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"Danny James & PEAR" LP We did it! Thank you so much!'s video poster

"Danny James & PEAR reinvent the 70's pop song format by combining it with the best elements of funk and electro. " - SF Weekly Read more

Oakland, CA Rock
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"Danny James & PEAR reinvent the 70's pop song format by combining it with the best elements of funk and electro. " - SF Weekly

Oakland, CA Rock
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Lacey James
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Lacey James

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We did it!  Thanks to the PEAR 13 Gang for helping us make this amazing riff on a Warholian-Apple Corps design come to life!  When it's complete,  you just pull up on the stem of the Apple on the vinyl sleeve, & it will extend into a full blown pear! See video for shoddy explanation...

Thanks again, and I love you!

Danny James

To hear the music, go here:  I'll put up some kind of video soon.  I have an AG-400 VHS Reporter camera, and I'm just dying to use it.

I'm sitting on my front porch a little north of Woodstock listening to the new Album by Danny James simply entitled "Pear".  There's a beautiful, familiar sound that comes floating out into the crisp morning air. Audio Deja Vu. Something from the future past. Like the smoky autumn haze drifting through the valley. Rising up from Highway 212. Todd Runtgren and Badfinger colliding at the crossroads of Bearsville Studios and Abby Road. A spectacular phantom of pop sounds. Some say song-craft is a vanishing art (hammered to death by postmodern reprobates). Yet the ethereal qualities of Pop music, cherished like old love-letters by followers of Brian Wilson, Chris Bell, Harry Nillsson and John Simon have been miraculously resurrected in the music of Danny James, he the wandering mistral boy that now inhabits that wondrous world. Out on the West Coast in Oakland, California - hometown to Mr. James - is where the Autumn pop of Bearsville was merged and mingled with East Bay new school soul. Producing a 21st century love-child of "Something/Anything?" and "Katy Lied." Co-Producer Michael "Tiger" Louis weaves the magic. 10 CC's of Cointreau and Oaktown Skunk are blended into multi-layered refections of neon nights, glitter crunch and heavy sunsets of cream and orange. Love songs. Spectral Hand claps. Shinny Moog blue sounds. Drug songs. Thin smoke distortion. Glam buzz guitar tarnish. Lyrics of good and bad intentions. The lost and the found. Starburst's and redemption. For Danny James this is the soundtrack for courtship, reconciliation, and bliss. Listen in.

- Patrick Roques

Catskill Mountains 2011

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