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Mark One is a custom machined, all-metal, retractable pen with a ceramic based exterior coating for long lasting durability.
Mark One is a custom machined, all-metal, retractable pen with a ceramic based exterior coating for long lasting durability.
Mark One is a custom machined, all-metal, retractable pen with a ceramic based exterior coating for long lasting durability.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Björn Weber
      2 days ago

      Wonderful! Thanks Dan & Tom! :)

    2. Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt 9-time creator 2 days ago

      @Bjorn Weber - Yep! You'll be able to add as many as you want when we send out the surveys.

    3. Missing avatar

      Björn Weber
      4 days ago

      Will it be possible to add more pens later on in the survey? I already chose the two pens - "one for me and one for a friend", but I have more than one friend... ;) I would love to get one black and three white ones.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scot Henney 5 days ago

      Thanks Dan!

    5. Marisa 5 days ago

      I'm with Bryce...put the money into a making it a great pen (a second nock would be cool), not the packaging. Recyclable packaging would be great!!

    6. Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt 9-time creator on June 11

      @Scot Henney - Nope, we'll send the survey out later when we get a little closer to shipping.

    7. Missing avatar

      Scot Henney on June 11

      Has the survey gone out? If so, I didn’t recieve it. Hope I’m not too late.

    8. Alejandro Vázquez Amo on June 11

      China feels good to me as long as the quality is as promised, which I'm sure you will take care of. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider on June 10

      Settle down children!

    10. Stig-Jørund B. Arnesen
      on June 10

      @Mini Mee Did I address my comment to you? No.

    11. Mini Mee on June 9

      You asked a question and I was trying to be helpful with an answer. Some thank you, maybe you should be the one growing up. Geez.

    12. Stig-Jørund B. Arnesen
      on June 9

      So no promises made in the campaign then. This is where promises are given. Podcast is not. Grow up.

    13. Mini Mee on June 9

      @Stig - you needed to listen to their podcasts.

    14. Stig-Jørund B. Arnesen
      on June 8

      I seem to miss where the creators promised US production.

    15. Missing avatar

      robin scobey on June 7

      The product is more important than the packaging but perhaps you have retail ambitions for these pens. As for the manufacturing location: it's unfortunate that such an innovative and highly developed industrial nation as the United States can no longer offer a product to compete with Chinese manufacture. Sooner or later this will have to correct.

    16. Missing avatar

      John T on June 6

      Use your savings to invest in your company's growth, product range and the introduction of limited edition colours. Packaging just adds to the constant stream of boring You Tube videos where it takes 5 min to take the pen out of the box.

      Growing your product range will bring you more benefits in the long term than those videos ever will.

      Good luck.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryce on June 6

      Please don't waste time/money on the packaging - make it simple and recycleable - PLEASE!

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider on June 6

      Thank you for your second update (in response). It actually makes me feel better that you actually cared what we all think (several KS projects don't respond at all for years). I get what you are doing and I am not trying to wave an American flag.....just not supporting the Chinese flag. If you would have said "we are making them in Germany" for instance, I am sure the support would have been there as they are known for engineering, precision, and quality. China on the other hand is known for producing the most they can, as cheap as they can, and getting it out the door. I have dealt with China quite a bit at work and they have come a long way, but I still would buy elsewhere and pay more. I trust in what you are doing and ultimately know that we will get a good product. So thanks for clarifying and keep up the good work. I do have to agree that hearing that the pens will be offered at same price as we payed is a little kick in the pants, but we can't change that now.....only you can.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ashley on June 6

      Ditto to Craig, Mary, and Scott's comments. I appreciate that Studio Neat is going the extra mile to deliver a higher quality product for its customers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Simone Virgili on June 6

      I’m sorry but I’m not interested to have a “Made in China” product. If you are going ahead with this decision, I don’t want the product.

