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Tactical turn-based combat and intense non-linear storyline inspired by original Fallout and classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic.
Tactical turn-based combat and intense non-linear storyline inspired by original Fallout and classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic.
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Encased Kickstarter Update #23: 72 hours left, unique reward tiers, add-ons!

Posted by Dark Crystal Games (Creator)

Encased Kickstarter campaign is almost over. Little time remains. If we use it well - and we will use it well - the Fallen Fortress Encounter will make it into the game and in a few months you’ll be in the desert, holed up in a crashed bomber, fighting off attackers with a high-calibre air-to-air machine-gun.

A heart-warming thought, we’re sure you’ll agree.

We’re fully funded, but we have so much more planned for this game. The more support we can get, the more awesome content we can add to the game. We have a slew of cool stretch goals to hit, and your support will help us get there - and land you some fantastic physical rewards. T-shirts. Hoodies. And an item that’s going to blow your mind.

Welcome to the must-have accessory for the desert under the Dome. No self-respecting barbarian would be seen dead without it.

Behold the Mask of the Raider!

We have only four Masks of Supreme Ruler!
We have only four Masks of Supreme Ruler!

Hand-painted by our artists in an isolated underground complex (our office) deep beneath the scorching desert (in Russia), your mask of the raider stinks (some imagination may be required) of blood, heat, and insanity. Unique in their madness, no two masks are alike. Yours will be one of a kind.

The mask was taken from the Dome, sourced in violence and terror, and delivered to us by a mysterious benefactor at a time when all the lifts to the Spire were out of service, and the radiation alert was at stage 5 - exposure for more than 30 seconds, even in a hazmat suit, would kill you.

Who sent it? And why? We’ve spent long hours staring into those eyeholes in search of the secret. (We’ve found nothing, and now we feel a little… strange. The eyes seem to stare right back.)

At the dawn of CRONUS’s exploration of the Dome, when a new era of discovery and prosperity was upon us, the Foundation was organised and regimented. Much thought went into employee uniform design. Thousands of uniform items were manufactured. Most were distributed. Some were shelved, banished to a warehouse to gather dust. And some were deemed to be just too damn awesome and were never made. We’ve found the patterns for those items, and we’ve had them manufactured as a special thank-you for our backers.

The Committee T-shirt

Before CRONUS gave up on sartorial magnificence in favour of the practicality of the jump-suit coverall, elite designers conceived a range of phenomenal T-shirts to be issued to employees deemed most deserving. Lore would have it that they were never made. We’ve remedied that situation.

T-shirt design prototype
T-shirt design prototype

Hand-sewn at Orange Wing factories by diligent ex-prisoners, the T-shirt’s pleasant design, comfortable shape, and soothing CRONUS logo will be welcomed by even the most resentful wage-slave.

Rogues Team Cap

Baseball cap design prototype
Baseball cap design prototype

One for the fans. The Crystal Sands Rogues are the Dome’s most popular (in fact… only) baseball franchise. Recruited from the ranks of the Orange Wing, their dedication last season let them to a perfect win/loss record, and allowed the entire roster to escape being sent into the Dome. But Lady Luck is a fickle champion - who knows how this year will pan out for our ball-playing heroes?

Explorer’s Hoodie

The nights are cold in the desert. To work at their optimum, CRONUS employees were to be issued with a soft hooded top that would allow them to carry out their duties in comfort, protected from the cold - and from accidental radiation exposure.

Hoodie design prototype
Hoodie design prototype

A joint project between the White and Silver Wings, scientists chose materials and color combinations that would allow the employee the highest visibility in the dark of the night-time under the Dome. (After the Maelstrom event, this would become rather a disadvantage, but the hoodies remained prized for their warmth, their softness, and their rakish style.) The Silvers agreed and insisted that a huge CRONUS logo be sewn on the sleeve. This may be the only example of the two Wings working together in perfect harmony.


Badge design prototype
Badge design prototype

After a lode of a pure and surprisingly workable metal was found in a mine under the Dome, CRONUS celebrated with the creation of these limited-edition souvenir badges, which were distributed to workers considered worthy of reward. Scientists of the White Wing have been unable to identify the metal, but they swear that it’s probably not dangerous.

Hardcopy Lorebook

Feel the weight of the hard-cover tome and inhale the heady scent of ink - a rare and valuable commodity under the Dome. Written and illustrated by highly talented (and in some cases decidedly odd) CRONUS employees, this collection of visions of the world beneath the Dome is drawn from their adventures, their experiences, their research studies… and their nightmares. This is a story about the first days under the Dome, and how a civilization thousands of years old collapsed overnight.

But that’s not all!

