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The Blade is a 5-song farewell from folksinger, Daniel Steinbock, before he departs across the Pacific.

Dear Community,

I have long promised to release an album of my folk songs. Now that I am moving to Japan indefinitely, I have decided it is now or never. Constraints are good for creativity so I have selected five songs to record, mix, master and release in only two weeks, by May 16th. This is an ambitious plan and I need your help to do it.

With a little bit of funding, I will be able to record the songs in a top notch studio and get them professionally mixed and mastered. I will also design and manufacture a unique kind of album, with my original cover art (seen above), printed on 100% cotton cloth as a poster and durable keepsake. I'm not a fan of plastic so I won't be pressing CDs.

All this will be released at my last American concert on May 16th (hope to see you there), and online.

I have set my funding goal low to cover the production costs of this simple project. Any funds over the goal amount will go towards printing more physical albums so I can introduce my music to Japan.

This project is very important to me and I appreciate any help you can give. I'm offering a few gifts to sweeten your support, ones that will be a pleasure for me to give you. I hope you'll contribute and give me the chance to.

Thank you for your support all these years.

Daniel Steinbock


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    Digital download of the album, including artwork and lyrics.

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    Limited edition cloth poster of original album cover art by D. Steinbock, plus the digital album download.

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    Autographed cloth poster and film prints of additional album artwork by D. Steinbock, plus everything above.

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    Personal postcard from Daniel from Japan, plus everything above.

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    Virtual private concert by Daniel from Japan, for you and your friends, taking your requests, plus everything above. (May I suggest going in on this with friends?)

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    Care package from Japan, including gifts from the Land of the Rising Sun and my yet-to-be discovered favorite Japanese candy, plus everything above.

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