    21. Scott Mitchell on June 6

      Nicely explained, guys. As soon as I saw that you were moving forward with production to China, I knew this would be an issue for a large number of US buyers and the original Update didn’t seem to do much to argue your case. But knowing your previous products, I assumed it was first and foremost, to make the product better, not cheaper, and sure enough, with Update 5, it appears to be true.

      I’m American, so I know the little spark of pride that comes, not with the inherently meaningless decision to make a product in the US, but in the knowledge that somehow, somewhere in the US, there is still a manufacturing unit capable of making the incredible, high-quality objects I love. But when that’s not the case, when customer service fails to meet reasonable standards, when quality is sacrificed for price, or when the materials or processes cannot even compete on specification, there is necessarily no pride in seeing a “Made in the USA” stamp. In other words, be proud only if and when a US product meets the highest quality standards. A lot of the consternation appears to rely entirely on a false assumption that the Chinese-manufactured version would, by default, be inferior. To use one backer’s Swiss watch comparison: there’s a reason to have pride in owning a Swiss watch rather than a US (or Chinese) watch—Swiss horologists and manufacturers have proven over decades and centuries, that they make higher-quality, higher-precision pieces. The same can and should be said of Chinese machined products, and, unfortunately, cannot often be said of US-machined products. China, not the US, is the Switzerland is this metaphor. Only outdated and/or xenophobic assumptions would say otherwise.

      I do wish the knocks were still raw metals, rather than PVD, but I understand the (very good) quality reasons (and the chance to move to titanium) for moving that direction. I was wavering on knock color and I think this makes my decision to go silver, rather than copper, an easy one.

      And finally, I am, for one, glad to see that this move also allows Studio Neat to spend time and money on things like packaging. The buyer and consumer experience is an important part of the product as a whole and I look forward to the moment I slip open that case for the first time.

    22. Mary Bradbury on June 6

      I can’t believe people are getting mad about the Chinese manufacturing. It sounds like the creators are getting much better customer service from overseas. Plus, the finish is where quality control really counts, and that’s being done local to them. After the update, it sounds like they’re going to have an even better product as a result of this.

    23. Missing avatar

      Craig Smith on June 6

      As another non-US based backer, it doesn't matter one iota to me where the pen is manufactured, as long as it is to the best specification and quality. I trust completely from all your updates and the podcast that you guys will ensure that.

      The world is a big, amazing place guys. Open your minds a bit.

    24. Darren Ingram on June 6

      Hello. I will just state from my perspective that the "packaging" is usually just discarded, so if you are making a big saving on production, "pass it back". Or offer a "non-fancy" package. I have no idea about the savings, but if it was five dollars for example, refund it instead to those who don't want or need a fancy box and "opening experience".

      Good luck !

    25. Missing avatar

      Sean Seagren on June 6

      Thanks for the second update, much better job explaining the upside to us as backers. The quality of the product, not delivery time or packaging, is what matters most to me. Clarifying how that would be improved was great and I appreciate the responsiveness and acknowledgement that the first try missed the mark a bit.

      Manufacture the product where it makes sense regardless of the country. Clearly an ethical supply chain matters and you are doing due diligence to be in business with reputable companies... which is important whether the product was made solely in the US or overseas.

      All that being said is there any cost or risk associated with aluminum tariffs by moving part of the process to China?

    26. Brandon
      on June 6

      Thank you for the second update. Like others, I read the first update as "buying local vs fancy packaging" which didn't feel right. The second update explaining the specific improvements you'd found felt much more like a victory for your team and the project, and I think you're smart to do the prototyping run, as most of the delays I've seen on Kickstarter could have been avoided this way. Thanks again for the clarification and including us in the process of making this beautiful pen a reality.

    27. Gal Kaplan on June 6

      People seem to forget that a lot of the backers don't live in the US.
      Why should I care if a product is produced in a country other than America as long as it's good quality?
      Do you guys really belive that American manufacturing is best in any possible case and that everything made in China is cheap crap? Get real, a good quality product is a good quality product regardless of where it is made.

