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Help to fund the creation of the Wormworld Saga App in order to support the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel.
Help to fund the creation of the Wormworld Saga App in order to support the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel.
439 backers pledged $23,729 to help bring this project to life.

Wormworld Saga App Preview

It's the Sunday Update! Wait a minute...

Alright, I'm on a trip tomorrow and therefore you receive your update one day earlier. 

I have recorded a preview video of the Wormworld Saga App! We are very close to the finish line and we are currently fixing bugs and polishing the whole thing. I'm very optimistic, that the app will arrive in August so it's time to collect your device information soon, so that you can receive your free content inside the app. I will send out inquiries to you this coming week. 

I wish you all a nice Sunday!

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    1. Daniel Lieske 4-time creator on August 3, 2011

      I'm back home and it's time to catch up with your comments!

      @ Michael: Those Apps are "Carpe Chaos" (an indie comic app), "Sulphur & Dana" (a very cool though short comic with animated effects), "Mika's Adventure" (a kids book a friend of mine has created) and a Hellboy Comic.

      @ Katharina: Right at the moment, the app is programmed for tablet devices only (Apple and Android). This is the platform most suited for the project. It would be too difficult to support many different platforms right from the start but you can bet that if we make it work on this platform we'll spread out to other platforms, too. Right at the moment it's a cost issue.

      @ Jessica: Same answer to you. For iPhone we would have to change the layout dramatically in order to keep the graphic novel enjoyable. However, the iPhone would be the first platform to aim for if we should decide to spread out to other platforms.

      @ Vince: The app will include four languages (should have mentioned that in the preview...) - English, Spanish, French and German.

      Thank you all for your feedback!

    2. Henrike Dijkstra on July 31, 2011

      The app is looking amazing!! Don`t have an iPad but if I ever get one I`m sure I will love it, these behind the scene things are fascinating.
      I wanted to thank you (late I know) for the treehouse print, it looks so nice and beautiful. And I am thrilled to learn that you quit your dayjob and persuing your dream Daniel, awesome! I wish you all the best and lots of fun creating. I`m excited for the new chapter of Jonas` story!

    3. Missing avatar

      Vince Lima on July 31, 2011

      Looks really great! I like it. What about the languages? Will this also be implemented? Or is it just in english?

    4. Norman Boyd on July 31, 2011

      Daniel, it looks really well thought out. I'd like to echo Katherina's comment above. My kids are all over the world and do not have iPads, so a means of doing this on the PC would be great. Thanks

    5. Jessica Hawthorne
      on July 31, 2011

      I have an iPhone, not an iPad. Can you cnfirm it is going to work on my phone?

    6. Katharina Gerlach (Autorin / author) on July 31, 2011

      Can the app be used with a normal PC too? Not everybody owns an iPad (it's very expensive). But I'd like to buy the extended versions to look at the artwork and the background information despite my lack of iPad.

    7. Michael Matzat on July 31, 2011

      That looks absolutly breathtaing, i nver thought it would end up this sexy!

      What are the other Apps you use? I can make out flipbook and the basic comic book Apps but besides scott pillgrem i don´t seem to know anything in row two.
      Any recomendations besides those?