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Getting to space isn't as daunting and difficult as it once was.  We all know it.  Let's prove it.
Getting to space isn't as daunting and difficult as it once was. We all know it. Let's prove it.
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Astdroid Backer Apologies


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The failed recovery of the first flight

The first launch of Astdroid was a great success and one of the most thrilling things I've done in my life. Watching that little bugger reach about 15,000 feet before it became less than a pixel in my vision was incredible.

However, the recovery of Astdroid was less of a success :( If you haven't already, read all about it here:

Yet, the project continues onward and there have been significant achievements in the software engineering. There's even a product spinoff now currently available to anyone who wants to tinker with what's powering Astdroid's tracking system in the Android Market called LiveTrax.

You can also read more about that here:

From the minute of successful funding to the first launch was an incredibly quickly progression. Having come away from an unsuccessful first recovery with lots of lessons learned the emphasis is now on slower and more precise. You'll continue to see updates, but they may be fewer and father between.

Rest assured, the Astdroid project has never waivered in its commitment to honoring it's backers with a success we can all be proud of!

T Minus...

It took a little longer than I'd hoped but the final approval from the FAA should be recieved in the next few days allowing the first launch of Astdroid to take place on Saturday, September 25th, at 9:00AM MST.

If you live in the Denver/Boulder area and would like to be there for the launch and recovery fill out the form here to be provided with the latest information (where, where, and any last minute changes).

More information, including a link to the live stream of launch can be found at

It's gonna be an exciting next few days spent in high gear! Thanks again to all the backers for making this possible!

Steady progress... and lots of excitement

Things are going quite well with Astdroid! Wanted to give a quick update this morning and remind you where you can follow the project in depth.

On Sunday, we were able to complete our first tests of the application, balloon, and payload. With the exception of a tiny bug in the Android app, things couldn't have gone better.

If you haven't already, stop by to find pictures, video, and data from the testing and make sure to keep checking back. The next couple weeks are going to be pretty exciting as we are getting very close to being launch capable. The website is also a great way for anyone who's looking to participate to hop right in with their ideas. We've got a discussion group going as well as a disqus comment system that let's you comment without needing to create an account.

I'll leave you with a nice bit of press we got today at, check it out:


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Launch of

Hey folks,

So now that Astdroid has been successfully funded it's time to begin fulfilling some of the promises I made to you, the backers. One of those promises was to keep you updated and involved and thus, I've created

From here forward I expect to be the place you can stay current with the latest developments and progress as well as a place to make your voice heard on the project.

You can check out the very first post detailing Astdroid as a kickstarter project here:

Let me know what you think!


P.S. If anyone is in the LA or San Diego areas and is up at 6AM tomorrow, tune in to NBC. I've done/will be doing interviews with both affiliates there!