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Art installation raising questions about food & life by filling a barn made of pallets w/ 3000lbs of corn seed & showing a 350lbs bear!
130 backers pledged $5,681 to help bring this project to life.

"The Little Engine That Could®!"

Posted by Darin M. White (Creator)

Perhaps this update gets its name from the fact that I have an almost 2 year old and inspiration is found in the strangest places, but this project is becoming "The Little Engine That Could®!"

We are at $1,691 pledged which is 33% funded with a total of 58 backers and 10 days to go!

We can do this! Thank you so much for all of the pledges, sharing this around, tweeting about it, Facebooking it, etc. etc. There have been some clever ways of getting the word out, and it is all appreciated. As great as all of our efforts have been, unless we hit the $5,000 by April 7th, 2012, 5:03pm (CST) then this project will not get funded. If you have any suggestions or creative thoughts about how to get the word out even more, please let me know. I have spoken to various media publications and it looks like I will be on the radio and perhaps in a newspaper or another publication or two which will be great. I do believe however that it is YOU and your cousin Isabel and your uncle Terrance, and your granny Susette who will be the ones that help this project succeed. Do you think you can give one or all of them a ring-a-ling or a text or email etc? I feel like a NCAA Tourney Basketball Coach! Get the team fired up to go out and cut down the nets! Speaking of, I have to say I am pleased as punch that my hometown team the Kansas Jayhawks are in the Final Four this weekend! Not that you have to like my Jayhawks, but I would appreciate your continued efforts to get this project funded during this Madness that is March!

I have been asked to share more about the story of the Overflow artwork.
My concept is a site specific sculptural installation that is interactive with the audience/viewer. I am interested in helping people understand the importance of their food source as well raising questions of GMO's and chemicals that are introduced to our corn and seed supply.

I described part of this earlier under About This Project/ The Project, but when I get to New York, I will scrounge around and find wood pallets to take apart and use to build this barn structure. I like this idea of using reclaimed material to create this container. This "barn" is filled with an estimated 3,000 lbs of whole corn seed (it will have a base filler to limit the amount of corn required) and running out of the two sides of the building, spilling out over the gallery floor. This is the simple concept for the visual elements. For the interactive elements, my concept is to have empty seed packets printed on the front with image of this work Overflow and the back will have information about the work the exhibition and sponsors. These seed packets will be at the gallery and available to pick up a few seeds from the exhibition.

Darin M. White, Seed Packet back image concept

I work a lot in materials and process and to me the understanding of where your food comes from and how it is treated is a very important and often overlooked element of life. My work is object based, but also very much conceptual. Most of my work is more subtle in communication than overt. I hope that this will be a beginning of looking further into food source/ process ideas and the questions about GMO's, chemicals etc. To me seeds are the most important part of this idea, how they are a small and insignificant looking, but in being buried and dying, grow and produce food, nutrients and life to ourselves and other living creatures, as well as to our land and our air. I wanted to include corn seeds because of my interest with the recent controversy with GMO's and growing concern and interest in understanding where our food comes from. Also, just as important, the process in which the seeds are produce, how the ground is prepared, fertilized, treated, grown, processed and distributed. A portion of my art is the research of trying to understand a concept or idea. Here is a simplified statement of what I wrote about the work itself.

Overflow conjures thoughts of farmland, barns and brimming silos. Seeds are important and are traded as a commodity. Cycles of life happen whether we understand the process or choose to bury our head. Our land, resources and life are laid out in front of us, one moment at a time. What will we do with what we are given?

Darin M. White, Overflow, Reclaimed wood, seeds, conceptual rendering, 2012

Reward for people who actually read this far! Here is the facebook invite for the exhibition.


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