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Come join us as we bring Issue 2 of 'A Year and a Day' to print!
Come join us as we bring Issue 2 of 'A Year and a Day' to print!
96 backers pledged $5,001 to help bring this project to life.

The stretch goals are here!

Posted by Darc Sowers (Creator)

Darc and I put our heads together tonight and picked out three new stretch goals for you guys.  Stretch goals are kind of an odd duck, because, as a creator, you want to give something really cool for reaching the goal, but at the same time, you need to make sure that the work it adds isn't overwhelming.

We have discovered the right amount of whelm for these next three goals.

At $3,500 we'll send out digital copies of Darc's "Art Of" books to all backers. These were high quality, textless versions of comics featuring all the steps from sketches to shaded color for each page.  That's an extra 450 pages for every backer.

At $4,000 we'll produce a new pin design!

At $5,000... Darc will produce a 12 page, black and white Ashcan (mini-comic for those of you who aren't as old as us). A digital download will be sent out after it's complete. (Likely sometime in First Quarter 2019).

So share, like and retweet and spread the word, we have just over 3 weeks and can make this happen!

Thanks all!

Darc & Matt

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