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Brass Legionnaire is a Roman Steampunk Young Adult Novel set in the mid 1850s. Help me publish my first novel!

Brass Legionnaire

Caesar was never assassinated. Rome never fell. It's 1856 and centuries of industrialization and stress on the massive Imperial Roman Empire are coming to a head.

Spare Heir Constantine is sent to lead a new unit, in a new legion. Discovering the inherent bad luck of the 13th cohort of the 13th legion, and facing insubordination, an ambitious general, a rebellion, plus his own demons, will he master the ability to lead men while also keeping his identify under wraps? 

Factory worker Julius (Yes, he was named after the first Emperor, thankyouverymuch says his father), quits his job building mechaniphants to join the glorious life in the Imperial Army. Or so he thought. The backbreaking, soulcrushing, never-ending toil of training feels like an eternity, until his unit is singled out for a particularly unique assignment. Become the first airborne cohort in history.

Together, these two young men must both pass the ring of fire to save their careers, their lives, and their Empire. But will their efforts be successful, or is it high time that Rome succumb to the internal and external forces trying to tear it apart?

Brass Legionnaire is a 60,000 word young adult alternate history/steampunk novel written by Daniel Ottalini. Inspired by an inside joke with his girlfriend, he sat up late one midsummer's night and wrote until 5 a.m Thus, Brass Legionnaire was born. The novel is completely finished, and as you can see, cover art has already been created. I hope the Kickstarter community helps me reach my goal (or beyond) Please help me bring my vision to life!


WOW! Thanks so much everyone! It's really awesome to have this opportunity to complete and share something that I've been working on for so long. If you still want to contribute, please do! If I get even $100 bucks more, I'll add in a free signed artwork from the story! I've added to the rewards section! Thanks everyone!

Wild Dreams

For every $1000 beyond the goal, I'll write a short story (10k words!) revealing more about the intriguing mix of technology and roman life of Brass Legionnaire. Anything extra will also help pave the way for future books in my four (or maybe five!) book series. Book two is already planned out, but I'd love to add some of YOU as characters. I'll even let some of you choose how you die (book two promises lots of warfare).


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