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A stainless steel, PVD coated version of the Mark One, only available through this campaign.
A stainless steel, PVD coated version of the Mark One, only available through this campaign.
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Mark One: Apollo Edition Pen



Hi Kickstarter! Last year we launched Mark One, our minimal, durable, retractable pen. The response has been amazing, and we are back with a special limited edition Mark One that is only available through this Kickstarter campaign! 

Mark One: Apollo 11 Edition is made out of stainless steel (instead of aluminum like the regular Mark One), so it has a great, weighty feel to it. The pen and knock are polished and then coated with a nearly indestructible Titanium Chromium Nitride PVD coating. The body features a very subtle engraving of the command service module docked with the lunar module, based loosely on the line drawings from the Apollo 11 flight plan


The pen will ship with the famed Fisher Space Pen® refill, a pressurized ballpoint refill that writes upside down, underwater, and of course, in zero gravity. But this special edition pen, like the regular Mark One, will accept all Parker style refills, including the Schmidt P8126 rollerball. 

Aside from the above changes, this is dimensionally the same Mark One you might already know and love, with that satisfying-as-heck click. If you're not familiar with the original Mark One, learn more here

The pen is designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and as such, this campaign will mirror the duration of that mission, lasting for eight days starting on July 16 13:32:00 UTC and ending on July 24 16:50:35 UTC. Again, this window is the only time to get this pen! Once the campaign is over, you will have missed your chance.


  • Dimensions: 128mm long, 11mm diameter. (5in x 0.43in)
  • Weight: 48 grams (1.7oz)
  • Stainless steel body and knock. Aluminum mechanism.
  • Titanium Chromium Nitride PVD coating, polished finish.
  • Contains Fisher Space Pen® Pressurized Ink Cartridge. ‘Fisher’ and ‘Space Pen’ are trademarks of Fisher Pen Co. Boulder City, NV U.S.A.





The engraving.
The engraving.

Why We're On Kickstarter

Even though this is a special edition to one of our existing products, it still requires a large upfront investment to produce. And we thought it would be fun to do a limited edition product in this way. We hope you agree! 

Thanks for your support! 

Risks and challenges

Every project brings it's own challenges, but we are Kickstarter veterans (this is our 10th project!) and this project has less risk than previous ones, in that it is a variation on a product we have already successfully brought to market. We have complete confidence we will be able to deliver the Mark One Apollo Edition as promised.

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