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Some Like it Hot's video poster

visually striking, imaginative & funny stop motion animation video for a great song! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 17, 2012.

visually striking, imaginative & funny stop motion animation video for a great song!

About this project


I'm delighted to present the first complete 1 min segment (OK, 56 seconds) from my video!   In the Kickstarter demo video, it's hard to hear the music and see how the images relate to the lyrics, adding a whole other dimension. (If the video appears choppy, it will run smoother on second play. If you have a strong connection, I recommend watching it in HD on full screen. God is in the details :)

One of the songs you can get for the $10 pledge:

The song is Save a Little Love for Me - the first track from the new Club des Belugas Album, Forward, featuring Ester Rada, who is also the main actress in the video (it's complicated. see explanation below).


Some Like it Hot  is the song title of an animation music video that I've been working on in my spare time (and sleep time :) for the last couple of years, for Club Des Belugas. The technique that I'm using is stop motion, but rather than taking a series of still photos and editing them in a sequence, which is traditional stop motion -  I take photos of the actors and place them in virtual sets that I design on my computer.

There are several stages to the process - first I select the photos I'll be using and edit a sketch of the scene (we shot hundreds of photos for each little scene). Then I do the artwork. Aside form creating the backgrounds, I may need to place items in the actor's hands, change the color of their shirt, re-style their hair or change their whole head... There are also many adjustments that need to be made in terms of scale and color correction so that all the components work together. Finally, I export the final frames and place them in the video. 

The whole thing is EXTREMELY time consuming!  

You can see part of the work process in the video, to better understand what takes so long... and hopefully you'll think that the results are worth it  :)


The band - Club Des Belugas - is based in Germany, the singer, Brenda Boykin, with her unique (award winning) deep voice, is American, and the band members are from different countries. I myself, am based in Israel, but the leading male, Starskee Suave and Gilad Koriski, the photographer who captured him, both live in Los Angeles (I directed those sessions in the middle of the night, via skype...)

The israeli team includes the photographer Shiran Carmel and the lovely Ester Rada, who is the female lead. Ester is a known Israeli actress, and though she isn't the performer of this song, she's a great singer in her own right (her single Save a Little Love for Me  from the new Club Des Belugas album, is one of the rewards offered for your pledges). The hair and makeup artist is Zion Ashkenazi and the wardrobe was contributed by Hila Aharon. 

All these people, who are busy and successful professionals, volunteered their time and immense talents because they believe in this project (links to their websites can be found at the bottom of the page).


I started creating this video very enthusiastically, and I've been consistently getting GREAT feedbacks, but the amount of uncompleted work is so overwhelming, I just can't see the end of it... Your donations will allow me to devote the necessary time required to complete the project, and to hire help as needed. 


Because you're dying to see the scene with the giant man's foot catching fire?...

Because if you don't, who knows if and when you'll ever get to see that and the rest of the video, and because you know it'll be a great success, with millions of views worldwide, and you want to be one of the people who made it happen ;)

And if not for the above reasons - check out the list of REWARDS. They're REALLY GOOD and probably worth more than the respective pledge amounts, so essentially, you'd just be buying cool stuff that isn't available anywhere else, at bargain prices!


Club des Belugas generously donated high quality music downloads and hard copies of their CDs and DVD, and complimentary invitations to see them LIVE!  They are an AMAZING OUTFIT and if you don't already know them, you should definitely CHECK THEM OUT

Limited edition T-shirts for men and women. Printed using a special Israeli technology that embeds images into the fabric, producing richly detailed, soft, resilient prints. 100% cotton. Available in S-M-L-XL-XXL

Downloadable Artwork: Queen of Hearts (the walking card image) 

15x21 cm Signed Prints can be chosen from the following 3 options (from left to right: Big Man, Some Like it Hot  & Hexer/Queen):

35x62 cm Signed Limited Edition Prints can be chosen from 4 options: Queen of Hearts (walking card), Some Like it Hot (man in frying pan), Won't Play By the Rules (dog poker) and Lover who Never Plays it Cool (woman spewing fire). 

