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Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is a storytelling game about helping people and getting into trouble. For 3-5 players, ages 12+.
552 backers pledged $24,383 to help bring this project to life.

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Fate of the Flying Temple

Posted by Daniel Solis (Creator)
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Hello backers!

I hope you've enjoyed playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple over the past year and a half. Thanks for making this one of the biggest early successes on Kickstarter. Do has won awards and critical praise since its release, but none of it would've been possible without your support. Thank you!

In all that time, the one request I've heard most often is for a proper RPG set in the world's of Do.

So I wanted to drop a note that there could be a brand new Do RPG coming from Evil Hat, using their streamlined Fate Accelerated system. Do: Fate of the Flying Temple is a stretch goal for Evil Hat's ongoing kickstarter for their Fate Core RPG book. At the pace they're funding, we have a real chance of seeing a whole new look at the worlds of Do.

In Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, the Flying Temple has mysteriously drifted away from its place in the center of the sky. It's up to the Pilgrims to explore the worlds of Do to uncover clues. Along the way, they must raise a young dragon left behind after the temple's disappearance. Together, they will decide the Fate of the Flying Temple!

Check out the Fate Core Kickstarter project for more info. And thanks!

Do: Book of Letters for sale in print! Backers get first dibs for one week.

Posted by Daniel Solis (Creator)
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New Project: Writer's Dice!

Posted by Daniel Solis (Creator)

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Pilgrims around the world!

Posted by Daniel Solis (Creator)

Many thanks to all the folks I met at GenCon! It was great seeing so many backers face-to-face.

We're getting word from folks as far as Russia and New Zealand that their bundles are arriving now. If you haven't received yours yet, let us know and we'll sort everything out as best we can.

Meanwhile, reviews and actual play have been rolling in. Here's a quick overview.


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Tabletop Manifesto: Whale Tales to be told

Nick Bate

Flames Rising

Actual Play

Dave City

The Space Turtle: Vomiting Whales and Poor, Poor Kitties

Cheryl and her four-year-old daughter

Rick Neal, who says "Fiasco is for actors, Do is for writers."

Doyce Testerman and his extended family

Evan and his family

Signing and Doodling!

Posted by Daniel Solis (Creator)

Busy busy busy! Got a big stack of books to sign and doodle for the $100+ backers. Thanks for letting me deface your property! I hope to finish those up this weekend and start mailing them out next week.

Reports of backers $40 and under have been trickling in all week. Those books will continue shipping over the next several business days. When you get yours, be sure to tweet, post, or blog about it!

For newcomers, here are some important links:
» Pre-order the Book at Evil Hat
» Buy the PDF at Evil Hat | RPGNow