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Glif is a simple accessory with two primary functions: mounting your smartphone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop it up.
Glif is a simple accessory with two primary functions: mounting your smartphone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop it up.
5,273 backers pledged $137,417 to help bring this project to life.

Making the Glif

Hello all,

We cut together a little short film documenting our trip to Premier Source in South Dakota, and more specifically the manufacturing process of the Glif. It's embedded below, or you can check it out in HD on Vimeo here.

We hope you enjoy!

Regarding the Glif's status, everything is moving along. The packaging / boxing should be happening at the end of this week, and everything will be shipped out to the fulfillment center early next week. From there it will be a few days before orders begin shipping out. We can't wait for you all to see them; it's been a wild ride and we can't believe we're nearing the end (of this chapter, at least).

Tom & Dan

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    1. grd13 on

      Can you tell me when will I receive my GLIF

      Sincerely yours,
      Gerard MEO

    2. Tomasz on

      who playing in this movie? I mean music :)

    3. Galen King on

      It's been such a privilege to be part of this process with you guys. You've done such a great job. I'm really impressed and inspired by what you've created and how you've done it. Big ups from New Zealand!

    4. grd13 on

      Congratulations for this wonderful video. I look forward to receiving my GLIF

    5. Thom Robinson on

      Great video...thanks for sharing this :)

    6. Alon Koppel on

      Great video and I am so glad to see it's made here and not in China, like everything else these days...

    7. Missing avatar

      Diane on

      Got my Glif and passed it on as a gift (we're a Blackberry family). I gave it to my contractor who is *still* thanking me for it. He loves it. Eats lunch watching videos, uses it with his tripod etc. So I just ordered 3 more as stocking stuffers. Great idea guys! So happy for you!!

    8. Dav Yaginuma on

      Will it fit over the standard case that Apple sent out at the end of Antannaegate?

    9. Missing avatar

      lynn on

      so fun to see the guys sure are neat! ;)

    10. Bontemps Benoit on

      bien joué !!!!, pressé de le recevoir !

    11. Missing avatar

      Roger S. Cohen on

      Glif, good. But I was disappointed to learn that it won't fit over my iPhone 4 Bumpers. :-(

      Is wonder if I can modify by knife, or by sanding, my Glif so that it will fit securely over Bumpers.

    12. Paul D. Waite on

      That’s a beautiful song soundtracking the video. I’d never heard of Mediums before, and neither had Spotify. They sound a bit like a combination of Broken Social Scene and Mogwai.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff Monday on

      Awesome video! I just got my 3D printed glif before thanksgiving and used it the whole weekend. It rocks!

      Thank you for the thank you card! That was a really nice touch!

    14. Raun Burnham on

      I received my special early Glif a couple of weeks ago. I don't have an IPhone 4, but I find it works for the sideways function with my iPhone 3. It's a beautiful little device, and you guys must be so proud -- just like fathers!
      Happy holidays to both of you and congratulations on a wonderfully productive year.

    15. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      Love the videos and all of the updates. Thanks so much for letting us take this journey with you as you bring this product to market. I'm happier everyday that I decide to invest my meager funds with you guys and hope the glif is a runaway success.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike James on

      You guys are livin' the dream! Thanks for sharing the ride with us.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jesse Scroggins on

      Great video guys. I like all the informative updates. I didn't realize how involved the injection molding process was. I can't wait to try out my Glif!

    18. Andrew Cornett on

      Really awesome video guys.

    19. Missing avatar

      Glen Vigus on

      This has been a cool experience, watching the idea come to life. I'm also very proud that y'all kept this "Made in America." When I drove home for Thanksgiving, I passed the now abandoned factory my father used to work at. The only thing that will turn our economy around is to make things here. There's nothing wrong with global trading, but we have to figure out ways to stay in the game. Cheers!

    20. Brian Dusablon on

      Awesome. The videos are great. I've enjoyed learning about this process. Very cool stuff.

    21. Missing avatar

      Charles Nusbaum on

      Thank you for sharing!

    22. David Lee on

      Great stuff! Keep it coming!

    23. Jonathan Keel on

      I love that it's designed and manufactured in the USA. Good job and thank you for all the updates!

    24. Anthony Vargas on

      pretty cool. Thank you for all the updates. it looks snug and like it wont fall out upside down. I just bought a little flexibile stand. We should have a site where we can collectively post the stuff (videos) we caputured using the GLIF. We have our own community because of the GLIF project. Peace

    25. Derek Lowrey on

      Great video. It's like watching a new little life being born. I'm excited to get mine and put it to work.

    26. Scott Klein on

      this is awesome. been really cool to follow this journey from start to finish. thanks for posting the videos, they make the $20 more and more worth it.

    27. Aakash Mehta on

      Does the inside of the Glif have any coating? Will it definitely not scratch my iPhone 4? (I'm very paranoid about such things!)

    28. Missing avatar



      When will those of us who pledged the $50 get our 3D printed Glifs?