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Red Flags is a game where players use white cards and red flags to create romantic matches for other players. Best terrible date wins!
Red Flags is a game where players use white cards and red flags to create romantic matches for other players. Best terrible date wins!
Red Flags is a game where players use white cards and red flags to create romantic matches for other players. Best terrible date wins!
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Happy Sunday, friends.

(Sorry for any typos; I'm typing fast and "single dad" tired tonight.)

Before I forget: I have a new site up for all of my games and projects! If you like Red Flags and Superfight, hopefully you'll like my other nonsense.

So. I'm sorry for the quiet with regard to updates. The creative process for me can be weird. I do a lot of retreating behind some pretty thick blast doors when I'm trying to get certain things right, and this has proven to be one of those things. Not in a bad way. I have been having a lot of fun in the creative bunker with this project. Which leads me straight into something I want to talk to you about.

I have enough cards to hit print on this game. But I'm not going to yet. And here is why:

During the "final" days of editing these cards, it became clear to me that there are rabbit holes down which I can find some very, very funny cards. When I engage the part of my mind that is willing to write very absurd things on these cards, some (to my tastes) real magic happens. I take very little credit for that beyond the time I'm willing to devote to falling down such holes. I think all of us given the requisite time could sit in a chair and think of a funny Red Flag, then think of one funnier, then go and go and go until the first ones paled in comparison.

And that is what has happened. Cards got funnier. And original cards began getting cut. And the holes got deeper and deeper. A lot of these cards have had me laughing. Out loud. By myself. And I read once that that is a good indication of sincerity because laughing is often just a social que. I should make "BRINGS UP THAT THEY READ ONCE THAT LAUGHING IS A SOCIAL QUE" a Red Flag.

So here is what I came here to say:

I'm going to ask you all for a little more time. Not much. Maybe an extra week. I hit a vein here, and I want to see what else there is. Sure I could hit print and release whatever else I come up with as an expansion. But that isn't worth the time spent behind blast doors and falling down gold holes ("SAYS 'GOLD HOLES'" Red Flag). 

You may not even see this extra week and change on the other end of things. If we get things lined up well, the print should be just fine. But I surfaced today for a lot of reasons, and thought I would dump on you all here what the current state of the game is before I dive again. I got blasted during Superfight for updating too much and using too many words in my updates. So if that guy backed Red Flags: sorry. Leopards and spots.

So that's it. I'm going dark for a bit to really really squeeze every drop of humor I can into these cards (I really lost that analogy before it started, but you get it). I'll be back soon to let you know when it's in production.

Oh yeah and to check out some other stuff I hope you'll like.

Thanks again, everyone. I really am incredibly grateful for all of you. Even that one guy.

Talk soon,


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    1. Sheryl Olszewski on

      Thanks for the update, and by all means, take some time to get it to where you're happy with it. Meanwhile, we'll keep wearing out our Superfight cards + expansions :) Love love love it!

    2. D-Boy

      Take the extra time, sir! But don't take too long! You've gotta divorce yourself from it eventually.

      P.S. - Thanks for the link to your new site. The Lunchables Unboxing video is fantastic. ^_^

    3. Missing avatar

      booradlyangel on

      Thanks for the update! Harvest that rabbit hole!

    4. NewB on

      Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work! =)

    5. Ed Kowalczewski

      Work it!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lisa on

      Words of support, words of support!

    7. Matt on

      I vote for you to take your time making the game. The more fun you have following these rabbit holes of humor, the more enjoyable the game will be for us when it ship to our door. Looking forward to it and thanks for putting in the extra work!