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Help to fund the creation of the Wormworld Saga App in order to support the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel.
Help to fund the creation of the Wormworld Saga App in order to support the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel.
439 backers pledged $23,729 to help bring this project to life.

A Final Update

It's common practice that creators on kickstarter post infos about new kickstarter campaigns through updates in older ones. That's what I'd like to do here, too. But it's going to be the last time that you, the backers of the Wormworld Saga App, will receive an update this way. I figure that if you are still following the Wormworld Saga, you will learn about recent activities in other channels and don't necessarily enjoy getting update emails from several campaigns at the same time. If you should be lacking a conveniant way to keep being updated about important events concerning the Wormworld Saga, I'd suggest that you subscribe to the Wormworld Saga newsletter here:

I will only send out the newsletter sporadically to announce new chapters and crowdfunding activities (about once or twice a year).

Ok, I'd really like to thank you for the help you offered me in the first year of the Wormworld Saga. It has really made a difference and I wouldn't do what I do today, if not for the surprising support that I experienced in my very first kickstarter campaign. I still often tell stories about how I was sitting at my dayjob in 2011 and had that crowdfunding campaign running which completely overwhelmed me. Good times!

If you'd like to support the Wormworld Saga today, there's currently a campaign for Volume 2 of the English Wormworld Saga Book Edition, which will end on Thursday. You can also get Volume 1 and 2 in a bundle. There's a whole bunch of freebies in the package and we even managed to add a hand-painted resin figure to the campaign, which can be added for a moderate shipping fee.

Here's the link: The Wormworld Saga Book Edition - Volume 2

Goodbye and thank you so much for your support!


The English Wormworld Saga Book Kickstarter closes in 23 hours!

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You've got 23 hours left to get a copy of the first English Wormworld Saga book together with an insane number of freebies!

The Wormworld Saga English book edition aims for the stars

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We're past the half-time mark of the Wormworld Saga Book Edition kickstarter campaign and just today we've reached the second of four stretch goals which added another nice freebie to all book rewards. The $25 package by now has become a real bargain:

We're shooting for the starts now and hope to reach 200% of the funding goal, where a glorious Deluxe Edition of the book will be unlocked:

 $6k and 13 days left to reach that goal.

The Wormworld Saga is back on kickstarter!

I'm really excited to announce to you that there is a new kickstarter campaign with the goal to fund the first English book edition of the Wormworld Saga:

An English book has been requested by a lot of people in the past and I really hope that through this kickstarter campaign we finally will be able to make it happen.

Your support would be greatly appreciated!


Daniel Lieske

The Wormworld Saga Treasure Chest - 24 Hours Left!

I figure that there is a considerable amount of collector's among the backers of the Wormworld Saga App Kickstarter Campaign that might be interested in expanding their collection of exclusive items. Therefore I want to drop you this quick information about the rewards that are exclusive to the current Wormworld Saga Treasure Chest Kickstarter Campaign just to make sure that you aren't missing on the opportunity.

These items will never be sold in this form again:

And these are the items that every backer of the campaign will receive as freebies:

Two postcards

A large (7,6cm) magnetic button

A digital wallpaper set (the image above is only to give a general idea)

Also, every backer will receive a Paper Toy PDF as a digital download. We've already reached a stretchgoal that added Raya as an additional character to the PDF. Should be reach $20,000, Loki will be added to the PDF, too.

We've got 24 hours left until the campaign closes, so if you're interested don't hesitate!