Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 3.

A short and classy Zombie horror set in a futuristic world that is about to lose the battle against the 'infection'.


In light of recent family and work developments, I have made the very tough decision to cancel the Kickstarter campaign for In Sickness. This will also mean the whole production will cease any further development for the forseeable future.

I could write many paragraphs explaining my reasons but will try to sum it up in less to avoid coming across as too dramatic.

The last few weeks have been insane, the most stressful and demanding I've experienced in a long time. My mother isn't too well at the moment and my Dad is in and out of hospital and has a very tough few months ahead, add to this the intense workload of my video production business and you might get some idea as to where my head is at right now.

The above has made me take a very long hard look at what I have going on at the moment and how I'm managing everything. It was clear that a change had to happen. Therefore I've decided to take a year off from any major filmmaking activity to concentrate on family, business and writing.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your incredible support and to apologise to all those who were looking forward to seeing In Sickness progress in the coming months. I'm hoping you'll understand my reasons.

Thank you



We're going to put everything we've got in to bringing something a little different to the Zombie genre. It's not about hundreds of the undead rampaging the streets eating cats and dogs....far from it. We're concentrating on a CHARACTER driven story, shrouded in mystery and intrigue that will have you jumping out of your seat. 

It will be a classy Zombie thriller. You will of course still get flesh eating Zombies along the way; we're not going to mess with the very definition of a zombie - we promise.   

What will I get from my contribution?

In Sickness is going to be a compelling short film with massive production value throughout. We wouldn't be wasting our time or yours if we didn't believe that. We want to offer some great rewards and incentives to you guys who want to contribute and help us get this film made. Money is tight, times are hard and we know that all too well. So, we're going to offer as many exciting and interactive incentives as possible; giving you more bang for your buck. 

We're offering some fantastic contributor privileges, such as exclusive viewings of 3 minutes of RUSHES from EACH day of filming, ON the day. You will be able to SKYPE chat with the Director and will also be credited ON SCREEN. 

Our other current bonus ideas include Signed BLU-RAY and IN SICKNESS T-SHIRT... but if you think we're missing something then please let us know and we'll do what we can to make sure your involvement with this campaign gives you an overall great experience. 

What's it all about?

We need to tread carefully here as we don't want to give too much away and sharing too much here will just ruin the film. 

However, we can tell you that the 'World' of 'In Sickness' is a character in itself. We have two main characters in the film, locked away in a house, but not just any old house. They're literally taken to hell and back. The film is set in the future, but not too detached from our world as we know it; although you will see some advances in certain technologies which just add to the mystery and intrigue of our film. 

“In the future, our fight to keep our place on this Earth will be fought with an army born of the very D.N.A. that started our reign. It is a fight we will lose and we must prepare for change.”
- President of the Global Federation, 2074

We've included an early 'moodboard' for the film to give you an idea of look and tone as well as a batch of conceptual drawings made to help bring the film to life. 

Original 'Moodboard' for In Sickness
Original 'Moodboard' for In Sickness

 Conceptual art...

How can I get involved?

If you're feeling the urge to buy one of the rewards on the right, then the process is so very simple. Hover your mouse over the desired perk, then click. You'll be taken to the payment page, enter your debit card details and address. That's it. 

Please note: Your debit card WILL NOT be charged unless we raise every penny of the £20,000 by the deadline (see the countdown on the top right of the page)! If we fail to raise the money, your pledge will automatically be cancelled. You can change or cancel your pledge at anytime BEFORE the end of the campaign. 

If you have any questions about any of the perks or something you've purchased then please do not hesitate to contact us, we've set up an additional HELP email, 

What else have you done?

Danny Lacey is the Writer and Director on the film and has been sharing his whole filmmaking journey online since 2009 when he picked up a camera for the first time. A self taught filmmaker with big ambitions and already turning a few heads in the industry. 

The Filmmaker's Journey is a phrase that Danny coined for the unique aspect of his journey and the way he's sharing EVERYTHING he is going through via his website, Facebook, TwitterYouTube and Vimeo.  

"...solid work all round and Lacey is one to look out for."

Danny's film school has been writing, producing and directing 4 short films to date and working with some incredible filmmaking talent. Building a team of enthusiastic film professionals for future projects. 

Host (2011)

That Day (2012)

Love Like Hers (2010)

Director Showreel 2013

Who's involved? 

We're currently building an experienced, talented and enthusiastic team of individuals for this film. People working at the top of their game in the industry.

