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Quadruple your smartphone's power supply with this sleek, incredibly slim, USB portable charger.
Quadruple your smartphone's power supply with this sleek, incredibly slim, USB portable charger.
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    1. david 5 days ago

      its been years and ive still havent gotten my reservior! pls send me a refund or replace the missing reservior!

    2. Makuri on

      My reservoir went dead this week, it lightens up, but no charge... Any help?
      Thank you.

    3. Robert Pope on

      My reservoir has stop working. It will not stay on after charge

    4. Truong on

      So my réservoir died, i asked for a repair or replacement.
      Well, i got a new unit just today !
      Thank you, hope this one will last longer ;)

    5. Dark Energy 3-time creator on

      If you are still having problems with your Kickstarter order we urge you to contact us at so that we can get you taken care of. You can also still message us directly through your Kickstarter account and we will reply within 1-2 business days.

    6. Truong on

      Wasted money... Waited so long for something that died after a few days of usage...

    7. David Di Troia on

      @ Michael what issues are you having? Mine is fine but I got it early on. Does yours not charge? I've backed lots of stuff on KS, and have had more positives than negatives.

      I've had one item not be delivered and lost money on, but that's an old project now, and even older one that hasn't shipped for me yet, but others have received and the guy is still shipping and producing but slowly. I've had one item arrive and work then break and am still waiting for a replacement that I hopefully should receive.

      If I look at recent projects they've all been good, some go long due to lots of backers or production issues.

    8. Michael Miszczak on

      I have one here in Canada and going to throw it out. If anyone wants it just prepay the shipping and I will be glad to send it. It is junk in my opinion as it does not even come close to as advertised and $120 bucks later. Picked up an Anker on amazon last week, received it the next day and works like a charm. And the price at $40 was amazing for a 10,000MAH.
      Many disappointing Kickstarter projects and/or scams of varying degrees. Won,t waste my money here again.

    9. K on

      Sorry to hear some of you are still waiting on product but if they are not responding you can always report them to:

      Would think since they are an American "company" that you non-Americans should still be able to get some mileage out of the FBI about them. Just because a percentage of the backers got something that actually works does not mean they can rip off the rest of you..Good luck.

    10. Pequelord

      Hi guys, I try to contact you via Facebook and nothing. My battery doesn't works right and I want to know what can I do to obtain a replacement order. Best!

    11. Michael Armogan on

      Still waiting on my order.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michiel on

      Same here, received nothing... Please give us some info!

    13. Menno Van Ens on

      I have not received my charger yet. Is there any way I can either receive the charger or a refund?

    14. Sampsa Kuronen on

      I have not received my charger or any response to my messages. Would like to get refunded.

    15. Jing on

      No charger, No refund and no responses back

    16. Missing avatar

      Ruppert on

      I still wait. 100 USD payed received nothing. Please advice!

    17. Brian on

      finally received my Reservoir and Complete pack this week. took just over a year. i'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset at times. Customer Service has been good to deal with the last couple of months. let's hope the wait was worth it.

    18. Makuri on

      I am a happy user of the charger..allready 3 months and works perfectly.Charges Iphone 5 3x from 1%.So far,so good...

    19. David Inglehart on

      I got my Reservoir months ago and it works great. Today there was a small box waiting for me that contained my cables. I now have my complete order.

    20. Missing avatar

      A on

      Still haven't seen any product and no response as of late

    21. John Simon on

      Still nothing here despite all the BS promises made!

    22. Missing avatar

      James Chung on

      Wow, StackSocial keeps deleting my comments saying how gross Dark Energy is. Terrible.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Chung on

      Still haven't received my Dark Energy yet, and now they're selling them on StackSocial.

      For $114.99 with free shipping... They will probably get their items before we get ours...

    24. Kimberly Martin on

      I have never received my charger and even after multiple emails promising I would be refunded my $79 I still have nothing. No charger + no refund = me very unhappy with Dark Energy

    25. Andrew Woods on

      Haven't had my resavoir for more than a few months. I charged it last night full then used it this evening to charge my phone. My phone was charged to less than 75% and the resavoir is dead. What a piece of garbage. Wish I would have just thrown the money away or watched it burn. I would have been happier either way. It would be a good chew toy if I had a dog.

      I would never trust this POS to be 75% charged after 1 day let alone 1 year as they claim.

    26. Missing avatar

      djkerr01 on

      I received mine, but it is a worthless piece of plastic. Never worked. Customer service is terrible. No response to emails (and I've waited several weeks for response). And what is this auto response about changing email addresses? Really? I was replying to the email YOU sent me! Just plain bogus. Win some/lose some. This is a loss. Be warned all. Do not get your hopes up.

