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Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is a storytelling game about helping people and getting into trouble. For 3-5 players, ages 12+.
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    1. Jesse Pudewell on

      Sweet! I'll probably get it emailed in tonight then and hopefully one or two others before the end of the month.

    2. Daniel Solis 3-time creator on

      Many thanks, Jesse. I think you're on the money with Pen/Knot/Sword.

    3. Jesse Pudewell on

      Much later than I would have liked, here's where I blog about said letter:

      I think, after looking at what I said on that blog, I would go for Pen/Knot/Sword.

    4. Daniel Solis 3-time creator on

      By all means, blog to your heart's content! More people talking about the Kickstarter and the game is a GOOD thing. :)

    5. Jesse Pudewell on

      Hmm, so I wrote a letter, and I like it and find the problem posed entertaining as it can be played two entirely different directions depending on what the players feel is actually going on - however, I find it extremely difficult to figure out the symbols.

      Would there be anything against me posting it in my blog and getting feedback? Eg, wanting to protect semi-limited access content?

    6. Daniel Solis 3-time creator on

      As a matter of fact, Peter, you have more letters in the book than anyone else. :D

    7. Peter Aronson on

      Since you still have approximately 1.51 gadzillion letters of mine on the old forum, I'll sit back and let other people get a chance! :)

    8. Daniel Solis 3-time creator on

      Sure thing! Take a look at some of the letters online:

      "Swallowed Whole" by Ben Lehman
      [ Flag | Tree ]

      "Spun of Crystal and Gold" by Sophie Lagacé
      [ Knot | Sword | Pen ]

      "Is it Safe to Allow Cabbages on Roller Coasters?" by Peter Aronson
      [ Sword | Pen | Flag ]

    9. darkliquid

      It would be cool to see some example letters to get an idea for both format and scenario.