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A hand-bound, hand printed, letterpress workbook full of fun visual exercises and tools to help you learn to think creatively!
A hand-bound, hand printed, letterpress workbook full of fun visual exercises and tools to help you learn to think creatively!
40 backers pledged $2,600 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Final Update

Well folks,

It's all come full circle! The exhibition is down, the final copies are being bound, and it's on to the next big thing (finding a publisher, cross those fingers). Thank you all for your amazing support. To get future updates check out my website at:

And for those of you who couldn't make it - some exhibition photos:

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Project Complete

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for your wonderful support. I am writing to tell you that the project is complete! (Well mostly). I'm in the process of binding the other nine copies, but one book has been completely bound and is up for viewing at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis! The opening night is this friday from 6-9pm 1500 Jackson Street NE  Minneapolis, MN 55413

And here it is:

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Printing is done!

Hey everyone,

I know it' s been a while since my last update but all the Vandercook printing is done. Here are some progress shots of the press work. Binding is soon to start and lots of progress shots are soon to come. Plenty is happening and the project should be complete by mid April, so only a few weeks left.

I'm currently making a video about printing on the Vandercook so you may see that here sometime soon. 

For anyone interested in getting a postcard invite to the exhibition in Minneapolis, MN, feel free to comment me your address and you'll have one sent your way!

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February is Almost Here!

Hey everyone, 

All the details are falling into place and I've begun posting links to the blog for the $5 tiers. I've also sent out all the incentives for the $10 and $20 tiers so if you haven't received anything please let me know. 

Here is another sneak peek image. You'll recognize it from the front page, but now the type has been added to show the different strengths of the right and left brain. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 and thank you, everyone for the support you have given regarding this project. Things are getting done at a rapid pace, and I will be sure to keep you updated both here on the Kickstarter, and on the blog. When I return to Minneapolis, I will send an email asking for your addresses so that I can begin sending rewards. Broadsides, thank you cards, and blog links will of course be first to go out. For those of you who will get a print, softcover book, or hardcover book, you will get all of your rewards at the end of the project in one big packet (but I'll happily post your blog link before hand).

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