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visually striking, imaginative & funny stop motion animation video for a great song!
visually striking, imaginative & funny stop motion animation video for a great song!
99 backers pledged $5,101 to help bring this project to life.

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The Kitchen Scene

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I know 2 updates in a row is a bit much but this one's a meatier chunk... check it out!

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Dear patient supporters,

You haven't heard from me in a while, but I've been working steadily and have made some progress (25 seconds, to be precise). I know it ain't much, but you can't imagine the amount of work... Even though the new scenes could be viewed in sequence, I decided to upload them separately so that when the video is done, you'll see it come together for the first time :)

So here's a new and very short clip and a bunch of still images, for your viewing pleasure. (My next update will have another, slightly longer clip). 



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The project has finally come to its (successful) end!  It's been a crazy ride, but totally worth it. Thanks everyone, for all your love and support!!!

And now - it's time for you to collect your REWARDS :)

Shortly, you'll be getting surveys from Kickstarter, with questions regarding the rewards (T-shirt size, etc). Please answer them ASAP, as I won't be able to manufacture anything before I get ALL your answers.

The 15x21 cm signed prints can be chosen from these 3 images:

Big Man

Some Like it Hot


The music can be downloaded from "Dropbox" folders. Eligible backers will get invites to the appropriate folders. When you accept the invite, you'll be asked to join "Dropbox". It's safe and easy to join. They won't spam or share your email, and only require a password.
The full albums are CD quality and can be burned onto a CD as is, or converted into any size or format you wish for your computer and portable devices. They are available for download as Zip files.
If you'd rather receive MP3s, please let me know, and I'll add that option.

There's still a shitload of work ahead of me, so it will be a while before the video is finished, but now, THANKS TO YOU, I can afford to devote much more time to it, and I'm very excited! I promise to keep you updated here when I have made some substantial progress :)

Much Love,


Ester Smiles

Who will be the 100th backer?

Yes, we've met the goal (yay!) and I've replaced the serious cover photo with a smiling one :)  but there's still a ton of work, and the goal was extremely modest relatively to what's really needed...

So please share with one or more friends, email, tweet, post on facebook, or whatever you think will do the trick. Thanks in advance!

Here's a little stimulus: I've attached one of the CDB songs you'll get for the $10 pledge. The singer is our own Ester Rada - the beautiful cook who is now smiling - thanks to you and your generosity!

Thanks y'all! 

And thank you Kickstarter, for this wonderful opportunity!

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Thanks to Martin Kratzenstein, the very generous and talented managing director of Chin Chin records, who never asked for this video in the first place, yet has been so enthusiastic and supportive every step of the way. Not only did Martin grant me the permission to use the song, he even created a shorter version to suit the needs of my video, he's providing a lot of the rewards for you backers, and now, he just made a HUGE adjustment to his pledge, to make sure that the funding for this project succeeds!!!

Thanks so much, Martin!

And thanks, YOU ALL!
I know you gave as much as you could, and your pledges mean a lot to me, no matter how big or small.

Your funds will enable me to devote more time to the project and hire some help, and hopefully you'll be able to view the results before the end of this year. 

And if you don't want to wait that long, well... there are still 60 hours left to share this with your friends... It really works. Hey, some of you guys were referred by friends!  

Every extra dollar will help speed the process  :-)