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Update #6

24 Hours to Go!

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“For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been.” John Greenleaf Whittier   

OK.  Enough with the quotes for now...  More later I promise. ;P

Luna has been a dream for me for a really long time. Something cool happens when we pursue these little dreams in life. We get thoughts of boundless possibilities and endless potential. If we are lucky we get there.  If we are even luckier we meet friends along the way.

If I'm honest, its been pretty challenging to market the idea of Luna to the world but I learned a lot through the process. I think the coolest part of the campaign was meeting people that were anxious to help me.   Kickstarter really benefits from their amazing community.  I am not going to list specific names simply due to the sheer number of people but a lot of outlets were willing to run stories about Luna and 'message' me ideas on how to succeed. I met a few people who were anxious to offer their talents for voice acting too and to me this is excellent. 

Regardless of the measure of Luna's success, I really believe in the Kickstarter model. I think it is an amazing service to entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you have a dream, go for it. If you fail, try again and don’t get discouraged. I am grateful for the 'thing' that is Kickstarter. 

Tomorrow is Donut Day at work and D-Day for Luna.  Let’s all have fun watching the countdown. 

Keep spreading the word!

There has been a pretty big ‘last minute’ outpouring of support today that has been a lot of fun to watch. Let’s see what the future holds. 

To all my backers… Whether or not we get to the funding goal or not… I thank you from the bottom of my heart…  <3 <3 <3

 "When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place." Unknown 

Sincerest Thanks,

Daniel Gill

Update #5 - For backers only

I stopped by GamerCheese to discuss Luna with Khris Golder


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Update #4

HD Luna Gameplay Footage


I uploaded some game play footage last night after getting a few requests to see a short play through. I split it into three separate parts.

It will probably look better viewed on Youtube!


Link to Part 1 in HD: 

Link to Part 2 in HD:

Link to Part 3 in HD:

Thanks for looking!

Update #3

Wrapped OS X Version is Very Likely Now!


We surpassed $1000 this week thanks to everyone’s hard work spreading the word. 

 You guys are awesome. Thank you! 

I am so touched by each and every one of my amazing backers! It really means a lot to me. I have some good news for OS X users tonight. This is breaking news!

Desktop Wrapped OS X Version Seems Very Likely Now!

Construct has just added support for exporting desktop applications via node-webkit. This is an alternative desktop wrapper which is replacing prior support for Awesomium architecture. Node-webkit also supports exporting Mac OS X desktop apps which is supported in the new beta release of C2! From Scirra testing it seems to work well and includes hardware-accelerated WebGL support. The node-webkit will work on Windows as well. I will be adding a Desktop Reward Tier for Mac OS X users tonight in light of this. Cheers!

P.S. - Sorry for the spelling error in the screenshot included in my last update. There is no way to modify it now. ;-; Rest assured I will fix all the typos in the finished game ;) The screens are purely WIP.

Big thanks <3 <3


Update #2

Luna - Progress on the dialog system.

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Hi guys.  I have made really good progress on a flexible dialog system today.  I am not totally done with the design but I like how it shows a little bit of the history so you have time to read what you might have missed. The dialog in the screen shots are just test right now. I am designing it with the idea that I will be able to control dwell time so I can add audio over it later when I add in voice actor dialogs.  I am designing it so that I can control if game play is paused or not.  I know for some dialog events I will want it paused and some I will not.  The dialog HUD will fade out when it is not in use so its not in the way all the time. :}  I am experimenting with fonts and colors too.  That't the fun part! ;P

I wanted to show you guys a preview of Luna Landing too.  Hopefully the detail comes through.  I think you'll like it! 

More to come.

Thanks everybody!


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    Designer Pro - Everyone in this group gets to create a rare drop treasure item that will be randomly dropped by various creatures throughout the game and can be sold in the Shop for big bucks. Put on your thinking cap... These items are going to be the most sought after treasures in all of the Lunaverse! I will let you decide what creature or boss. A few examples of innate items could be a black opal gemstone, intricate coral phylactery, pink-white diamond core, Jasper Heart necklace, or whatever you dream up!

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