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I'm making 2 new albums: One EP of all new original music, the other a full-length Christmas record!
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Danny Mitchell

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The Other Half

Hey friends.  Hope this finds you well....

I hope you all enjoyed listening to "Savior on the Way" over this past holiday season.  In the recent months, I've been back in the studio working on the other half of this project - the EP.  There has been significant progress made, and I'm excited to say we're now beginning the final stages of mixing/mastering the project.  The tentative release is early May, and you guys will be the first to hear it!

There'll be more news coming your way soon - including sound clips from the new project, tour dates, a new website and more.  Can't wait to share all the new material with you guys... and thanks again for being a vital part of this project's success.

Much love


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Release Day!

Today was so exciting, I thought you guys might want to hear how it all went down...

I loved today.  The CDs arrived from the manufacturing plant AND the digital version went live on iTunes.  This is insignificant to the rest of the world, but to me it was another small reminder that things are starting to align in an important way.  iTunes releases for independent musicians can take anywhere from 24 hours to 6 weeks...quite a window.  True to my personality, I'd been checking online every 37 seconds or so to see if my album was up yet.  Right as I refreshed iTunes and saw my little album icon, I heard the UPS truck coming.  Yeah, I ran down the driveway and I'm not ashamed of it.  Know who you are and own it.  I love music, legos, harry potter, and getting CDs in the mail.  What.   

Anyway.  Mr. UPS man was not thrilled that I received a shipment of 1,000 CDs.  But I was in a great mood, so I went on what we call in the touring world "the charm offensive".  When we'd show up to a club to find a crabby promoter and/or sound guy, instead of letting that person bring us down, we'd overwhelm them with compliments and helpfulness.  Now I know it works on UPS dudes too.  The guy at the post office... not so much.  Granted I did show up with 75 CDs in bubble mailers right before his lunch break.  I heard something about the US Post Office being in a fight for it's life.  Shouldn't he be happy to see a guy like me?  He wasn't.  So, in charm offensive mode, I gladly accepted his lazy workaround of selling me 300 stamps.  While he was on lunch, I affixed 4 stamps to each of the 75 packages and got done just in time to get back in his line after lunch.  He was only a little more pleasant with a full stomach.  But the job got done and the CDs went off to wherever they were going.  No one went postal (although one guy got close).

Yes, this is a random story.  But it is things like this that bring me so much excitement.  And without you guys, I wouldn't have been able to experience today.  So, yet again, I thank you.  Those of you getting packages... if you see a bunch of stamps thrown on in a slightly messy manner, now you know why :]


p.s. Some people have been asking... the answer is YES, these albums make great gifts!  They can be ordered on my website (immediately) or purchased from Mitchell Piano Works (starting on December 9th).


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Christmas Album Download, Album Artwork

Hey again,

By now you should've all received an email from me with a link to download my Christmas album.  If you haven't, please let me know right away (or check your spam folder!).  Also, in case any of you have trouble opening the file (a ".jar" file is basically a package that contains all the individual songs), the problem is most-likely that you don't have the latest version of Java running.  It is free, safe, and should be on all computers and operating systems.  

Download Java here 

Please email me if you have more questions regarding this download.  Ultimately, I just want you to have access to the new Christmas music I'm so proud of!

I have been updating my website to feature this Christmas release.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Christmas (for me) comes this Tuesday when 1,000 shiny CDs will be arriving on my door step.... which means that Wednesday morning I'll be visiting the post office with my hands full to mail CDs to those of you who are getting physical copies!

Happy Holidays!


p.s. Have you seen the album cover?  Designed by my buddy Sean Michael Mulligan.

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We did it!


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Christmas sneak peek!


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