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Art installation raising questions about food & life by filling a barn made of pallets w/ 3000lbs of corn seed & showing a 350lbs bear!
130 backers pledged $5,681 to help bring this project to life.

The Energizer Keeps Going

Believe it or not, there are still a few of you who haven't responded to the Rewards email. There are a few rewards I am having issues filling as well. If you haven't received your rewards, please contact me so we can get this resolved. I am so grateful for all of your support over the last year. I would love to have feedback on the rewards you received.
If you would like to share your thoughts or comments please shoot me a message or email.

I was grateful to have another solo show at the beginning of the year at The Bourgeois Pig in Lawrence, Kansas curated by Molly Murphy. I fully intended to post an invite, but ran out of time. The show was prints, photos and drawings from the Overflow Exhibition both in Brooklyn and also at the Union Gallery in Lawrence. It was an exciting opening and sold a decent amount of work. Thank you all who supported.

Darin M. White, Tetramonobelos, Carved hackberry wood
119"H x 29" x 29"

My wife Shannon and I are included in this years Lawrence Art Auction which is open for bidding online You can bid online this year, so you don't have to attend the auction. If you go to this link you can bid on Shannon and my work. If you look the third row up from the bottom of the images the second image is mine and the third is Shannon. Bid it up support the Lawrence Arts Center and the artists! If you are in the area and want to come to the auction it is from 5:30pm-? this Saturday, April 13th. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online.

Darin M. White, Wearable Sculpture, Spalted maple wood, sterling silver

I may be in a show called String Theory next month at the Lawrence Art Center. I will try and keep updated, but if you don't hear it will be opening Final Friday in April in the front gallery. If logistics work I will show a readymade conceptual sculpture entitled Course Knot.

I have been super busy working to pay bills. I have done a lot of freelance graphic design, furniture design, visual merchandising design, 3-D Sketchup renderings and more. I help consult on various creative projects from simple custom production for your next door residence to commercial applications, art productions for other artists to extremely high end work. Check out our new website in progress here: . I would love to help your project grow wings. Of course you could always buy my art, or commission me for a project. I do also have some rewards such as Bear Heart T's, prints, photos from the exhibitions that you supported and a few Overflow Exhibition Catalogs available. Again, I am so thankful for all of your support in so many ways. If you haven't received a thank you card, please be patient with me!

Happy April,


Union Gallery and Catalog Update.

The Union Gallery, Lawrence, Kansas version of Overflow went well. Here is a post on my blog which has quotes from the curator Gina Adams and an essay by New York and LA curator Samuel W. Kho. I should have photos from the photographer Aaron Paden back soon. I did include a few images that I took at various points. Thank you for everyone who came out to support this exhibition as well! If you did not receive a catalog with your reward and would like to order one ($30 local pick up $35 shipped), please let me know. I have more Bear Heart T-Shirts that are available for $20 local pick up or $25 shipped. There are a limited number of prints and other rewards still available, just let me know what you need. I really need to set up an online store. Anyone have a good simple recommendation?
Remember the holidays are just around the corner, and art makes an amazing gift, especially in this world of repetition and low quality knock offs.

Image from Darin M. White: OVERFLOW - Back From New York: A Solo Exhibition

A few updates:
OVERFLOW Exhibition Catalogs/Books

Exhibition Catalogs - The catalogs came in just in time for the Overflow Exhibition at the Kansas Union Gallery and the printing looks fabulous! There were some issues with the binding, and it is back at the printers to be stitched. If you received a catalog (I handed a few out to supporters when I saw them), please get the catalog back to me, so that I can have this restitched.

Rewards - The rewards that also included the exhibition catalog have not been sent out because the catalogs are back at the printer. If you have not received your reward, and there is not a catalog included in your reward, and you have not heard from me, please touch base with me, so I can get you your reward. There may be an issue with your email, or perhaps I missed yours.

Projects - My wife Shannon White and I co found/direct b.a.l.m. | beauty, art and life movement
we are grateful for the recent opportunity to produce and curate an event as well as provide visual elements and artwork for b.a.l.m. Maps the Kemper: Lines, Dots and the Spaces In Between this last Friday, Oct. 26th, from 7-9pm at the Kemper Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO.  If interested you can read and see more about the project here.

b.a.l.m. Maps the Kemper: Lines, Dots and the Spaces In Between

Continue contact - I am trying (emphasis on trying) to put together a mail chip grouping, so that it will make it simpler to update everyone on various projects, events, exhibitions, curations etc. If you would like to NOT receive updates, please let me know. If you do not currently receive updates, and would like to, or you would like to use a different email, please let me know.

