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HRDCVR is a hardcover culture magazine from Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson. It's created by diverse teams for a diverse world.
HRDCVR is a hardcover culture magazine from Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson. It's created by diverse teams for a diverse world.
HRDCVR is a hardcover culture magazine from Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson. It's created by diverse teams for a diverse world.
516 backers pledged $67,230 to help bring this project to life.

the HRDCVRs will be in NYC on MONDAY


We are like, wow.

And we are starting to ship soon after! THANK YOU for all your support.

A couple of things:

The launch celebration is on Tuesday night in NYC. We will be really having a good time. If you're in NYC, please come by. If did not receive an invite, please recheck your email, and if it's still not there, email me:

Also, there's a huge section in the HRDCVR we're really excited about.

In the HRDCVR  itself, our contributors' passions exist even more fully. We've launched the #PassionAtlas via the tweets, and tumblr. The cards are shareable, so have fun with them!

Thank you again for EVERYTHING. YOU believed. You gave advice. You gave us ideas. You told us when we were wrong. You kept us up when we were worried. You were patient when things were moving slow. You gave us a chance to make this thing. We are forever grateful. And now here we are. This is insane. We hope you love it.

Danyel + Elliott + the entire (INCREDIBLE) HRDCVR team

--> the HRDCVR launch celebration <<--


hello all—

we are super excited to announce the hrdcvr launch celebration for $100+ backers. thank you again for your support!

also -- the books are almost here. please see a shot from the printer below! we truly appreciate your patience : )

looking forward,


finally! your HRDCVR is at the printer. delivery begins in 6 weeks.


the whole team is giddy. we are excited and proud and can't wait for you to see.

coming soon: the date of HRDCVR celebration.

thank you again!

Danyel + Elliott + teamHRDCVR

we're almost there


Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in updates: We've been busy finalizing the inaugural publication of HRDCVR.

We are currently in production. Juuuuuuust about ready to go to press. Crazy. The above is one of our many inspirations, and it's also a HRDCVR spread. HRDCVR will soon be done and in your hands. June. Seven weeks. June is Danyel’s birthday month.

We really appreciate your patience. This has been quite a learning process!

And we're confident you’ll be happy. HRDCVR is—in spirit—unlike any other publication. Again we say: we have learned a lot. But we're trying every day to rise to the amazing challenge of serving the new every1.

Within the issue you can expect:

The true voice of a way underrated NBA star. Culinary culture in Boyle Heights. Gentrification in Oakland. The best MC in the world—right now. Sisterhood at one of its most intense levels. Juliet’s better half. Horses and grace and family in Pine Ridge. Living without apology. What’s popping in Corpus Christi. Beauty amid drought in New Mexico.

And: actual, tangible passions of the newevery1. We asked.

Plus: much, much more.

We are always appreciative of your support,

Danyel Smith, Elliott Wilson, and the HRDCVR team


Details about the party are coming soon!!!

hello! we are getting closer! | + behold the new HRDCVR logo

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Hello and happy New Year:

Hope all is amazing. Logo is a beauty, right? Please send feedback! Our creative director is awesome. We are working super hard, from all over the country (and the world). Stories are in, and more are coming in. Images are in and more are coming in! All this for The Actual HRDCVR.


• Your HRDCVR weekly newsletter, the HRDlist, has 4000 members, and is going through a redesign that will debut on Monday. You can sign up for it here.

* And please welcome our Design Fellow: Belise Thomas. It's due to your generosity that she is on board.

You can always find info about your HRDCVR:



Also, question: do you want to be totally surprised? or do you want to know more specifics, early?

In any case, we will have more great news soon.

As for publication? Aiming for late February! Get ready.

Thanks so much for your support.