartphone's power supply with this sleek, incredibly slim, USB portable charger.
2,006 backers pledged $173,612 to help bring this project to life.

New Rewards!!! $1000 +

Posted by Dark Energy (Creator)

Our beloved backers, 

  We got some new rewards for you! 

  • $7,500 DISNEY PACK
  • $10,000 SKYDIVING PACK

Be excited for our new stretch goal of $150,000! We will be announcing the details later today!


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    1. Kris on

      Sounded like a great project at first. Now all these gimmick packages and stretch goals. What a shame. Count me out on my pledge, you're just getting $1 from me now.

    2. Mikael Hansson on

      This project has begun to smell funny! I'm baling out!

    3. Saahil Sehgal on

      Seriously guys..what's up with these ridiculous, unnecessary pledges that are of no use to anybody around here, makes me actually wanna back out of the project and here i thought these were two guys who meant business and knew what they were doing!

    4. Dr Martin on

      I'm starting to feel very worried about supporting this project. Was the $100,000 goal not realistic? Why are their so many non-battery-related gimmicks going on, like the waterproof case, the stylus and now these experience packages. Why does it feel like there is very little innovation going on?

    5. Missing avatar

      Bryce Quiroz on

      @Kevin, thanks for the heads up. i'd rather go for that other battery pack since these guys feel the need to give unnecessary rewards to people who give an extreme amount of money instead of adding things to all the other people who have given around $100, not $1000.

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin Berke on

      @ Kevin, Thanks I like it i think i will take my money there and I bet they will answer my questions when I ask then unlike these guys.

    7. Missing avatar

      Martin Berke on

      Who cares, what a load of BS.

    8. Tmbrwlf on

      Hey check this out. It's about the same size dimensionally, 1000mAh less, but
      It has a built in cord, it is way cheaper, looks nice, has perfect reviews. Sorry when I see my money being spent already and now they want to go play around instead of focusing on the product I draw the line!

    9. Tmbrwlf on

      So.... No extra rewards for the little guy that backed it the whole time? Just shooting for the moon now? Got it!