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Part story, part game, part educational toy, Elements 4D interactive blocks offer a fun way to experience augmented reality.
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The App: Elements 4D by DAQRI

Posted by DAQRI (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

Just a quick update to say, first of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! – and second of all, here is the link to the Elements 4D by DAQRI app:

• iOS version:
• Android version:

The app has been available since a few days after Christmas but we wanted to make sure to send a note, just in case you haven't had the chance to download it yet. We know some of you have already been experimenting with the Elements. We love the pics you're posting on Twitter! Here are a couple of our favorites:

To those who haven't received your blocks yet: Please know that they are on the way. Shipping traffic during the holidays was a bit crazy and some of the blocks shipments have just gone out as of January 2nd, so they should be arriving this week.

Also, while all six blocks are working, there is a known issue with the Scroll. We are working on getting an app update out that will address this, and will keep you posted! We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. 

It brings us so much joy that you Certified 4D Chemists are now out there in the world having a blast, and with more coming soon. Thank you again to all of you, we couldn't have done it without you.

Hope you've had a wonderful start to 2014, and happy experimenting! 

- The DAQRI Team 

Huzzah – The Blocks Are Here!

Posted by DAQRI (Creator)

Hi all, 

We are proud to announce that manufacturing of the Elements 4D interactive blocks, both the wood and aluminum versions, is complete. Your Kickstarter rewards are either on their way to your doorsteps, or have already arrived! We want to give each and every one of you a heartfelt thanks for being a backer – it’s truly wonderful and exciting to see so much enthusiasm and support for this project.

The app that works in conjunction with the blocks is called Elements 4D by DAQRI and will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. (The blocks aren't designed to work with the DAQRI app, but rather have their own custom app associated with them.)

As you may have noticed, the app release is slightly behind the delivery of the physical products and will be live December 28th (we missed the deadline prior to Apple’s closure over the holidays by a hair).

The Elements 4D app enables you to Interact with 36 amazing, naturally-occurring elements and learn their names, what they look like, and their reactions. We are really excited about this first release of the app and are working on making the experience as flawless as possible, as well as expanding it! in this version, every single element and some of their reactions are activated, and more and more reactions are being added on an ongoing basis.

This is how it works:

We’ve also come to the conclusion that this project’s merits – including inspiring kids to get involved in STEM, for instance – are pretty exciting and we will continue to update the app in 2014.

Again, we can’t stress enough how me we appreciate your support. We want to try to make up to you any inconvenience our tardiness may have caused and are cooking up something SPECIAL just for our Kickstarter backers. We’ll keep you posted!

Check out a few newcomer elements below! 

Happy Holidays, 
The DAQRI Team

Meet Our 36 Elements

Posted by DAQRI (Creator)

The Elements Are Here!

Finally! Each block face in the set-of-six Elements 4D blocks has been wedded with its corresponding element, for a total of 36 elemental stunners. We're so excited for you to get to know this awesome bunch of earthly characters, each with their own unique qualities, stories, and reactions!

Why 36? 

Why -- and how -- did we pick 36 elements instead of the 118-some-odd elements on the Periodic Table, you ask? We thought you'd never ask! Well, the decision and selection process was a little tricky, so here's the thought process behind it. First of all, certain elements (ahem, the Noble Gasses) don't interact with much, and we wanted to create a good experience that would let you interact with the blocks without having to go on a wild goose chase just to find a decent chemical reaction! Secondly, time and space limitations came into play. We decided to do six blocks as a manageable size, in part because the concept behind Elements 4D was to enable you to have a mobile "chem lab" that is significantly easier to transport than an actual chemistry lab, (not to mention in our lab your kids can play with Plutonium). It's about inspiring people to learn more about chemistry and how cool, gorgeous, and in some cases kooky, the elements that make up our universe really are. It's NOT intended to replace a chemistry class, but it IS intended to get you excited about explosive reactions and electron orbits, and even sublimation and stoichiometry! 

So, What's Next?

Right now we're making solid progress on sourcing the materials and streamlining the production process necessary to get these in your hands in time for the holidays. It's going to be tight, but if nothing goes horribly wrong (knock on lots and lots of wood we now have in our offices), we are on schedule! Backers, look out for our Backer Survey in the next week or two – we can only send this out once and it's really important that we get your up-to-date delivery information. 

AU Revoir for now!

The DAQRI Team

Download the Free Elements 4D Papercraft Edition!

Posted by DAQRI (Creator)
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Hey Kickstarters!

Our campaign ends tomorrow at noon, a short 16 hours away! As a way to say thank you for all your support, we wanted to share this fun teaser as a FREE download. Just print out this papercraft template, follow the folding lines, and voila – you’ve got a bonafied Elements 4D carbon papercraft block.

It works with the DAQRI app!

To interact with Elements 4D Papercraft Edition:

1. Print out the papercraft template below and fold and glue along the lines to create a cube. Here's a FULL RESOLUTION PDF you can download.
2. Download the free DAQRI app for iOS or Android.
3. Open the app, point the device at the top of the papercraft model, and enjoy! 

If you think this is cool, we'd really appreciate you sharing this update! Here's the link:

LAter GAtors,
The DAQRI Team

Elements 4D: Blocks in a Box

Posted by DAQRI (Creator)

Howdy Kickstarting Chemists! 

We have less than 48 hours left to go. While there’s still time to order more blocks, might we suggest a set in a box? (Rhyming stanzas not included).

Again, here’s the link to our campaign for easy sharing. Please help us spread the word! 

We can't express how much we appreciate your amazing support for this campaign, and look forward to providing you with the very best educational, interactive, and fun augmented reality experience possible.

AdiOS for now!
The DAQRI Team