I will leave you with a few images from the Kansas Union Gallery Overflow Exhibition.

Best to you all!

Please "like" my new Facebook page for invitations to events and short updates.

Artist | Independent Curator | Art Production Consultant


Friday September 28th Reception

Exhibition Dates: September 10-October 5, 2012
Reception: Sep. 28th, 2-6pm as part of the Campus Art Walk and Final Fridays, 2-7pm.

Kansas Union Gallery
1301 Jayhawk Blvd., Level 4
Lawrence, KS 66045
Hours 8:30am-5pm M-F or by appointment.

Darin M. White returns from his debut solo exhibition, OVERFLOW in New York with a expanded version at the Kansas Union Gallery. As a Kansas University Alumn, he is the first artist in a series of KU Alumni Visiting Artist Exhibitions.

OVERFLOW Exhibition Catalog Forward

“I first met Darin White in my studio for a curatorial visit where he was choosing work for an exhibition in Kansas City. I had never met him before, but instantly I knew he was both a genuine person as well as being intuitive and sensitive with concerns to both asking questions and in listening to what I had to say about my own artist practice. I did not know ahead of time that he was considering my work for the Cara and Cabeza Contemporary show in KC, only that he went to KU, was a Visual Art alum, and was an artist and art enthusiast.

Through the planning for the Cara and Cabeza Contemporary exhibition I learned more about Darin and his artistic practice. My first visit to his studio proved to be very exciting! There was so much to see and talk about, it felt as though we would never have enough time to discuss everything and touch upon every little detail. Believe me, I wanted to. Artists are always inspired by other artists who go in depth when it involves their studio, their tools, the layout, the work, the process. You name it, we love to talk about it.

It seemed only natural that when developing the concept for an KU Alumni Visiting Artist Exhibition in the SUA Gallery inside the Memorial Unions Building on Campus that Darin White should be the first artist in this exhibition series. I had seen his drive and determination in developing a Kickstarter in order to have a solo show, OVERFLOW in NYC. I was impressed with both how hard he worked and then with how well considered his show was when installed. So in offering Darin a solo exhibition in the SUA Union Gallery, I presented it as having his New York show here at home. Home being both Lawrence, where Darin lives with his wife Shannon and their daughters Noel and Claire. And art in the White household is truly a family affair.

The SUA Union Gallery and the Memorial Unions welcomes Darin White with an open heart and an open mind.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Darin’s work installed in the gallery.”

Gina Adams
Memorial Unions Curator

“The second [annual} Campus Art Walk is in collaboration with Final Fridays, which is held in downtown Lawrence, [Kansas] each month. This event encompasses different buildings on campus with art collections and displays such as Watson Library, the Art and Design Building and Stuaffer-Flint Hall. The Kansas Union Gallery is the final stop before visitors go downtown to enjoy Final Fridays. This event will start at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Kansas Union on the fourth floor.

Our Darin M. White galley reception will also be held during this time, showcasing his “Overflow” installation exhibit. Also, the Campus Art Walk will include a performance by the KU African Drum Ensemble, an opportunity to take a commemorative picture at the photo booth and a ceremonial “yarn wrapping” of the Jayhawk.” by Student Union Activities

bio: Darin M. White is an artist, independent curator and art consultant based in Lawrence, KS. White has a BFA in sculpture from the University of Kansas. With his wife Shannon, a painter and arts advocate, he founded b.a.l.m. (beauty, art and life movement) in 2007. Together they promote creativity and action, encouraging others in their art and understanding. In 2010, he helped launch the Final Fridays events in Lawrence, and is currently a commissioner for the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission. White equates his artwork to digging in the field, looking for treasures and mysteries to reveal. This current work is related to visions and dreams, which he hopes will raise questions for the viewer about the life they are living. These concepts can be seen in Bear Heart, in which he states; “A naturally peaceful bear protrudes from the wall with arms extended in a kind gesture, paws touching. The negative shape of the arms creates a simple but powerful message, and encourages the viewer to wrestle with larger issues of life.”


