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This project is to create an eight person mobile banquet table. We will serve fine dining while pedaling this around town.
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Daniel Busby

80 backers pledged $5,088 to help bring this project to life.

And the Kickstarter Campaign is Over!!!

Thanks so much everyone for your amazing generosity.  80 of you guys pledged $5088!  I am humbled and a little overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.  It means so much to have friends and strangers alike support this crazy idea.  It's a contraption of pure whimsy and fun, but you each threw in hard earned money to support it.  I'm even more pumped to get it finished and share it with all of you.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Well, we didn't sit on our laurels this weekend.  We plunged ahead with working on the drivetrain.  We're limited a bit in what we can do until the rest of our chromoly steel comes in.  So, we decided to start welding our sprockets to our hubs.  Holden figured out that our transmission could be brought under main pilot's gearing.  We had to move things around just a little bit, but we think we can get it to work.  This will make many things easier, our bike will get shorter, stiffer, and stronger.  And it will be easier to build our rear suspension with the transmission out of the way.

We made so much progress that I'm not going to document it all here.  Let it be known that things are progressing!

We also went to the flea market and brought home a huge pile of plates, cups, serving dishes, wine chillers, etc.  We've got enough for multiple tables of stuff!

Thanks so much, everyone!  I'll be in touch with you guys as we make more progress.  We'll arrange for the rides and dinners to take place this spring and summer.  I'm about to purchase copies of A Moveable Feast for our group to sign, so we can hand those out.  If you'd like to get a book, but didn't get one with your reward, let me know soon.  They're about $12 after shipping.

Thanks again guys!  We're tickled pink by your support!  We're going to start working every weekend and a few weeknights to continue on our accelerated progress.  Woo Hoo!