Philip Bloom (DoP)
Danny Lacey has worked with Philip Bloom on two of his other short films (Host and That Day) and is keen to continue the productive working relationship. A well known cinematographer with a keen eye for quality shots, Philip is an incredibly important member of the team and we know he'll deliver the desired look needed to tell this story. 

Emily Cook (Producer)
Based in the Isle of Man, where the film will be shot, Emily is an up and coming producer and certainly one to watch out for. A driven, enthusiastic and resourceful individual with stacks of talent. There is no doubt that things will start to move forward quickly with Emily onboard.

Here's a video that Emily filmed especially for the Kickstarter Live Launch Show (broadcast on Thu 14th Nov 2013 here Emily talks about the financial side of the project as well as scouting for locations. 

Leoni Kibbey (Casting Director)
We want a few familiar faces in this film. Leoni is currently working with the director on compiling a wish list of actors who she will be approaching as soon as we have a treatment and/or script ready. Leoni has cast several of Danny's other short films and is a very well respected and experienced Casting Director. 

Melanie Lenihan (Make-Up / Prosthetics)
Melanie has worked on popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, Holby City, The Syndicate and White Chapel, she recently worked on brit flick The Rise which has been receiving great reviews. Melanie was also a make-up supervisor for the opening and closing ceremonies at the London 2012 Olympics. Oh, and she worked in the prosthetics department on Harry Potter!

What do you need the money for?

A large portion of the money will go towards paying EVERYONE involved with making this film. We will need to work with incredible talent, people working at the top of their game in the film industry and it's our number one priority behind the scenes - everyone gets paid for their efforts. 

Then we have to think about kit hire, locations, production design (everything you see in front of the camera), travel and accommodation, catering, make-up, post-production and a host of other filmmaking costs broken down below (approx): 

  • Cast and Crew 45%
  • Kit hire 10%
  • Transport and accommodation 9%
  • Production Design (set dressing, props etc)  8%
  • Catering 8%
  • Post-Production 7%
  • (other production costs 13%)

We'll be tapping in to our resources to help get the best deals for kit hire and other production costs, including the main location we'll be needing for the film - we need to take over a large old house or do a full set build in a studio. 

What if I can't afford to contribute?

Helping us spread the word about this campaign is quite simply the most amazing thing you could do for us right now. By helping us create some noise on the Internet it will hopefully bring people to this page and lead to more people buying rewards and getting us closer to our target AND getting this film made. 

Become an ambassador for the film by blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking and talking about the project via other social media sites - every little helps. the biggest battle will be getting eyes on this page. 

Signing up to the FILMMAKER'S JOURNEY NEWSLETTER is also a great way of keeping up to date with what is going on, one newsletter sent each calendar month (we will NOT bombard you with emails).

You can easily share this page using the social media links bellow the main video at the top of this page. 

And please do like our IN SICKNESS FACEBOOK PAGE with lots of behind the scenes updates, videos and pictures 

We're also over on TWITTER

There's even a web page where you can download In Sickness AVATARS, FACEBOOK COVER GRAPHICS and other cool PR bits and pieces that you are FREE to use! See what we've got by CLICKING HERE

£20,000 means we can get out there and make this short film. If we get lucky and end up smashing our target and raise over £50,000, we'll make a feature length version of the film!!

We're eternally grateful for any support you can offer us. Thank you!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We'll have to tackle the usual film and tv production issues, we're still in the early development stages, getting that script in to the best possible shape before the camera rolls.

Shooting on the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea, means we have access to some quite simply stunning locations. However, we have many travel logistics to overcome as we'll be taking cast and crew over from various parts of the UK. Bad weather could cause delays in the sky and on the seas. We've already decided to get all cast and crew out there in good time, before the shoot.

The production will be fully insured, just like any professional film or tv project.

We're working with an experienced and professional team who are all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of making a film. The project is in very good hands.

As for backer fulfilment, we've set delivery dates for tangible items for mid-to-late 2014 to give us plenty of time to get everything we need together after what will be a hectic shooting schedule. For HD DOWNLOADS of the film and the LIMITED BLU-RAY, we will be releasing those as soon as the film has completed it's Film Festival Campaign. Releasing the film too early can seriously jeopardise any such festival campaign. They will be released as soon as the campaign is over.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

Ask a question
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    DESKTOP WALLPAPER for your PC or Mac. 5 images that will include behind the scenes pictures, concept art and stills (5x 1920x1080 images)

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    DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD of the film when it's finished AND everything above.