    28. Missing avatar

      James on June 6

      Thanks for the latest update. It added a lot more color to your decisions. I'd still lean towards a US build, but the details outlined make a lot of sense. I also appreciate that you clarified the price point issue in that the KS price will be less than final retail. And lastly, I don't think it is at all ridiculous to compare this pen to a Swiss watch. I think it's a compliment and very analogous. A Bic pen costs about $0.05 which is 1/1000 of the cost if this high quality mechanical pen. Most mechanical Swiss watches do not cost 1000 times more than basic mass produced quartz watches. But I'll leave it at that as I don't want to get into a message board argument. Thanks again for the update.

    29. Adam Selby on June 5

      Damn some of you people are awful.

    30. Benson Low on June 5

      @Fellow backers - Plenty of quality products are made in China (aka most smartphones and PCs you might be reading this on). Keep calm & move on...

      @Dan & Tom - Thanks for the follow-up email/s as you've been upfront with these decisions and process for us backers. I'm sure we can rely on your focus on product quality, within timely delivery and costs to market, then simply blindly prioritising secondary benefits such as supporting US manufacturing.

    31. Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt 9-time creator on June 5

      @Erik Czerwin: We should have left that bit out of the original update, because honestly it is too early to say for sure. In all likelihood the retail price will end up being a little more than the Kickstarter price.

    32. Erik Czerwin on June 5

      Last thought...
      If final retail price of the Mark One is the same as the KS price... That's really upsetting. Why back a project early if I can let others take that leap and just grab one off the shelf later. Congrats on finding less expensive manufacturing, if you could pass that along to us KS backers, that would be great.

    33. Erik Czerwin on June 5

      Thank you for the update.
      I'm still disappointed in a move to China. Manufacturing in the USA has its own appeal, and I am willing to pay the price.
      I respect your decision, but my disappointment remains unchanged. Supporting USA manufacturers should be one of the highest priorities.

    34. Michael robinson on June 5

      Wow! People lost their shit with that last update. I’m down with the changes. Thanks for the clarification, definitely helpful. But I was down with the change before hand. I certainly didn’t back the pen cause made in ‘merica, it’s ludicrous to think that something manufactured there would be superior anyways! (Clearly
      I’m not American)

      Keep up the good work! Make some great pens, really
      Looking forward to using one!

      Also, we’re talking about a 50 dollar pen guys, made out of aluminum, with a pen refill. The guy comparing this Swiss watches is getting a bit ridiculous. It’s a pen.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Thomson on June 5

      I trust you guys to make the decisions that result in the highest quality product. It's your company's reputation, after all.

      To those dissing manufacturing in China -- uh, you realize virtually ALL of your electronic gear is made in China, right? Your smartphone, your laptop, your game console? Think it through before you come off sounding like a xenophobic chump.

    36. Missing avatar

      James on June 5

      I understand going to China for manufacturing (from your perspective), but never in my life have I gone to buy a product and then, upon learning it was made it China, felt like I was getting something better. I collect swiss watches and would not want my Rolex or Audemars Piguet dealer to tell me they have great news; their watches are cheaper because they've moved production to China. I pay for swiss watches because they are swiss and I pay for US products because they are made here and US build quality is better than Chinese; you get what you pay for. I recently backed the morphing karambit knowing that there will be a Chinese version in a couple of years at 1/3 or 1/4 the cost. I don't care. I want the US version of the highest quality regardless of what Chinese knock offs may become available.

      And what's the point or 'reward' as KS calls it if your Chinese pens will be the same retail price as the KS reward price? Why would you even share that detail? Why wouldn't you just keep the proposed retail and pocket the profits? What you've essentially said is you needed $x to get the product to market and after that, to turn a profit you would have to increase the price to $y, but now you're actually turning a profit, or a more significant profit on $x and there will be no 'reward' to the early adopters who backed your vision because $x will be the retail price.

