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By Gillis
$2,055 pledged of $8,000 goal

Luna - Progress on the dialog system.

Hi guys.  I have made really good progress on a flexible dialog system today.  I am not totally done with the design but I like how it shows a little bit of the history so you have time to read what you might have missed. The dialog in the screen shots are just test right now. I am designing it with the idea that I will be able to control dwell time so I can add audio over it later when I add in voice actor dialogs.  I am designing it so that I can control if game play is paused or not.  I know for some dialog events I will want it paused and some I will not.  The dialog HUD will fade out when it is not in use so its not in the way all the time. :}  I am experimenting with fonts and colors too.  That't the fun part! ;P

I wanted to show you guys a preview of Luna Landing too.  Hopefully the detail comes through.  I think you'll like it! 

More to come.

Thanks everybody!


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    1. Gillis Creator on

      I have definitely noticed the spelling error in my update screen. “It’s” quite comical. :-P Since I can’t update my post at this time I will just leave a note here to say it will be fixed in the finished game ;-P Updates coming soon!!