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pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 4 2019


On 19 September 1957, a nuclear weapon was detonated 275 meters below ground at the Nevada Test Site in the United States. This test opened a gateway to the Netherscape, an alternate dimension more commonly referred to as the Basement. In 2013, North Korea made contact and formed an alliance with a powerful cabal of Nethermancers who ruled over large swaths of the Basement. Nations across the world came together to battle the threat, and resorted to using nuclear weapons to defeat the otherworldly creatures. While almost all the gates to the Basement were closed, most of Earth and mankind was destroyed. The year is 2035. The remnants of humanity fight among themselves, struggling to emerge as the victors in a desperate fight for survival.

You can read a full account of the setting's backstory here

 For What Remains is a skirmish-level wargame set in a post-apocalyptic near future.

For What Remains is a two-player competitive game, or it can be played solitaire. 

There are two ways to play For What Remains: skirmishes and campaigns. Skirmishes are stand-alone games played for a single victory, with no lasting repercussions. Campaigns are a series of skirmishes linked together to form a larger narrative.


For What Remains was created by David Thompson, the designer of War Chest, Pavlov's House, Castle Itter, Europe Divided, and Undaunted: Normandy. The character artist for the project is Rick Hershey, and David Thompson designed the battleground tiles with source art from the Dundjinni community. 


  • Fast, dynamic gameplay that combines the best of wargames and skirmish combat games
  • Plays in 30 - 45 minutes
  • 2 player competitive play or solitaire play
  • Richly detailed post-apocalyptic setting and backstory
  • Campaign play with character progression
  • Modular game board tiles that can be combined with expansions for nearly limitless battleground configurations

Here's a look at everything included in the base (Survivor) pledge:

For What Remains is a scenario-driven game. Each scenario typically has multiple objectives. Players win skirmishes by accomplishing these objectives and gaining victory points.

The game board in For What Remains is built from modular battleground tiles that are themed to represent different environments. The battleground tiles in the core game represent a destroyed urban setting. Players build the game board with nine tiles, each of which is divided into a 7x7 grid.

Each character in For What Remains is represented by a counter and has a corresponding character card and action tokens. During campaign play, characters improve their attributes and develop new abilities as they progress from Recruit to Veteran and then Elite level. A chit pull system is used for unit activation, and a step-loss system is used for tracking injuries during skirmishes.

Players control characters from one of the game’s six factions. The Combine and Freemen Coalition are part of the core game; the other four factions can be integrated seamlessly. Each faction has a unique play style. 

Freemen Coalition: The Freemen Coalition is a loose-knit band of human rebels who specialize in guerrilla warfare. 

Combine: The Combine is the government that rules over much of what is left of the world.

Soldiers of Light: The Soldiers of Light are humans who believe the fall of mankind was brought about due to a dependence on technology. 

Erthen: Erthen are a biologically developed race formed from a mixture of human, mineral, and organic matter. 

Echo: Echo is a faction led by a secretive cabal of humans with psychic powers.  

Order of the New Dawn: The Order of the New Dawn are creatures from the strange subterranean realm known as the Basement. 

For What Remains has been designed specifically to support solitaire play. We have developed an AI system customized for each character in the game, so that their actions take advantage of their individual traits and pursue unique scenario objectives.

The campaign in For What Remains is called the Semipalatinsk Legacy. Semipalatinsk was the former Soviet Union’s premier nuclear test site. During the course of the campaign, players will scavenge for precious resources and battle across a variety of environments such as abandoned cities, old rail yards, nuclear sites, and subterranean test areas. Players will recruit new characters into their faction and development them over time. 

The Semipalatinsk Legacy begins in the core game, with Streets of Ruin. This first part of the campaign contains four scenarios where the Combine and Freemen come into contact and begin their battle in the abandoned town's ruined streets. The campaign continues in each expansion, eventually culminating in the final part: Into the Basement

Each part of the campaign includes a set of game board tiles thematically linked to the environment. These modular tiles can be combined across the different parts of the campaign for almost limitless possibilities. 

Try For What Remains on Tabletop Simulator.  

You must already have Tabletop Simulator to use the For What Remains module. 

Playthrough and review from The Gimpy Gamer Part 1: 

Playthrough and review from The Gimpy Gamer Part 2: 

Playthrough and review from The Gimpy Gamer Part 3: 

 Preview from the Players Aid:

And learn more about the game from designer David Thompson on Dan Pancaldi's Youtube series No Enemies Here: 


The chit pull system and counter-stacking system used for level progression and tracking in-game injury. 

 The board tiles and solitaire system.