      I feel slighted, not rewarded. How is any of this in the spirit of KS? To use the example of the morphing karambit, I pledged $450 and as soon as the campaign was over the creator posted a link for pre orders starting at $650. I was 'rewarded' $200 for being a backer. And the creator is doing a US build as promised in his campaign. Can you clarify what my reward is for backing your project? Your campaign says "The retail price will probably be around $65 once the campaign is over, so seize the moment!". Perhaps it should have said "No need to act now as the retail price will likely be the same as your pledge amount".

      Good luck on the rest of the project, but I'm sorry to say, I'm disappointed with your latest update. I hope you reconsider going to China and just keeping the price points as proposed with a US build. A $65 price point is very reasonable for a quality pen and $50 is a fair reward price to pay for a such a product. I have pens that have cost me five times as much, but they weren't made in China.

    37. Missing avatar

      Aaron FitzSmon on June 5

      I would have to agree with the packaging factor as yes a nice presentation in the package is good but what really matters to me at least is the quality of what I put my money into backing. Most prefer the USA manufacturing due to the quality controls put in place for the products.

    38. Bakul Matiyani on June 5

      So u guys save on the cost, change the country of production from what was mentioned in the campaign and what are the backers getting in return? Oh ya the fact that now there will not be any difference in the Kickstarter price and the retail price. Remind me exactly why we the backers shouldn't have just bought this on retail...? I'm not even going to mention the lame packaging you are trying to hang as a carrot, the pen is meant to be carried around and used not stored in packaging. How about we have reduced cost so here 2 pens in the price of one... Or we have added one knock for free... Or we have added 10 refills for free... Or here is a complimentary panobook for everyone. Anything but a total loss for the backers who believed in you. By the by isn't there a breach of contract in there somewhere?

    39. Missing avatar

      on June 5

      Gee, thanks for the upgraded packaging. Awesome.

    40. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider on June 5

      I agree......stay in USA and ship in an envelope for all I care. Kind of disappointed!!! Don’t mind waiting til’ fall for something made right in USA!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Tanveer on June 5

      Paid $60 for a pen made in china..i rather you send the pen out in a plastic bag it doesn’t matter to me at all the packaging is going straight in the bin not happy with the pen bieng made in china it is not what i backed can i get a refund?

    42. Daniel Gibbons on June 5

      USA? China? If it’s from Studio Neat it’ll be quality either way. Can’t wait to get hold of this pen!

    43. Erik Czerwin on June 5

      Very disappointed to read that you're considering moving production to China. Fancy packaging is the exchange there? Really? Put in a plastic bag, for all I care... Manufacturing in the USA is far more important than a fancy package that will be discarded as soon as I open it... I get businesses and bottom lines and all that, but I strongly urge you to consider staying in the USA... That's something I look for in every product I buy.

    44. Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt 9-time creator on May 21

      @Alejandro Vazquez Amo - It will ship with black, but you can of course swap out with a different color later on. The Schmidt p8126 specifically comes in black, blue, red, and green.

    45. Alejandro Vázquez Amo on May 19

      Will the ink on the refill be black or blue?

    46. Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt 9-time creator on May 18

      @Tim Loblaw - Yep, shipping to a PO Box will not be a problem. For US orders these will most likely ship USPS First Class.
      @Seth Grandeau - Thanks for sharing that link!

    47. Tim Loblaw on May 16

      I'm considering whether to use a secure postal delivery system for Kickstarter orders. Will your shipping method for the Mark One allow for shipping to PO Box addresses?

    48. Erik Czerwin on May 16

      @Seth Grandeau, Thank you! That review AND site answered all my questions. PenAddict, indeed. I didn't know there were more of us out there....

    49. Missing avatar

      Seth Grandeau on May 15

      @Thomas Schneider, the P8126 is probably the best rollerball refill on the market. It's very smooth and the ink is completely jet black. The only downsides are that it is liquid ink, so it can bleed through some paper, and if you accidentally put the pen in your pocket, with the pen tip extended, you are going to have a very, very unhappy ink spot.

      Here's a good review:…

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