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Isn't it time for music to catch up to modern technologies?  Write and save music in your browser.
Isn't it time for music to catch up to modern technologies? Write and save music in your browser.
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Thanking Our Backers: Liederboard in Action!

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We know we're not fancy recording artists.  Nonetheless, these are the last hours of our project, so we wanted to say thank you in a special way!

The best part?  It's your support that enabled us to do this.

How You Enable Us -- And Any Musician! -- To Do This Right Now

Your generous support allows for the development of the 3 features in the Kickstarter.  Among them is pitches.  Because the world was so quick to respond to our idea, the 1-week success ensured that development could take place immediately.

That means that Danny -- and now any musician! -- could do the following.

1. Write music parts on
2. Screenshot and email those parts to music-playing buddies.
3. Your music-playing buddies record themselves playing what you wrote.
4. Put the recordings together and congratulations!  You got a band together, online, with Liederboard!

You can see the written parts attached at the end of this update.  Note that some details were added afterward; for example, accidentals are still one of the things to look forward to in the future!

The End of This Kickstarter Is The Beginning of Liederboard

You may have noticed that a part of our rewards mention an "online component".   When that network is launched in the coming months, our backers will be the first ones invited to participate in it. 

What exactly is this becoming?  You can think about it in different ways, depending on who you are.

Music fan always looking for good music? Liederboard is going to be the American Idol of the internet.  You'll be able to visit Liederboard and find what musicians and listeners think is the best music in the world at any given time since Liederboard would have launched.

Gamer? Liederboard is going to be the first online, collaborative music-creation game where you win by creating the best music in the world.  Prepare for "Achievements" that are globally and artistically significant.

Internet-savvy? Liederboard is going to be Reddit for music composers.  How cool would it be to have an empty score instead of text submissions?  Subreddits become genres and "the front page of the internet" becomes "the best music in the world".  Imagine how much karma Beethoven would have!

Thank you so very much.  We can't wait to take our next steps with each of you that shares the dream of a modern, convenient, and practical service for music composers.

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