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Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty is a fan-driven beginning… to the epic New World saga of love, war, revolution, and freedom.
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty is a fan-driven beginning… to the epic New World saga of love, war, revolution, and freedom.
1,601 backers pledged $171,157 to help bring this project to life.

CRITICAL & EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS, $140K Raised In Our Second Kickstarter with 3 Days to Go!

Posted by Darin Southam (Creator)

Founding Backers,

Three days left!! $118K raised inside Kickstarter and $22K outside with $20K pending receipt. Here's our latest video update with critical announcements (5 min), just posted this morning:

Same update on YouTube:

Exciting news on our current Kickstarter:

Today, we announced, following the tradition of our concept short film credits, every backer who backs our current Kickstarter, whether it's a $1 "Thank You" pledge or a $10,000 Executive Producer pledge, every backer will be mentioned in the credits of our full feature when it is made.

Second announcement... all digital rewards on our current campaign, including HD Downloads and Rentals of our concept short film and behind the scenes will be delivered 24 hours BEFORE our campaign closes! That's right, we're delivering them early on Friday evening. We're doing this so Backers can see our concept film and tell all their friends about it before our campaign closes. If you haven't yet renewed your support for our full feature, please make a pledge to our current Kickstarter today.

Third announcement... all pledges to our current Kickstarter for $500 or more, from now until our campaign closes, will receive a personal phone call from me thanking them for their pledge.

Now, whatever happens on the 18th, I want to personally thank all of you, as our founding backers, for your hard work and sacrifice to champion and share this movement. Thanks to YOU, we have a breakout concept short film that will soon be the catalyst for our full feature funding. Less than 1% of film projects on Kickstarter ever raise over $100K and you've helped us do it twice now! 

We invite you one last time to join us, if you haven't already. Renew your place in history by pledging to our current campaign before it closes August 18th.

Yours in freedom,

Darin Southam
(323) 389-5323
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty

"The first North American (Book of Mormon) war epic set in the pre-Columbian New World."

PS... if you would like to do so, you may INCREASE your pledge at any time before our campaign closes. Reach deep with me and raise your pledge if you can. Here's a video that shows how to do so:

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