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Materialise sculptures or even newly captured Pokemon, from plastic waste. Draw in the air with no limits – free of charge & pollution.
Materialise sculptures from plastic waste. Draw in the air with no limits – free of charge & pollution.
Materialise sculptures from plastic waste. Draw in the air with no limits – free of charge & pollution.
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    1. Dennis
      4 minutes ago

      Because you don't use full law

    2. Missing avatar

      Amigo 2 days ago

      This small device has a backup from indiegogo too and a lot of money is in there. I don't know why officials are not going against him..

    3. Missing avatar

      Amigo 2 days ago

      @Mike, they should give us atkeast chupa cut, as they told it was already done

    4. Mike 3 days ago

      I still want my chupa cut which is allegedly complete, and I paid shipping in backerkit, so I should be all set, right?

    5. Mike 3 days ago

      What a scammer

    6. Missing avatar

      Amigo 4 days ago

      Said of that, I will also contribute for the charges to pay for the expenses.

    7. Missing avatar

      Amigo 4 days ago

      I will provide a reward to the one who initiates the legal proceedings and it should come in the news channels. I'm ready to reward 2000 USD for this. Others who want to contribute can also contribute for the person who is taking this effort. I will provide my complete support. Nobody is willing to initiate, I wish I could, but I'm from a different location. There should be a lot of people from the same location where this can be reported.

    8. Missing avatar

      Amigo 5 days ago

      They won't do anything, because this was a pre-planned fraud even on other indiegogo campaign. David never worried about anything, as they are already going to cheat.

    9. Missing avatar

      Amber MacLeod
      6 days ago

      (Note on math: 75k/95k isn't 25k, I know: All projects are expected to assume a £20% margin when asking for investment)

    10. Missing avatar

      Amber MacLeod
      6 days ago

      £95,322 pledged, when the initial goal was £25,000 meant a margin for error of £75,322!! That should have been more than enough leeway for the creators to identify imminent problems. They ought to have pulled the plug, or at least asked us if we wanted a refund at the point when they passed £30k, not waited until they had spent most of OUR money on a pipe dream.
      Where is your BUSINESS INSURANCE?? Normally in these cases, a judge will order repayment in full to all defrauded investors.

    11. Missing avatar

      Patrick Nadeau
      on March 14

      I want a full refund 100%

    12. Missing avatar

      Lars on March 8

      Reported on action fraud.

    13. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 6

      Someone who can get this on bbc??

    14. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 5

      Shutting down the facebook campaign to bring this cheating before justice. We did not get enough emails messaged to us in facebook to launch the campaign.

    15. Hayden on March 4

      Reported to action fraud. Notwithstanding that, any UK backer can file a direct report with the police please? That will help to expedite the matter.

      Daniel removed his photo from KS.

    16. Missing avatar

      Torsten Kurbad on March 3

      Also reported to action fraud.

    17. Missing avatar

      on March 3

      what about a "bounty hunter" or debt collecting agency ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 3

      @Lorelle Brown Nobody googled meaning of renegade..a good lesson more.

    19. Missing avatar

      on March 3

      never got an answer - shame on you. bad project creator. no help from kickstarter, only collect fees.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lorelle Brown on March 2

      Oxford Dictionary definition of "Renegade"
      "A person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles"
      "an agent who later turns out to be a renegade"
      The Creator of Renegade - Daniel Edwards - has lived up to the name and done a runner!!

    21. lifecycled on March 2

      This needs investigation. Anybody know the best way?. Does any of the media tagged in the intro have the resources and skills to in cover the truth?

    22. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 2

      They said chupa cut was ready. That is also fake. Atleast send that then..

    23. Stoyan Kerefeyn on March 2

      @Alick Reid oh yes! Kickstarter support and platform is really bad.
      here is my conversation with them:
      Me - The project Renegade: The World's First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bottles seems to be dead. It's over an year since the supposed shipment date and no update is given for an updated shipment date. The creator Daniel Edwards last login was on Nov 5 2017 and he has not done an update since Oct 31 2017. He is not answering to emails or messages (both on kickstarter and facebook). He has breached multiple obligations described in point 4 from the Terms of use.
      I would like to get more information about him to start a legal action.

      support - Hi there,

      Kickstarter takes the privacy of our users very seriously, so we don't provide a creator's information directly to backers.

