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Help to fund the creation of the Wormworld Saga App in order to support the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel.
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Daniel Lieske

439 backers pledged $23,729 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Three new rewards added

After a comment from one of you I realised that my reward tiers lacked some options that some of you might want to choose from.

If, for example, you chose the 250$ reward you would receive the three large format prints but not the small prints from the lower tiers. Originally I organized the rewards this way because large and small prints don't go in the same package and adding the small prints to all higher pledge tiers would have meant to split those rewards into two packages and thus doubling the shipping costs on all higher pledges (I reserved this for the 500$ only).

Well, I now realized that some of you might want to receive the large AND the small prints but without having to spend 500$ for that and therefore I now have created three new rewards in which I have essentially combined the different large and small prints.

So, for 60$ you will now receive the prints of the 50$ and the 25$ rewards. For 150$ you'll receive the prints from the 100$, the 50$ and the 25$ rewards. And for 300$ you'll receive the prints of the 250$, the 50$ and the 25$ rewards.

Please note that you can adjust your pledge amount at any time in order to qualify for these new rewards. I hope that now there are no wished left on your side!

And if anyone should have an idea what he would want to receive for a 1000$ pledge, please let me know! ;)

60% - New videos online!

Sorry that I had you waiting a bit. When I woke up this morning, the 60% milestone had been reached and I uploaded the next batch of videos to YouTube only to finde out that one of the videos was too long and was rejected. I had to render two parts of the 4-part-series again and that took some hours.

But now the second step is online in four parts and in these videos you'll see how I create the drawing for the panel. Head over to my YouTube channel to watch them:

A nice Sunday evening to everyone!

50%! We are half way through!

This night we passed the 50% milestone! And there's still 3 weeks to go! That really calms me down a bit. I can tell you, that this kickstarter campaign is quite stressful for me and I'm very happy that I haven't chosen a longer duration for it. Every day you are sitting there and think "what if that's the last pledge!? What if it just stops!?". I'm looking forward to the end of the campaign no matter how it turns out to be honest. And I thank you all for supporting me through this!

Also, if you happen to speak French: I launched the French version of the Wormworld Saga yesterday night. I hope you enjoy this version!

Art of the Wormworld Saga - first video online!

Whooot, that 40% milestone approached fast and is nearly out of sight already!

Now it's video time! I have opened up a YouTube channel where you will find the first step videos (it's devided into two parts due to YouTube's 15 minutes length limitation) and there you'll also find all future videos.

Here's the link: My channel on YouTube 

I hope you enjoy the first step of the process. The second step that will be posted as soon as we reach 60% is nearly double the length and the third step is going to be one and a half hour long!

And again: thanks for your outstanding support!

Wormworld Saga How To Videos!


We have reached over a third of the total funding goal now and this weekend I took some time to think about how to keep up the interest in this kickstarter campaign and how to spread the word even further.

What helped me during the creation of the first chapter was a set of milestones. The final goal doesn't look as daunting if you take it in small managable steps. So I sat down this sunday and created a nice set of videos in which I show my complete and unabridged process for creating a panel of the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel. The four videos have a combined runtime of nearly 3 hours and I will progressively post them after reaching 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of the total funding goal. Have a look at the video below for a little teaser!

So, please help spreading the word about this kickstarter campaign and soon you will gain an interesting insight into the creation of the Wormworld Saga!

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