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Command US Army forces as they roll into combat against the toughest German units of WWII!
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Welcome to DVG's 

Sherman Leader Kickstarter!


New Add-Ons!

Many people have asked for Neoprene roll-up Tactical Displays for our games. We have finally been able to source huge high quality mats at a reasonable price!





When the Kickstarter ends, we'll email everyone a survey. When you fill-out that survey with your mailing address and such, you will also add the game you'd like for free if you pledged for Sherman Leader or higher.

We can do this! Tell your friends and gaming group about this amazing game and offer! Let's make this happen!





In Sherman Leader, you command an American group of tanks, armored cars, trucks, half tracks, and infantry squads. You get to choose your campaign. Anything from 1942 North Africa to 1945 Berlin, and everything in between. Of course we have the D-Day and Italian Campaigns!

Sherman Leader is a great game for both experienced strategy gamers and well as new players. Each campaign takes only 30 minutes to set-up, and each battle can be resolved in 15 to 30 minutes.  

Being a solitaire game, you can play whenever you have time, at your pace. This is very important. Sherman Leader is not a multiplayer game that has solo play rules tacked on. It was designed from the ground up to be a 1 player game.  

Sherman Leader is the latest game in our "Leader" series. Previous games: Hornet Leader, Phantom Leader, Thunderbolt-Apache Leader, and U-Boat Leader. As a side note, you can divide up your forces and play co-op with a friend. Let's talk a little about how the game plays.

Not only do you get to select a Campaign, you also get to choose your Campaign's Objective. Do you want to conduct an Assault? a Holding Action, a General Offensive? Each Objective lists your resources and goals.

Mixing and matching Campaigns and Objectives gives the game endless variety and replayability.

You then get to select your units and commanders.  

Sherman includes dozens of American vehicles and infantry types from the early Lee's and Grant's all the way up to the late war Jumbo Shermans!

Having great equipment is important, but having skilled commanders is vital. Here are 3 of the 6 stages of experience for Commander Smith...

Commanders have 6 skill levels: Recruit, Green, Average, Skilled, Veteran, and Ace. They gain Experience Points when you commit them to battle, but they also suffer Stress. As they gain experience, they advance to higher skill levels and improve their stats. As they suffer Stress, their abilities decline. This means you must carefully decide when to assign your men to battle, and when to let them rest.  

You will be fighting against the German Army!

Here is what your battlefield looks like...

You can play battles in the rural terrain of Europe, the sands of North Africa, and the freezing cold of winter!

Each Campaign is divided into Weekly turns. During each Week, you get to assign your tanks and commanders to battles, and then resolve those battles. At the end of each Week, the German forces advance, hold, or retreat in relation to your front line. This gives you the big picture and battlefield action all in one game.

Let's talk about what the battlefield combat is like...  

Each battle usually lasts 5 turns. During each turn, you roll to see the German units' overall movement strategy, your Fast Commanders get to act, then the German units get to act, and then your Slow Commanders get to act.  

Each unit moves and then attacks. Units have a speed of 0 (a Field Gun), 1 (Tanks), or 2 (Armored Cars). Units have an Attack range of 0 to 3 hexes.  

You move a unit, and if it is within range of an enemy unit, it gets to attack.  

To perform an attack, roll 2 10-sided dice.

To successfully attack, you need to roll the attacking unit's Attack number or higher on a die. If each successful die roll inflicts a potential Hit.

Subtract 1 from your rolls if attacking at Range 2, and subtract 2 if attacking at Range 3.   

For example: Your Sherman M4 (76mm) needs to roll a 5 or higher on each 10-sided die to score a potential Hit against a Panzer III. The Tank Commander gives +1 on Attack rolls. You need to roll 4s or higher.

For each potential Hit you score, roll a Defense die for the target. If you roll their Defense value or lower, the Hit is negated.

For example: You roll a 6 and 8 to Attack. Both will Hit unless stopped by the Panzer's Defense. You roll a 1 and 4 for the Defenses. One Hit is stopped, but the other penetrates, and Destroys the Panzer. 

Combat works the same when they shoot at you.  

Instead of destroying your Units, they inflict 1 Damage counter for each successful Attack roll that your Defense does not stop.  

Here are a few of the Damage counters. There is a different set of counters when your Vehicle or Infantry Units suffer Damage.

These Damage counters have an immediate effect on your Unit. They also stay with the Unit until you pay to repair them.

240 Full Color Cards  

2 Full Color Counter Sheets  

3 Full Color Sheets of MOUNTED Terrain Hexes  

22” x 17” Full Color MOUNTED Tactical Sheet  

11" x 17" Full Color Headquarters Sheet  

1 10-sided die 

Each Sherman game comes with a FREE Tiger Leader Upgrade Kit. This Kit includes all the cards, counters, and rules needed to upgrade Tiger Leader to the new Sherman standard.


You can add to your pledge! Once you pledge for the game, you can then manually adjust your pledge amount to any value. When we send out the Surveys, we'll add a question asking the items you Added. We'll ship them all in the same package. Your Add-Ons will not increase your shipping cost. We will cover the extra shipping charges.







Risks and challenges

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) has the knowledge and skills to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have published dozens of games. If you have any questions or queries, the people at DVG will be here to assist you as quickly as we can. If you would like to see the quality of the games we publish, please visit our website:

With several Kickstarter campaigns behind us, we are able to professionally deal with setbacks while keeping you, the backer, informed with what's happening every step of the way - and not just while the campaign is running. When funding closes and production starts, we aim to provide the most up-to-date information possible regarding each stage of the game's journey to your tabletop.

We believe that honesty is as important as regular contact with our backers. You can expect the very best from us, no matter what. As part of our honesty pledge, please be aware that we do not offer refunds after a Kickstarter campaign closes. We need the funds to pay the printer and to purchase the add-ons and stretch goals people have earned during the campaign. If you pledge, and later change your mind, that's okay, but you need to cancel your pledge before the campaign ends.

By working with high quality production facilities that we've dealt with during previous campaigns, we are confident that we'll be able to deliver the game in a timely manner. Our exacting standards mean that you're guaranteed to get a great game.

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