In addition to your physical rewards, some rather delectable digital goodies await you - including the opportunity to get your portrait into the game, immortality as a baseball star, access to alpha and beta versions of the game, and a rather spiffing set of army dog-tags - and the quest that goes with them.

Personalized Baseball Card

“Strange how memories work. I was sixteen, my father had just bought me an old car. Where I come from the streets can be dangerous, and I was small and skinny, thinner than your leg, so I hid a baseball bat under the front seat of that old car. One day, some bastard decided he didn’t like my parking and thought he’d teach me a lesson. I grabbed the bat. He laughed at me.

The joke was on him. 

That was fifteen years ago now, maybe more. Me and my bat have been through a lot since then. But every time I pick it up, each and every time I feel the weight of the wood in my hands, I think about how we hammered that asshole into the ground in the parking lot of a five-and-dime, and I smile. I reckon that memory makes me the player I am today.”

Casey Molinary, outfield for the Crystal Sands Rogues.

Check out Crystal Sands Rogues Baseball Player tier there are only 40 of these
Check out Crystal Sands Rogues Baseball Player tier there are only 40 of these

You, my friend, are the lucky ones. You took the deal and joined the Orange Wing, and made your way to the Dome. But someone read your file and saw you had talent, or maybe they saw you play a pick-up game in a sandy parking lot while waiting for a transport - and picked you up for the Crystal Sands Rogues.

You’re famous. You’re popular. Your face on a baseball card is a collector’s item. You’re a star and a hero - as long as the team keeps winning. Lose, and you’re going into the Dome as a nobody - you’ll have to find some other way of being a hero.

In-game Portrait

We know that many of you RPG fans set out to make a character that’s as close as it can be to yourselves. (We know this because we do it too.) Want to play the game with a character whose portrait matches yours? This pledge is for you.

Check out CRONUS Wing Director - Portrait Edition
Check out CRONUS Wing Director - Portrait Edition

(We’ll also send you a high-res download of the picture.)

You want this. You want the T-shirt. You want the hoodie. You want the baseball cap. And you want an extra copy of the game or a Beta Access. Obviously. Here’s what you need to do.

You need to pledge CRONUS Corporal tier or above to be able to include add-ons
You need to pledge CRONUS Corporal tier or above to be able to include add-ons

 - Extra digital copy of Encased - $22 / €18.5

- Alpha Access + Beta Access - $20 / €17

- Beta Access - $10 / €8.5

- Printed Lorebook - $30 / €25.5 (Shipping costs $4 USA, $6 Rest of the World)

- CRONUS T-shirt $20 / €17 (Shipping costs $4 USA, $6 Rest of the World)

- CRONUS Hoodie $45 / €38 (Shipping costs $4 USA, $6 Rest of the World)

- CRONUS Rogue Baseball Cap $25 / €21 (Shipping costs $4 USA, $6 Rest of the World)

- CRONUS Employee Badge $50 / €42.5 (Shipping costs $4 USA, $6 Rest of the World)

You probably know very well how to increase tier level (Please consider it!). If not we will help.

Now, how to add an Add-on:

Step 1 - As a backer of this project, the amount you’ve pledged will display on the campaign page. On the right-hand side of the screen you should find a button that reads “Manage your pledge”. Click it.

Step 2 - Two buttons shall appear. Click the one that says “Change your pledge”.

Step 3 - Increase your pledge in the "Pledge Amount" box by the total of the add-ons you want to add (including shipping). Don’t change the reward tier, we’ll look after that together later.


Step 4 - Once you’ve set the amount, click continue

Step 5 - Kickstarter will ask for confirmation to ensure the changes you’ve made are correct. If you are happy with them please press “Confirm”.

You’re all done - for now. When the Kickstarter campaign ends we’ll send you a survey asking how you’d like the add-on money assigned.

The Encased Kickstarter campaign is almost over. As the recruitment materials for the CRONUS operation were fond of stating, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Don’t delay.

We’re looking forward to having you join us. And we’ll see you on the other side.  

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    1. Hurley

      Nice, but shipping anything physical to Australia is expensive. pity.

    2. Dark Crystal Games Creator on

      @Steve F, yes! From the beginning, the idea was to make it similar to CRONUS uniform

    3. Steve F on

      So the t-shirt available to purchase will be The Committee t-shirt, correct?

    4. Dark Crystal Games Creator on

      As some confusion happening - note: there will be only one type of design per item (t-shirt, cap, hoodie etc) - don't be confused with the image in the Add-ons Table - this is just to depict the item. The design of the T-Shirt and Hoodie will be closer matching to the ones in the text above

    5. Buzzerker

      That hoodie looks great, I might be getting it. Man, I really hope we get all the stretch goals, they look awesome!