For those of us who like our epic quotes, you have heard this one before: “What good is it if you gain the whole world, but lose your soul?” That is a close paraphrase fished out of the Bible, spoken by Jesus. The pointed question echoes a proverbial human drama, if there is one; but have we considered its hypothetical inverse? What good would it be if we have our souls, then lose the whole world?

I would guess that Darin White, in the exhibition OVERFLOW, had considered that dilemma before. So let’s say you choose personal integrity and retain that inner consciousness, but then still watch your material universe (presumably as precious) slip away? In the text accompanying the exhibition, he initiates his version of the question, asking you and me: “What will you do with what we are given?”

The artist told me he does not care for political enmeshment, but OVERFLOW is after all a show traveling from a Brooklyn, New York gallery called Soapbox to a space called Union Gallery at Kansas University (And I as essayist have just newly returned to the Los Angeles area). Notice that the artist’s question, consciously or subconsciously formed, addresses “you” while acknowledging a collective “we”. Sounds like Kennedy’s Camelot speech. Not to get bogged down with American politics of current election-season 2012, one cannot help but consider the ideological tug-of-war between shared or individual powers, what is inherited and what is earned, the rhetoric’s between “you didn’t build that” and “the achievement of the individual.” Art world gatekeepers– art dealers to art academics– speak about the “timeliness” of consequential art-making, and I’d say the contents of OVERFLOW are pretty darn timely.

What we are given here: choices, self-conscious souls, material goods, an American two-party system, a big nation where we are allowed to ask big, philosophical questions out loud and to one another. But allow me to touch upon a few points on what we are given, in the more concrete ways we as gallery goers can see, smell, touch (at least with creative imaginations).

What provokes us in OVERFLOW is a once-living black bear, with arms roughly forming a heart-shaped void. A real bear hug to the usual living-room trophies of fierce teeth and outstretched claws typical of Americana. This bear seemingly presides over a wooden structure which in turn sits atop a large pool of corn seeds. In White’s written text, his subjects of “farmland, barns and brimming silos” are invoked more as dreamy state and visionary condition than simple nostalgic sentimentality; we are living at a time not only of nationwide recession and serious natural droughts. In fact, a material crisis is shared, if not eclipsed, by the wider economic shakeup of European and Japanese powerhouses. Timely? Look up what hot-blooded Italians did with Arte Povera (literally “Poor Art”) during the 1960s, in a time of too-cool American minimalism.

As he composed this installation between Overflow and Bear Heart, did Darin White realize how unsettling OVERFLOW is as a show? Did he ever think “bear market”, as we like to call cycles of downturn? Did he consider the ironic contrast of connotations in “Over” versus “Flow”? Here is another fact, this one about those copper etchings, available to anyone who can look up “copper” in “Copper has been in use at least 10,000 years, but more than 95% of all copper ever mined and smelted has been extracted since 1900.” And here I thought quoting Jesus would be controversial.

Samuel W. Kho
Curator, Los Angles and New York

Facebook invitation:
Darin M. White: OVERFLOW, Back from New York, A Solo Exhibition – Kansas Union Gallery

Darin M. White: OVERFLOW, Back from New York, A Solo Exhibition – Kansas Union Gallery
Artist | Independent Curator | Art Production and Exhibition Consultant
Facebook art page:
original post here

Where were you? Summer. Life. Art. Press. New Solo Exhibition and invitation. Exhibition Catalog. Rewards.

It has been a while since I have given an update. I have been a tad bit busy. Still, I should have snuck one in here or there. Well, finally, here we are.

White family in Bear Heart T-Shirts.

Once I got back from NY, I started putting together rewards. I got the Bear Heart t-shirts together and off to the people who requested this reward as well as those who opted for the Seed packet and thank you note. This summer, my wife Shannon, had a fabulous idea of making an eatable landscaping area and using the Overflow barn/silo as the centerpiece. So to do this, I have to back up and let you know that I received the Overflow sculpture back from NY in one piece. The Bear Heart nestled safely inside. I'll come back to the eatable landscape in a minute.

Beart Heart T-Shirts and Seed packets at the post office.

Leaving Brooklyn, come again.