  • 1 Rulebook (32 pages)
  • 1 Campaign Guide (16 pages)
  • 2 Faction Guides (8 pages)
  • 2 AI Reference Sheets 
  • 2 Ability Reference Sheets
  • 9 Battleground Tiles
  • 10 oversized Character Reference Cards (3.5" x 5")
  • 10 oversized AI Reference Cards (3.5" x 5")
  • 48 1" Character Counters
  • 12 2" Character Counters
  • 62 1" Circular Action Tokens
  • 7 0.75" Circular markers
  • 2 special ability templates
  • 5 10-sided dice

(All component information is based on the prototype and subject to change)

Here is a draft of the rules.

Please note that this is still a work in progress.

 We have designed four expansions for For What Remains. Each of these expansions includes a new faction and a new part of the ongoing Semipalatinsk Legacy campaign. The new battleground tiles included in these expansions can be added to the core game or other expansions to increase the possibilities of the battleground you create. Although the Semipalatinsk Legacy is presented as a series, you can play through any part without having played through the scenarios in prior expansions. 

This is the sequence for the campaign:

  • 1. The Core Game: Streets of Ruin 
  • 2. SoL Expansion: Blood on the Rails 
  • 3. Erthen Expansion: Fields of Battle 
  • 4. Echo Expansion: Echo Base Zero 
  • 5. Order Expansion: Into the Basement 

In addition, this is the list of which battleground tiles from each expansion can be integrated into other sets:

  •  Streets of Ruin - integrates with Blood on the Rails (SoL Expansion) and Fields of Battle (Erthen Expansion)
  •  Blood on the Rails - integrates with Streets of Ruin (core game) and Fields of Battle (Erthen Expansion)
  •  Fields of Battle - integrates with Streets of Ruin (core game), Fields of Battle (Erthen Expansion), Echo Base Zero (Echo Expansion), and Into the Basement (Order Expansion)
  •  Echo Base Zero - integrates with Fields of Battle (Erthen Expansion) and Into the Basement (Order Expansion)
  •  Into the Basement - integrates with Fields of Battle (Erthen Expansion) and Echo Base Zero (Echo Expansion)

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We are EU and Canada-Friendly! DVG prepays taxes and VAT fees for games shipping to the EU and Canada! 


We will charge actual shipping costs for US and International destinations in the post-Kickstarter Pledge Manager. Based on our previous Kickstarter campaigns, here are the estimated shipping costs for the Core Game and an Expansion or two. Each Expansion after the that will probably add around $5 in shipping.

Giving exact shipping prices is not possible due to each country having its own shipping weight ranges and package size adjustments to shipping costs.

Please keep in mind these are estimates, and the actual shipping costs may change based on the number of Stretch Goals we Unlock and Add-Ons you choose. 

Risks and challenges

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) has the knowledge and skills to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have published dozens of games. If you have any questions or queries, the people at DVG will be here to assist you as quickly as we can. If you would like to see the quality of the games we publish, please visit our website:

With several Kickstarter campaigns behind us, we are able to professionally deal with setbacks while keeping you, the backer, informed with what's happening every step of the way - and not just while the campaign is running. When funding closes and production starts, we aim to provide the most up-to-date information possible regarding each stage of the game's journey to your tabletop.

We believe that honesty is as important as regular contact with our backers. You can expect the very best from us, no matter what. As part of our honesty pledge, please be aware that we do not offer refunds after a Kickstarter campaign closes. We need the funds to pay the printer and to purchase the add-ons and stretch goals people have earned during the campaign. If you pledge, and later change your mind, that's okay, but you need to cancel your pledge before the campaign ends.

By working with high quality production facilities that we've dealt with during previous campaigns, we are confident that we'll be able to deliver the game in a timely manner. Our exacting standards mean that you're guaranteed to get a great game.

Our Kickstarter History for funded games...

Rise of the Zombies... Published!
Battle For Stalingrad... Published!
The Cards of Cthulhu & Booster... Published!
Warfighter & Expansions Wave #1... Published!
Fleet Commander Nimitz… Published!
Tiger Leader... Published!
Warfighter Expansions Wave #2... Published!
The Cards of Cthulhu Expansion, Beyond the Veil… Published!
Phantom Leader Deluxe... Published!
Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict... Published!
U-Boat Leader 2nd edition... Published!
Gato Leader... Published!
Ship Miniatures for Gato & U-Boat... Published!
Warfighter WWII Wave #1... Published!
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader... Published!
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader Aircraft Miniatures... Published!
Israeli Air Force Leader... Published!
Sherman Leader... Published!
1500 - The New World... Published!
War of the Worlds... Published!
Down In Flames - Locked-On... Published!
Pavlov's House... Published!
Corsair Leader... Published!
Warfighter WWII - Wave #2... Published!
Castle Itter... At the Printer!
Warfighter Modern - Wave #3 - At the Printer!

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