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Tactical turn-based combat and intense non-linear storyline inspired by original Fallout and classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic.
Tactical turn-based combat and intense non-linear storyline inspired by original Fallout and classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic.
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Encased Kickstarter Update #11: Help Spread the Word!

Posted by Dark Crystal Games (Creator)

As of now, Encased has earned more than $58,000 in Kickstarter pledges. We are very grateful for the enthusiastic response. However, money is not the only way you can help us create the exact experience we intended.

We’ve prepared some cool in-game rewards for our community. To get these rewards into the game, we need your subscriptions, likes, and reposts.

Think of every milestone as a small quest. The completed quests award you with achievement points, which in turn unlock the new game bonuses.

Community quests unlock points which open new content for Encased!
Community quests unlock points which open new content for Encased!

Facebook likes: Like the Encased Facebook page and encourage your friends to do the same!

Encased was originally conceived as a game with a rich storyline and fully realized world. We put significant effort into a detailed setting and immersive atmosphere. This is why it’s worth getting acquainted with the world of the Dome on our Facebook page. 

Facebook shares: share the Encased announcement post on Facebook.

We publish samples of the game’s lore, art and 3D models on our Facebook page on a regular basis, creating an interesting and welcoming community. Tell other old-school, post-apocalypse and sci-fi fans about our site. By spreading the word about Encased, you’ll be contributing to the development of the game.

Twitter followers: follow @darkcrystal_hq on Twitter and encourage your friends to too.

Our Twitter account is about publishing fun-size concept art, 3D models and game news. Follow @darkcrystal_hq, and be the first to see the details!  

Twitter retweets: retweet the announcement tweet from @darkcrystal_hq 

The more retweets we get, the more successful our Kickstarter campaign will be. Help Encased become a really huge and cool game!

Twitter likes: Like the announcement tweet from @darkcrystal_hq

For each Like, a raider in the wasteland dies a horrible death, and one more player joins our ranks.

Discord fans: join our Discord group .

In addition to our Facebook community, we also have a Discord channel, where we share the latest game news, reveal our carefully guarded development hints and secrets, embrace our nostalgia for cool RPGs of days gone by, and simply talk to our players.

And don’t forget: Discord is the most convenient way of communicating with developers and sharing your own ideas to make Encased even better.

And now let's talk about the rewards!
And now let's talk about the rewards!

4 Points - Community Wallpapers

Our artists will create HD-wallpapers based on the short story developed by Encased writers for our Kickstarter backers.  

7 Points - New In-Game Hat Accessory

Before you venture out to conquer the desert, don’t forget to put on your helmet! Or a hat. Or the special item we thought up, modeled, and added to the game. 

12 Points - New In-Game item - Veteran Rifle 

Every equippable item in Encased has a history. We’re planning an additional assault rifle (to be added to the game with your help) with such as history. It’s an unusual weapon with an illustrious past and remarkable properties.

21 Point - New Outfit - Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A cool leather jacket is an invaluable asset in the vastness of a harsh, dying world. Thanks to your social media activity, it might become available in Encased.

35 Points - New Servoshell Coloring

Who doesn’t like motorized armor? Thanks to our backers, this servoshell might get an additional unique color scheme.

48 Points - New In-Game item - Dragon Katana

This katana will be useful both in close quarters… and in a firefight. The unique weapon of Kimiko Nakamura (head of the New Committee)’s personal bodyguard.

62 Points - Bloodbath Perk

Perhaps the most nostalgic perk of them all. Watch your enemies blast their allies into a pile of red chunks as grenades blow up in their hands… but don’t get too excited: the next critical failure might be yours.

85 Points - Dog the Pal

This ally will follow you into the heat of any battle. A friend in need is a friend indeed, right? Yes, you read that right: more social media activity and we’ll add a recruitable canine companion to the game! 

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    1. Dark Crystal Games Creator on

      In case you wanted to join Discord server but could not due old link, please try this one

    2. Dark Crystal Games Creator on

      @Jeff, it is possible for sure! :)

    3. Dark Crystal Games Creator on

      @Scott Benz, you are absolutely correct!

    4. Dark Crystal Games Creator on

      @Mikhail Aristov, the campaign is set from EU, so it is in Euros... but because it will be converted into US dollars for most people, we prefer to use those instead. So the final goal is 86k euros which are about 100k USD :)

    5. Dark Crystal Games Creator on

      @Russonc, as always, huge 'Thank you!' from all of us :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      I sure do hope we get that dog.

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Benz on

      Am I correct in understanding that the points obtained are additive? As in, if we achieve 200 Discord members, we will have 1 point total. But if we get 230 Discord members, we will add the 2 to the 1 we already have, giving us a total of 3?

    8. Mikhail Aristov on

      It had confused me that you said you've had 58k in pledges, even though the number I see right now is just 49.7k, but then I noticed that you speak of US dollars, whereas "my" number is in Euros. So I am wondering whether KS converts the currencies automatically based on my region, or whether everyone sees the Euros and you just convert it to dollars in the updates for convenience? :)

    9. Russonc

      Fun, let's get spreading the word! (I can't at work so much, but I'll try to help click, like, etc once I get home)