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    YOUR NAME IN THE END CREDITS of the film AND everything above.

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    EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES footage from the set via a private website. Videos will be added regularly during filming and post-production you'll get to see what we're up to on set as well as interviews with cast and crew. We'll also get the crew to talk about some of the technical aspects of filming and post-production. You'll also get EVERYTHING above.

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    SEE 3 MINUTES OF RUSHES EVERY DAY DURING FILMING. We'll take 3 minutes of footage shot that day, unedited, and upload to a private website. You'll see the clapperboard, hear the 1st AD calling action, the actors doing their thing and the director calling "cut!" AND receive EVERYTHING else above.

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    LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY SIGNED BY THE DIRECTOR. Featuring an HD version of the film, a feature length MAKING OF DOCUMENTARY, director commentary, behind the scenes pictures and interactive menus with many other hidden extras. The Blu-Ray box will contain an exclusive In Sickness postcard with special artwork and signed on the reverse by the cast and crew! AND you'll get EVERYTHING else above.

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    30 MINUTE SKYPE CHAT WITH THE DIRECTOR, ask as many questions about the film as you can, get all the gossip and dig deep for exclusive answers! Talk about your projects too, or maybe you need some filmmaking advice? Here's the perfect opportunity AND receive EVERYTHING above.

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    BE AN ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on the film, this means you'll get a credit in the end titles and on the In Sickness IMDb page! You'll also receive the DESKTOP WALLPAPER, DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD, EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES and 3 MINUTES OF RUSHES rewards.

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    IN SICKNESS T-SHIRT, available in S, M, L and XL, featuring a cool design on the front, designed by a local artist who's been helping us out with the conceptual artwork on the film AND you'll receive the DESKTOP WALLPAPER, DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD, EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES, 3 MINUTES OF RUSHES and ASSOCIATE PRODUCER rewards.

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    A DAY ON SET DURING FILMING, you'll join us as a special guest and get the grand tour by a member of the crew. Hang out at video village to see what the camera sees and dine with the cast and crew during lunch and evening meals. You'll be responsible for your own transport and accommodation as we'll be filming on the stunning Isle of Man in the UK. AND you'll get the DESKTOP WALLPAPER, DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD, EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES, 3 MINUTES OF RUSHES and ASSOCIATE PRODUCER rewards.

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    SPECIAL PREMIERE SCREENING EVENT. Meet the cast and crew and see the finished film up on the big screen. This will be a black tie and pretty frock event. We'll be holding screening events in both the Isle of Man and London, you get to choose which one to attend but please note that you will be responsible for your own transport and accommodation. You'll be looked after as our VIP guests and this will be for you plus one. You'll ALSO receive the DESKTOP WALLPAPER, DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD, EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES, 3 MINUTES OF RUSHES and ASSOCIATE PRODUCER rewards.

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    YOUR NAME WILL APPEAR IN THE FILM! There are so many mystery elements in the world of In Sickness and so we will have the perfect opportunity to get your name in there. It could be writing on the walls or a piece of technology named after you. Whatever fits in with the script, one way or another, you will see your name clearly on screen at some point during the film. How cool is that? Only a very limited available though! AND you'll receive the DESKTOP WALLPAPER, DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD, EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES, 3 MINUTES OF RUSHES, ASSOCIATE PRODUCER and SPECIAL PREMIERE SCREENING EVENT rewards.

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    BECOME AN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the film with this reward. You'll be privy to top secret behind the scenes information about the film, we'll include you in emails, skype chats and other production communications. You'll be a special guest at the Premiere Screening Night in the Isle of Man or London (you choose). Your name will appear in the end credits on the special EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS section and on IMDb! You can visit us ON SET at any time during filming, you'll be a part of the filmmaking team. You'll ALSO receive the DESKTOP WALLPAPER, DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD, EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES, 3 MINUTES OF RUSHES and ASSOCIATE PRODUCER rewards.

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    PERSONAL FILMMAKING WORKSHOP WITH THE DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER who will spend two days with you going through the whole filmmaking process on In Sickness. Talking you through the scriptwriting process, raising funds for the film, pre-production, casting, locations, kit, the filming process, editing, post-production and so much more. UK only! You will ALSO receive the DESKTOP WALLPAPER, DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD, EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES, 3 MINUTE OF RUSHES, LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY, IN SICKNESS T-SHIRT, A DAY ON SET DURING FILMING, SPECIAL PREMIERE SCREENING EVENT and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER rewards.

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