      Kickstarter's Terms of Use outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises.

      We hope that backers will consider that option only in cases where they believe that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill. If you haven’t yet, you can message a project creator directly. To do this, go to the project page and click on the "Contact me" link under the creator's name in the bio section.

      If you believe legal action is appropriate here, please talk to an attorney about how to proceed.


      They don't care at all - they did get their cut - it's all that matters.

    24. Lunari on March 1

      Projects like this are why Kickstarter will die. I'm done with this platform.

    25. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schiel on March 1

      Reported him too, to the uk fraud service

    26. Nathan Rao on March 1

      Fucking assholes

    27. Missing avatar

      Marie-Lise Theys
      on March 1

      Money down the drain after many months of waiting, will never use Kickstarter again or similar platform, this is the 4th project like this 😤 lots of wasted money

    28. James M Leschber
      on March 1

      Yeah, listen mate.. this whole 20% refund thing isn’t gonna work.
      Full refunds all around sir.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schiel on March 1

      I want a full refund 100%

    30. Missing avatar

      Lars on March 1

      Kickstarter is just like FB, hiding behind it's "platform", earning a lot of money given to them for free from us, and nobody bothers to read the terms and conditions out of laziness. Everyone should do their personal risk calculation, "am I prepared to loose the money I spend here" since these are all high risk projects. The sad thing is that we, as users of this platform, or any other service or product for that matter, can easily put it out of the market just by stopping to use it or not buying it. As investors/consumers we don't realize the power we've got. But once again the laziness, comfort and lack of unity in an individualistic world, leaves us without any tangible results.

    31. Marco on March 1

      I'm really disappointed.
      Apart from the fact I could have bought a similar 3D pen almost 2 damn years ago, I was very interested in this eco-friendly project, from the concept of it, and I followed the updates with so much curiosity.
      So I've been (not only me, of course) waiting for so long and this is really the end of Renegade? Are you really dropping the project? So I won't be happy with my 20% refund, it's not only about money, it's about the patience and trust we put on this, on you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Sabine Schwarz on March 1

      reported also on

    33. ben on March 1

      Not a bad scam just from kickstarter walking away with about 60,000 pounds, these were being sold on another site as well..........

    34. EdTechMaker
      on March 1

      So I get $35.00 back for $165.00 investment? I want your prototype. I bought this for my classroom!

    35. ben on March 1

      I want a full refund 100%

    36. Missing avatar

      on March 1

      i want a full refund, not only 20% !!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Claire Higgins on March 1

      Thanks for letting us know, and keeping us informed. Such a shame for this outcome. I look forward to your next venture.

    38. Alick Reid on March 1

      I encourage people to report this to .

    39. Missing avatar

      Graham on March 1

      Utter criminals. Full refund please. We should demand interest for how long he's had our money.

    40. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 1

      Now he will put a new update saying, 20% leaving Kickstarter charges. Because, he doesn't have to fear..

    41. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 1

      It says 20% refund over the next 18 months. So, people think he is bankrupt. He is already leading a luxury life.. 20% of 70 gbp is 14 gbp.

    42. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 1

      Someone pledged 900 gbp and its gone..

    43. Bryony Tinley on March 1

      So the latest email says they'll be giving us all a 20% partial refund. I don't want a partial refund for your failings. I demand a full refund of my hard earned money I entrusted to you! Enough of the BS!give us back our full balance. Now!

    44. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 1

      This is common in Kickstarter now. Sonic soak is another project. Muzo is another one. All fake products. Many just show fake models. Start reporting this fraud. His 1 gbp capital company says it all..

    45. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 1

      David has just forged documents to make Kickstarter believe the progress. Not even a single video is posted.

    46. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 1

      Thats it.. the latest update says the truth.. this is such a simple project. If we say we will give then 50 usd more, still he will not be able to deliver. Already quality pens are available for $50. He delayed the project to bring things to this situation, so that everybody thinks he tried a lot..

    47. Missing avatar

      Doresa Jennings
      on March 1

      So, they took the money and ran. Kickstarter really needs to do something about the companies that take the money and run. It is one thing to have difficulties, it is quite another to just decide not to make and ship the product.

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