The work Overflow arrives back from New York, mostly safe.

Many people were interested to know what happened to the 1000 lbs of corn (I tried to get 3000 really I did) after the exhibition. Being NY, and logistic nightmare, I thought I could easily offer the corn to a zoo for their animals. I talked to the Bronx Zoo and many others they referred, to no avail. In the meantime I was learning the challenge of donating anything in NY. I finally was able to gift the leftover wood that was reusable to someone in the neighborhood. Thankfully they also took the corn and were able to give it to friends to feed birds. 

So, back to this summer. I spent a lot of time working on trying to pay the bills. Welcome to life. In addition to this, our kids, two and eleven have similar personalities as their parents and need to be doing something at all times. Which is a lot of fun. So, we had fun... lots. Shannon got her wish of having an eatable landscape area. We set up the Overflow barn our back yard. We created a berm on each side of a rock pathway leading to one of the structures openings. And then... we (we in this case means my wife and kids, as I have a black thumb) planted the organic corn. What a wonderful experience to watch this corn grow. We are still harvesting corn despite the drought all around the country. We had a small enough section to keep in watered over our crazy hot Summer. 

The organic corn begins to grow.

The eatable garden area and corn in process.

When I got back from New York the Lawrence Journal World (our local paper) wrote a very nice article on the exhibition. Later on this summer I was offered a solo exhibition as an alumni at The University of Kansas by artist and Memorial Unions Gallery curator Gina Adams. The show opened this last Monday Sept. 10th and runs till Oct. 5th, 2012 with a reception for Final Fridays on Friday, Sept. 28th from 2-8pm. Please stop by and see the show if you are in the area.

Lawrence Journal World press.

Overflow solo exhibition at the Kansas University SUA Union Gallery, Memorial Unions
Sept. 10th-Oct. 5th, 2012.

Appropriate Attire: Ashes and Burlap was produced in 3-D for this expanded exhibition.

The OVERFLOW exhibition catalogs JUST went to press today! I am breathing a sigh of relief.
It has been a long time coming. Curator and artist Gina Adams wrote the Forward and Samuel W. Kho wrote an Essay! So, in the next couple of weeks, I will get these together send out
an email from Kickstarter about the rewards and start sending them to you. Thank you all so much again for your support. This project happened because you were willing to support an idea and an artist. THANK YOU!

Back cover and front cover of the 32 page Darin M. White: OVERFLOW catalog/book.

Above are a few sample spreads of the exhibition catalog that is off to the press.

If you have questions about your rewards or other thoughts or just want to say hey. Please shoot me an email darin.white - at - gmail - dot - com, or shoot me a message through Kickstarter. I will send you out an invitation to my exhibition and other projects that are worthy. If for some reason you are not interested, just let me know. A few people who had a reward of the Bear Heart T-Shirts and Seed Packets haven't responded to my Kickstarter email with questions. Please do so, so that I can get your reward out.

I'll try and write sooner next time, so the updates aren't so long. Believe it or not, I had to really cut this one down!


Full list of pledge supporters, and more, plus some press

Here is a great big thank you to list of Kickstarter pledge supporters! Also to those who supported in other ways as well as those who supported on Kickstarter, but chose to receive a reward. If for some reason you are not listed, and you wanted to be, please let me know. I am so thankful for everyone's amazing support of this project! THANK YOU! It is because of you that this project was possible. I will have more images posted soon. If you wanted to pledge, but didn't for whatever reason, many of the same rewards are still available. Please let me know by calling my Hava Studios office at 785.842.2216 or email me here.

A huge thank you to my wife Shannon and daughters Noel and Claire for putting up and supporting me in all this madness, my parents Ed and Peggy White for all of their support in more ways than can be listed, as well as Jimmy Greenfield, Don Lisy (for tons of work and help navigating NY), Leigh Ann Dull (and Mark), Jim and Sunita Puleo (and their girls for their patience, protection of the corn from the "mean" pigeon and for the great pajama party), Steve Stroup with Bridger Property Services who graciously provided the signage, Terry Jacobson with Printing Solutions who was amazing to provide the printing for this project, Jon and Vanessa Cowan, Justin Baldwin, Sam Kho, Judith Bradshaw and Joseph Almendariz. I am positive I am forgetting people to thank, please forgive me.