Signed EXCLUSIVE Single Edition Prints of your frame of choice form the final video (if not already taken) are available in two sizes:  70x125 cm and 50x89 cm.

SHIPPING: Everything is being shipped from Israel, and postage varies substantially depending on your location. The listed S&H was calculated for USA, so if you live elsewhere, please inquire before you pay (Australia is more  =^{  Europe is less  8^) 


The real cost of making a video like this would be over $100,000.  The reason I set such a LOW GOAL is that ANY AMOUNT will bring me closer to the finish line, and I'm going to get there NO MATTER WHAT. However, without your help - this may take years...

The more you pledge - the faster the video gets made!  

And if there's money left, I'd like to compensate the wonderful people who worked for free.


If you pledge - let people know about your involvement in the project, and If you can't afford to pledge - you can still be a great help!   

Please share this with anyone who might be interested. Email it, tweet and blog about it, post it on your facebook wall, post it on other people's facebook walls, "Like" it, download your favorite image and Pinterest it... do whatever it is you do to share internet content.


Starskee Suave (Los Angeles) is an actor, DJ and radio show host. All the funky outfits that he's wearing in the video are from his personal vintage collection, and he has even sewn a couple of the shirts himself! Yes, Starskee is a man of many talents.

Gilad Koriski (Los Angeles) is a photographer and mixed media designer and my photoshop mentor. Besides brilliantly shooting Starskee Suave, he captured himself for the video with a nifty remote control device and a fancy cowboy hat. 

Shiran carmel (Tel Aviv) is a photographer and just a joy to be around. She took the excellent photos of Ester Rada, of me, and of her beautiful self and husband, Asi Greenstain, who is also playing a small role.

Yanai Yechiel (Tel Aviv) is a photographer. He shot his handsome self for a small part in the video, and though it's small, I really appreciate him taking time from his super busy schedule and for doing a great job as always.

Zion Ashkenazi (Tel Aviv) is the hair and makeup artist who skillfully enhanced Ester's natural beauty. He's also a sought after actor, a hottie, and local celebrity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delivery dates refer to the bulk of the rewards, excluding the final video link, download and DVD, and the SINGLE edition prints (unless you choose an already existing frame). These rewards can be delivered only upon completion of the video, which is estimated for the end of 2012, but largely depends on your donations... 



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    Pledge $1 or more

    8 backers

    You get to be part of an awesome project, a LINK to the video, and my EVERLASTING GRATITUDE :)

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    Pledge $5 or more

    8 backers

    You get the above, PLUS a printable HIGH RESOLUTION frame form the video (see description) with a PERSONAL thank you email from me.

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    Pledge $10 or more

    21 backers

    You get all of the above, more gratitude, AND a high quality (1411 kbps) download of the EXCELLENT SONG "Some Like It hot" (guaranteed to make you move!) and of Club Des Belugas' recently released, beautiful single, "Save a Little Love for me", featuring the lovely Ester Rada (who is also the lead actress in this video) and a DOWNLOAD of the finished VIDEO in crisp FULL HD.

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    Pledge $20 or more

    4 backers

    You get ALL of the above + even more gratitude + a free 1411 kbps (CD quality) download of "SWOP" - the ENTIRE Club Des Belugas AMAZING ALBUM that features the song "Some Like it Hot" and is one of my favorite albums ever!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $25 or more

    15 backers

    You get EVERYTHING above + a PERSONAL HANDWRITTEN thank you note on a 15x21 cm LIMITED EDITION, SIGNED, HIGH QUALITY PRINT of your choice out of 3 images (see description).

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    Pledge $35 or more

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    You get ALL the above + another two high resolution downloads = a total of THREE fabulous ENTIRE ALBUMS: Swop, Apricoo Soul, and Zoo Zizaro. (AMAZING deal, if you ask me...)

