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Update #4

Burning Man Ticket Kerfuffle and Continued Progress

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There seems to be quite a mess with the Burning Man ticket distribution this year.  Burning Man has an official release on their blog about it.  As far as I know only two of the Feast building crew managed to get tickets so far.  I know I didn't.  

I'm not sure exactly how things are going to go down.  As you can imagine this bike will take a lot of work to bring up to Burning Man, so I can't promise that it will make it with a skeleton crew.  I temporarily stopped the Burning Man-based rewards.

For those that have already paid for Burning Man rewards, let's just wait a little bit of time before you worry.  The BMorg is on it.  Hopefully there will be a fantastic solution that results in everyone who wants tickets getting them.  Either way, we'll figure out a reward that will make everyone happy.

Now, rest assured, we are continuing to build the bike.  This is going to be a phenomenal piece of art, usable around town or at Kinetic Sculpture contests.  I just bought $600 in assorted drivetrain equipment.  We're going to pick up 10 or so bicycles from a police auction to cannibalize for parts.  I did some preliminary flea market shopping for table top accoutrements this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to that part of the project.

Thanks everyone for your support!  We're still shooting for $4k for the project so we don't have to make compromises on the artistic side of things.  If you want to further support, it's as easy as linking via facebook, or tweeting, or whatever the kids are using these days.  Thanks again!



    1. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Daniel Busby on February 8, 2012

      I'm more confident about the chances of The Feast making it to Burning Man, so I've re-opened up the BM based rewards.

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    You'll receive our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. You'll feel some ownership for the vehicle when you hop on and take a ride with a smile. We'll also send you a copy of a recipe book of delicious meals that we'll be eating on The Moveable Feast. In fact every reward will come with this.

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    Join us for a drink or two on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate our progress! We probably won't be finished, but we hope to have a working drivetrain that we can pedal around. Be one of the first to ride the bike! (Maybe.)

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    Grab your friends and some costumes, because you'll be able to have your own photo shoot with the Moveable Feast. Want to re-enact the banquet scene in MacBeth? The Last Supper? The Mad-Hatter's Tea Party? Your family's thanksgiving? We'll provide a photographer if you don't have one.

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    A guaranteed ride at Burning Man! (Assuming you're already there!) We'll take a day ride and explore the town. You'll be surrounded by plentiful drinks and great conversation. Pictures will be taken to commemorate your experience.

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    Happy Hour on the playa, or at Big Art Labs in Los Angeles. Come on by for a pitcher or two of margaritas. We'll ride around for at least 30 minutes as well.

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    A copy of Ernest Hemingway's Moveable Feast, signed by everyone that helped make it. Included is the $25 or $30 reward.

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    A fancy Burning Man dinner aboard the Moveable Feast. We'll take a candlelit ride at dusk with a delicious feast upon the table. Menus have yet to be set, but ideas include roasted duck, ham, grilled vegetables, etc. You'll have some participation in the meal, no doubt. But this will only strengthen your enjoyment.

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    A ride with 5 of your friends aboard the Moveable Feast. The Feast will be roadworthy and legal, so we'll be able to ride anywhere that cars and bikes can. Myself and a friend will load up the bike and bring it anywhere in Los Angeles of your choosing. You can pick who fills the other 5 seats. Makes a great gift!

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    A feast aboard The Moveable Feast. A friend and I will cook up all of the food and provide a delicious meal. We'll pick an evening and dine while we ride. You can fill 6 of the seats with yourself and friends. Do we cruise down by the ocean? Through Hollywood? Downtown LA? Your choice! I can't think of a more unique triple date!

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