1 Lisa White-Turney
2 GF Sam Wagner
3 Eric Dobbins
4 Luke and Sara Houk
5 Erik Fish
6 Susan Patten
7 Judith G. Levy
8 Billie Cochrum
9 Matt Nelson
10 Celeste Alvarez Plitz
11 Mark Hartford
12 Brad Mayhew
13 Malissa Martin
14 Befkadu
15 Stacey Warner Hatton
16 Luba
17 Jill Brungardt
18 Daniel White
19 Don Lisy
20 Sunita
21 Kathy Porsch
22 Rhoda A Zapata
23 Paul White
24 Christina Dostaler Prestidge
25 Jenifer Tracy
26 Carter Peckham
27 Derek Seaman
28 Craig Anderson
29 Brian White
30 Andrea Silenza
31 Danny Joe Gibson
32 Frank Shopen
33 Sven Alstrom
34 Nathan White
35 Lisa Lala
36 Chris Sicam
37 Chad Cox
38 Ryan Timothy Laferney
39 Stanci March
40 Angela Doll Carlson
41 Steve Gradwohl
42 Jason Dailey
43 Matthew Pacheco
44 Eric Kirkendall
45 Jen Grabarczyk
46 Anna Doktor
47 artbynemo
48 Allen Chen
49 Brian and Marilyn Horsch
50 Judith Ferrenbach
56 Liza
57 Kevin & Amy Malskeit
58 Sara Farley
59 Diane Horning
60 Eric Frye
61 Liz Lacey-Gotz
64 Rachael Jane
65 Emily Jalinsky
66 Garrett Larson
67 Fong Liu
68 Melissa Wilkerson
69 Sarah O
70 Maya Baron
71 Michael and Betty Collins
72 Cara Megan Lewis
73 Kato Dee
74 Eric Morton
75 Leone Anne Reeves
76 Pil Ho lee
77 George Rousis
78 Mary E Wentz
29 Paul Nielsen
80 Marc Wiegand
81 Kaylyn Munro
82 Jody Carter
83 Codie Lea
84 Kat Monaghan
85 ArtsKC fan
86 Shea Gordon
87 Susan Smith
88 Sandra McKenzie
89 Christy Tennant
90 Frank Shopen
91 Mary
92 Jessica Conner
93 Andrew G. Norquist
94 Vanessa Vanek
95 Joel White
96 Gwen Hannan Meharg
97 Alison Stigora
98 Jay Walker
99 Josh Davis
100 Kim Bishop
101 Neil Hull
102 Hannah Gregory
103 Lance Cheney
104 Marc Havener
105 Jessica Small
106 Tobias Becker
107 Garrett Larson
108 Joan Ramsey
109 Patrick and Joey Curtin
110 Rex Hausmann
111 Brian White
112 Cara and Cabezas
113 Anj Riffel
114 Zack Nutter
115 Dave Van Hee
116 Helen Johnston
117 Lila Thompson

Darin M. White: OVERFLOW - A Debut New York Solo Exhibition (Brooklyn, NY)
Artwork Left to Right: Appropriate Attire: Burlap and Earth, Transfer print on reclaimed copper, Appropriate Attire: Ashes and Burlap, Transfer print on reclaimed copper, Bear Heart, Reclaimed adjusted taxidermy black bear, Overflow, Site specific sculpture installation in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY Reclaimed pallets gathered from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, 1000 lbs. of feed corn from Monroe Township, NJ,
100 lbs. of organic seed corn from Mansfield, MO (See Map below)

Map of where the majority of the work came from as well as locations in transit for this project. I left off a bunch believe it or not.

Bear Heart, Reclaimed adjusted taxidermy black bear, 2012

Detail of Overflow installation and sign

Detail of Overflow installation, organic corn seed and seed packets that were given to viewers

Appropriate Attire: Burlap and Earth, Transfer print on reclaimed copper, 2012

I was thankful to have some press published in the Sunday May 6th, 2012 edition of the Lawrence Journal-World in the Pulse section under artists profiles. They were kind enough to put an image of me on the front page too. Here is the link.

Photo by Nick Krug

Lawrence artist Darin M. White is pictured on Thursday, April 3, 2012 in his home. White recently returned from Brooklyn, New York, where he showed a series of his work.
Thank you,