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    Pledge $50 or more

    13 backers

    You get ALL the above, way more gratitude, AND a BEAUTIFUL LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT (see pictures in the description) in your size, AND hard proof of gratitude - a GOOGLABLE SPECIAL THANKS on the youtube page of the video.
    **THE BEST DEAL so far in my opinion!
    (please add $10 for shipping)

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    You get EVERYTHING - the T-shirt, the 3 album downloads, TWO DIFFERENT signed and personally dedicated 25x21 cm prints, AND your choice between a HARD COPY of the "Club Des Belugas Live" DVD or DOUBLE CD. SWEET!
    (please add $10 for shipping)

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    Pledge $100 or more

    5 backers

    You get ALL the above listed valuable gifts  PLUS a PAIR OF OPEN TICKETS for a Club Des Belugas SHOW of your choice, with no expiration date, for WHENEVER you can make it! PLUS a high quality download of the EXCELLENT NEWLY RELEASED CDB ALBUM "Forward".
    AND a personally dedicated hard copy, limited edition DVD of the finished video in full HD.
    WOW! I can't believe how good these rewards are!... (please add $10 for shipping)

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    Pledge $150 or more

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    You get ALL the above mentioned - the signed artwork, T-shirt, show passes, downloads, hard copies... EVERYTHING! PLUS a 35x62 cm SIGNED LIMITED EDITION PRINT of your choice out of 4 options (see description) and an additional hard copy Club Des Belugas CD of your choice.
    At this level and up, you ALSO get a googleable ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit and LOADS of gratitude. INCREDIBLE DEAL!!!
    (please add $18 for shipping)

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    Pledge $350 or more

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    You get the free concert tickets, the credit, the downloads, the T shirt + HARD COPIES of 3 Club Des Belugas album CDs of your choice + DVD & Double CD of their live show + 2 signed 15x21 cm prints + dedicated special edition DVD of the final video, AND an EXCLUSIVE SINGLE EDITION 50x89 cm SIGNED PRINT of ANY frame you choose from the video (that isn't already taken) and TONS of gratitude!! If you love the artwork - this is the way to go!
    (please add $25 for shipping)

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    Pledge $550 or more

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    You get the T shirt, the downloads, HARD COPIES of 5 Club Des Belugas album CDs of your choice + DVD and Double CD of their live show + a 12" vinyl EP entitled “Hip Hip Chin Chin” featuring 4 songs from 4 different ChinChin artists + ALL THREE signed 15x21 prints + the DVD of the final video, AND an EXCLUSIVE SINGLE EDITION 70x125 cm SIGNED PRINT of any frame you choose from the video (that isn't already taken)
    AND 2 PAIRS of OPEN TICKETS for Club Des Belugas SHOWS of your choice as a SPECIAL GUEST of the band AND a PRODUCER title, both googleable, and in the CREDIT ROLL.
    Personally, I think this is the BEST SIZE PRINT, so if I had the $$$ - I'd definitely go for this one!
    (please add $25 for shipping)

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    Pledge $3,500 or more

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    You get to BE IN THE VIDEO! that's right - YOUR FACE in the video (probably) viewed by millions worldwide! AND an EXCLUSIVE SINGLE EDITION 70x125 cm SIGNED PRINT with YOU IN THE PICTURE! and an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER title, googleable and IN THE CREDIT ROLL, and of course THE OTHER FABULOUS REWARDS - T shirt, 2x2 VIP free show tickets, ALL the above listed Club Des Belugas album CDs & DVDs + 12" vinyl + 3 signed 15x21 cm prints + personally dedicated DVD of the final video + all the downloads - THE WORKS!! This reward is really special because you'll get to participate in the making and become AN INTEGRAL PART of the project FOREVER!
    + Free shipping on this one :)
    Restriction apply, so please contact me PRIOR to pledging. 

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