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Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop it up.
Glif is a simple accessory with two primary functions: mounting your smartphone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop it up.
Glif is a simple accessory with two primary functions: mounting your smartphone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop it up.
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Hello again everyone!
We have some exciting stuff to show you today.

As you know, a week or so ago we selected the company who is going manufacture the Glif. We talked to a bunch of different manufacturers, and after reviewing all of their quotes, we selected a company called Premier Source. We ended up going with Premier Source because they seemed to understand the project, where we were coming from, and best of all, their production facilities are in the US. This was important for us because it means we can visit them and see the Glif production in process, as well as keep the Glif 'Designed and Manufactured in America'.

Since we started working with Premier Source, we've seen the Glif start to take shape as a real commercial product! As we mentioned in an earlier update, the first step in the manufacturing process is to make the mold, and that all starts in the computer. Below are renderings of the final design of the Glif's mold. We will do our best to explain what you are seeing:

• The two large blocks you see are hardened steel that are machined with an EDM process (Electrical Discharge Machining), which basically cuts away at the steel with "a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes, separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage." Pretty crazy, eh?
• The blue spring looking things are the ejection pins that push the Glif out of the mold once it has been injected, cooled, and the mold has been opened.
• In the second image you can see where the brass inserts are placed before each injection.
• The shiny silver pieces are inserts that allow us to adjust the mold so we can make the iPhone fit just right.

Obviously, this injection molding stuff is complex; there are all kinds of shrinkage factors, etc. to keep track of, but everyone at Premier Source has been great and we're excited to see the Glif's birth! We plan on traveling to South Dakota sometime in mid November to see the process in action.

Stay Tuned,
Tom & Dan

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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick Bettington on October 30, 2010

      Looks pretty cool. I surprised they are only
      Molding two at a time. Do you know why?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mogens Beltoft on October 30, 2010

      The removable iPhone part in the mold is clever, then you can make another if the first Glifs proves to be too tight or loose. It even enables you to make an iPhone 3G version, though I'm not sure that the rounded backside allows it to be held securely in the Glif.

    3. Missing avatar

      Georges Jentgen on October 30, 2010

      Awesome! Can't wait to receive my Glif. It's really interesting to see how this project/idea evolves into a real product. Hope to see some packaging shots soon :)

    4. Stephen Dalton on October 29, 2010

      When I first pledged, I thought I was just buying a cool product. But following along the process from design to production has been very interesting and enlightening. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you and please keep it coming.

    5. Benjamin Welch on October 29, 2010

      If I up my pledge amount to $40, can I get another as a Christmas present for my friend?

    6. Missing avatar

      Terry Dunham on October 29, 2010

      i'd recommend including a sketch or photo of the anticipated, finished product along with these updates.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rhett Laubach on October 29, 2010

      Very excited about the release!

    8. Missing avatar

      Lois Dirkes on October 29, 2010

      Thank you sooo much for keeping the job in the US> I commend you

    9. Ron H
      on October 29, 2010

      I know it would require another mold, but is there any chance of a version for iPhone 4 with a bumper installed?