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Dark Storm, a first-person shooter currently in development for PC, set to release March 2013.

What is Dark Storm?

Dark Storm is a first-person shooter for PC set for release March 2013.

How the Money will be used and why Kickstarter?

Funds received from Kickstarter donors will go towards expenses associated with developing a video game, including licensing costs for game engines, modeling software and other development tools required to produce a quality piece of gaming entertainment. Absolutely no funds will be used to compensate team members for work completed and/or be used for any form of payment. All donations received will be used explicitly for development tools to create the best product possible.

Development tools include the Unreal game engine, the Autodesk package, Maya, Max, Mudbox and Pixologic zBrush.

Who is Dark Storm?

The Dark Storm development team is comprised of more than 30 individuals from all over the globe, including the US, the UK, Australia, and Israel.

When is the Game coming out?

Dark Storm is slated for a March 2013 release on Steam. By following a strict timeline and the agreed upon deadlines, the team is working hard to ensure a timely release.

The Story

A dark storm is coming.

You walk through the corridors, casually discussing the daily gossip with a colleague. You stop, mid-sentence. A strange, eerie feeling washes over you. Something is coming, and it's not alone.

Chaos ensues.

Within seconds, your surroundings become unfamiliar. Screams coming from every direction are suddenly silenced with a loud crack. Dark shadows fill the hall, something is approaching. There is no safe place to hide.

Lives are lost.

Hollow casings and freshly-spilled blood lay in thick layers on the floor. Each muzzle flash, each explosion, each terrifying moment that passes means less of a chance for escape, for survival.

And its just the beginning.


  • Dynamic AI - scales to each Individual player based on assessed skill and experience level with shooters
  • Rich Detailed Environments - Expansive, diverse, fully explorable locations, featuring destructible environments
  • Expansive Weapons List – Over 40 Weapons, planned for release over the course of 5 Chapters
  • Episodic Content - Released by chapter for one initial base price
  • Campaign Multiplayer and Co-op - to be released in-between campaign chapter releases.
  • Dynamic Soundtrack and Professional Composing 

Problem and Solution


In order to release a for-profit video game, we need to have licenses for software we use to create the game. As we are a small indie developer working on our first game, we simply do not have the necessary funds to purchase these licenses.


Kickstarter! After assessing the licensing costs for the software we need to use, we came up with a reasonable funding goal we are confident we can reach, but only with your help!






Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our game is prone to obvious delays, mostly due to glitches and bugs in general. Developing the game on Unreal 3 Engine by UDK can produce coding errors and general glitches. We have an international team dedicated to this project that communicates via skype and works around the clock. Challenges that can (and have) come up for our project are animation hiccups, glitches, and other general issues, most of which are standard fare when developing and testing a video game. These challenges take time to fix, and can delay the game's release anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on the severity of the issue at hand.


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