    27. Missing avatar

      KC Boyd on

      so still haven't received my cables which i paid an extra 26 bucks for (dumb on my part). and you guys give me the same automated email every time i ask about it.

    28. Missing avatar

      Julie Oltersdorf on

      Still waiting on cables that were supposedly shipped (again) on January 23, 2014. No answer to emails.

    29. Missing avatar

      druidh on

      After many unanswered emails with regards to updates on my order (international order to Canada), Mitch responded that my order was lost somehow and he would process me another order. I finally received my reservoir today but I have yet to test it out. Hopefully everyone else gets theirs sooner than later.

    30. Ilia Tivin on

      This is the response I got.


      The reason you haven't received an email or a Reservoir is that we ourselves are awaiting a shipment of parts from the manufacturers, so we couldn't even send you Reservoir no matter how much we want to! The shipment is taking longer than it should on getting to us, so it will be a few weeks before we are even able to assemble your order. We apologize for this delay!


      This is my response.
      Mitch, I have no idea how involved you are in the company and this is not directed to you, but to the company.
      Your apologies are worth nothing at this point.

      I either want the money back, or the reservoir! It has been 9 months!!!!!
      While it is understandable that a delay is expected with any kickstarter company, DE have not been communicating properly, not updating customers (Yes, even kickstarter backers are customers), deleting Facebook comments, not replying to emails at a timely manner and started a retail campaign even before kickstarter backers got what they pledged.

      This is how you alienate customers.


    31. Christopher Dakis on

      Still waiting..........

    32. Missing avatar

      Milan Tuma on

      Will I ever get mine?

    33. Andreas Fischinger on

      Thank you very much, i finally got my Reservoir !

    34. Makuri on

      I am happy with my charger, and happy I never asked for extra stuff...

    35. Makuri on

      I am with my charger, and happy I never asked for extra stuff...

    36. Missing avatar

      Bruce on

      Same as Julie & Kevin. Got the reservoir and not the cables. Contacted them on 23rd December but STILL no cords and no further comms!!!!!!!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Traister on

      I received my item yesterday. Seems fine.

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick77 on

      I got my charger today! I will try it out in the next days.

    39. Kevin Rabin on

      My story is exactly the same as Julie's below. Got the reservoir, no cables. Emailed a few times, was finally sent a shipping number but it was to my original unit, not the cables. Followed up three more times, no responses.
      Has ANYONE who didn't receive their cables at first actually received theirs in a separate shipment? Or is DE simply ignoring us all hoping this goes away?

    40. Missing avatar

      Timothy Lover on

      The charger arrived safe and sound, cheers DE

    41. Missing avatar

      Julie Oltersdorf on

      I backed this project and my credit card was charged on March 27, 2013. After my emails and their surveys, and more emails, I received a unit December 9, 2013. Unfortunately, the cables that were supposed to be part of the package I purchased were not included. I immediately emailed them providing a copy of my purchase receipt detailing the items that were to be included. They replied on Dec. 11, 2013, that they were going to ship the missing cables soon. On January 23, 2014, I got an email saying they had been shipping; however, the tracking number provided was the original tracking number for the shipment I received December 9 (which hadn't included the cables). I have emailed again, and here I sit on Feb. 16, 2014, still waiting for cables to use with the expensive paperweight I have purchased. I am an easy-going person, but this company has taken advantage of me and I hope they are somehow held accountable.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kim Ellsworth Evans on

      Okay, just to be fair, I received my package yesterday. Whoo hoo. Everything worked. It looks slick and I am quite pleased with the product. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired, but I am delighted to have gotten my product.

    43. Darkness on

      Also I urge everyone to attempt to contact the people at this company directly:

      Garret Aida:
      Willian Lam:
      Jon Uland:

      If they continue to engage in this criminal activity, they should be exposed.

    44. Darkness on


      They stole money from everyone. I urge you all to contact Kickstarter by clicking 'Report this Project' at the bottom of the project home page. Let the staff know that these guys are crooks and they need to resolve this.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Martin on

      Go to and ask them about our products.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Martin on

      Why this guys don't answer our request ?
      We gave them money to build their company and they have no proud to answer us.
      Shame on them.
      Kickstarter have no rule for this situation ?
      How many people do they stole ?
      (Sorry for my very bad english)

    47. Missing avatar

      druidh on

      Still no tracking number for Canada delivery, last email communication received was on Dec 27th and no contact after that after sending multiple emails for updates. Tweets are ignored as well..

    48. Missing avatar

      Kim Ellsworth Evans on

      I received an email on jan 31 assuring me they would process my order immediately. Still nothing

    49. Jing on

      I haven't received anything from them. Last email I got as a response was from Dec 27 that's excluding the automated emails from all the times I've contacted them since then all seem to be ignored

    50. Missing avatar

      James Chung on

      Still nothing here... very sad =(

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