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This project is to create an eight person mobile banquet table.  We will serve fine dining while pedaling this around town.
This project is to create an eight person mobile banquet table. We will serve fine dining while pedaling this around town.
80 backers pledged $5,088 to help bring this project to life.

A Reliable Kinetic Sculpture is a Happy Kinetic Sculpture

Greetings A Moveable Feast supporters!  So much has happened since the last update that I thought I'd send another.

A Facebook Presence

I started a Facebook page for collecting photos and stories of A Moveable Feast.

Please "Like" it if you want to get our updates.

Under the Table Cloth

We've been busy testing, breaking, and fixing the Feast over the past few months.  Unfortunately we don't know what to fix until we've broken it.  The goal of this is to arrive at a much more reliable kinetic sculpture, and we're well on our way!  7 of our 8 drivetrains are working smoothly.

  We beefed up the suspension with some air springs for a '60s Corvette.  Now we'll be able to tune our suspension for just a few people, or for all 8.  Until the mechanicals of the Feast were fully functioning, we weren't confident in taking people out for their rides/dinners.  We want the experience to be as enjoyable as possible, and smooth pedaling is important.  If one drivetrain breaks down, everyone else has to pedal harder!

Off to the Mountains!

We'll be taking the Feast up to a small festival in Northern California called Priceless this upcoming weekend.  We'll do as much riding around as we can to make sure everything is working properly.  When we return we'll be ready to start giving out the rides and dinners we've promised you! 

Rides and Dinners!

I'll be contacting everyone in the next week so we can start scheduling the (non-Burning Man) rides.  Please be a bit patient, as our chef is working hard on prepping the menu.  You will be getting your money's worth for this ride trust me.

I can't wait!

Photo Sessions

I'm not sure how serious people are about a photo session with the Feast.  We're ready to arrange that almost any day.  Please contact me with details.  I'm happy to put out tea service, or whatever you'd like!

Burning Man Meals and Rides

I will be attempting to schedule out dinners at Burning Man.  We all know how hectic it can be out there.  I'll send around a signup spreadsheet at some point in July.  No reason to over plan it all!

Thanks again!

...for all the support.  A Moveable Feast is a much bigger hit than I thought it would be and it's not even running perfect yet.  I've got a lot of plans on how to utilize the feast in interesting ways.  We might host some fancy dinners, take patrons to a sampling of restaurants around town, etc.  If you know of events, interested parties, etc, please contact me.  We'll be able to pursue some of these things in earnest in September.

Keep on Movin',



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