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The neXt generation, shape-shifting, 3D logic puzzle.
The neXt generation, shape-shifting, 3D logic puzzle.
The neXt generation, shape-shifting, 3D logic puzzle.
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    1. Mattias Ahnfelt on

      Hi Dane,

      Realize I'm late to the party, but I still haven't received my X-Cube. I can only assume it got lost in shipping, or did you not get my shipping coordinates? Please can you arrange to have one sent to me?

      Kind regards, Matt

    2. Amit Shah on

      Hi Dane

      I'm in the UK and haven't received anything yet. Is there any more information available?

    3. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on

      Hi ptnik, Just checked, it's still on its way. I'll message you with details.

    4. ptnik on

      Hi Dane. Still waiting to receive mine... is there a tracking code to see where it might be? :(

    5. Alessio on

      My X-Cubes are here !!! Thank you Dane!!! They're as perfect as I hope!!!! I'll soon post some images.
      Thank you for the support with the international shipping&handling procedures.
      Let's go further with another ks project!

    6. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on

      Joe! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful review and for taking the time to write it. That was very rewarding to read. I'm glad that the puzzle impresses, stumps, and frustrates. Seriously-- thanks go out to you, Joe, and all the backers folks here on Kickstarter for making this happen :)

    7. Joe Huttlin III on

      Review time!


      I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend for Christmas. It arrived on time and was huge success. I say huge success because she cannot solve it, haha! My girlfriend is a freak when it comes to Rubik's cubes, and can typically solve a standard one in under a minute. Any chance I get to stump her is a treat. She actually solved it one night when 'a bit' drunk, and claimed it was super easy. She hasn't been able to solve it since...

      The fabrication and design work great, and turns smoothly. I haven't peaked into the rendering of it to see how it's constructed but can tell its different from that of a regular Rubik's cube, so bravo.

    8. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on

      Thanks for all the lovely feedback folks :)

      Kevin: Yes, here are the assembly instructions:

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Woost on

      As I actually took mine appart completely, I would like to ask if there is some kind of assambly guide?

    10. Missing avatar

      Nick Lukefahr on

      I love it. Got it well before the New Year, but it went to my parents home where I had been living so I had to wait til the holidays to get it. Works great. Really turned heads when it was mixed up and all weird and bumpy. Took a bit to figure out the order of steps to solve it. Turns out many of the 3x3x5 cuboid and 5x5 cube moves are very helpful to know (which should have been pretty obvious from the start). Great Product!

      And now I'm wanting to get a 3D printer so I can print a piece... just in case one breaks, not that any have yet :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Woost on

      Greetings again. As I got my package today I can say that the toll thingy wasn't your fault, the Customs declaration on the package got wet, presumably during transport, so the Customs office couldn't read it.

      On another note: Respect for the nice work. the X-Cube is epic.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Woost on

      Greetings from Germany, I got informed today that the taxes declaration was missing an invoice, so I have to head to our Custons office, you should've marked international packages correctly.

    13. Pete Davies on

      Hi, I'm from the UK. I just got a card through the door stating that a package from the US has arrived but that I need to pay an extra £12.94 ($22!) for Customs charges.... Has anyone else been stung by this?

    14. Ken Bloch on

      Dane, great job on the cube. Really great job. I'm amazed at how well the action is. Have you considered redesigning the standard 3x3 Rubik's mech? Despite all the dimensions of the x-cube I have yet to have it break apart on me. I'm convinced you could make the ultimate Rubik's speed cube. Thanks for a great Kickstarter project and I look forward to seeing other amazing inventions from you.

    15. David Moore on

      Help. Haven't received mine yet. My son is going crazy!

    16. weiren. on

      Got mine today and just finished my first solve! Bloody loving this cube, it's a blast to play with.

    17. Alessio on

      Hi Dave, I'm in Italy and I have not yet received the pair of X-cubes ordered. I also have not received any indication that shipping for my order has happened. When did you ship my order?

    18. Missing avatar

      Ronald Mraz on

      Dave, We have not received the pair of X-cubes ordered. I also have not received any indication that shipping for my order has happened. In the event we never receive the X-cubes, how can we inform you so you can look into it? Thanks Ron

    19. Missing avatar

      Martie Krohn on

      Being in Alaska, I did not expect to receive anything before Christmas. I am hoping that my package is actually among the ones that have been resent. I will keep my eyes open.

    20. Michael Gerstle on

      Dane, I haven't received anything from you. Especially a bummer since I've been seeing these show up on the Marbles website. Any update?

    21. Jennifer Monroe Fliegel on

      You did good. My husband loves his cube!!! I can tell because he picks it up and plays with it while mumbling, "I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this." Then he slaps it down on the table, stares at it for a few minutes and than picks it up and does it again. I have never seen this man have so much fun in his life!

    22. Kevin Gabbert on

      Thanks Dane.. Yeah.. some *basic basic* ones would be appreciated . (What was I thinking.. I should have learned a 3x3 first :D --but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get this. :D)

    23. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on

      James, Glad to hear that you're enjoying it! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have tested a number of units but I have yet to see this issue. Tightness can vary from cube to cube. If it is a bother, and if you're feeling confident in your workmanship, you can carefully remove the center caps to tighten the screws slightly. I cannot recommend this though.

    24. James Tinsley

      Received mine today. Overall, I'm very happy with it. The packaging is nice, and the action is smooth. My only issue is that the cube seems loose, especially when in the mid-turn position. Hard to explain, but I am used to the original cube, and was used to solving it very quickly (in under 60 seconds). With this cube, I'm a little scared to turn it quickly, afraid it will fly apart. It's not a huge deal, since it will primarily sit on the shelf along with other cubes in my collection, but thought I would bring it to your attention.

    25. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on

      Brian, k40342, Charles, Brooks, and Kevin-- Thank you all. Your feedback means the world to me.

      Kevin, Keep an eye on the facebook page! I'll post some tips there soon.

    26. Kevin Gabbert on

      Awesome Cube! Just got mine Dane.. Thank you! I'm a cube n00b so videos are appreciated! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Brooks Wagner on

      Just had to say thank you Dane! I received mine today and was working on it waiting at my kids Taekwondo practice. I got a pile of looks from a lot of the other parents. And now my brain hurts. The quality of the build is FANTASTIC! The packaging is very well done. Bravo on your success with this project and thank you for adding to my cubing collection. Now I just have to figure out where to start solving it... hmmm

    28. Charles Boehmig on

      Got mine yesterday and played with it some. I'm pretty sure I'll never get it back to being solved, but it's fun to play with and really well made! Great job!

    29. Missing avatar

      k40342 on

      Thank you, Dane!

      My X-Cube arrived yesterday. Gotta agree with Brian on the product, packaging, and the rotation action. Now it's time to play/solve the X-Cube.

      Good luck!

    30. Brian Kibbe on

      My X-Cube arrived today. The product and packaging are impeccable. The rotation action is smooth and it feels as solid as any Rubik's cube I've ever solved.

      I'm just starting out with it, but it's a thrill to mix the cube up a little bit and solve it. I wonder if I will ever have a solution established and memorized.

      Congratulations on the successful kickstarter! Good luck with finals! I hope you sell tons of these!

    31. Missing avatar

      Roger Rzepka on

      Dane, Exams first.......... X-Cubes last!!

    32. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on

      @Jeffrey Looks like a knock-off. I'll have to do something about them taking my name as well.

    33. Joe on

      @Dane Any update on when the X-Cube will ship? You have not sent out any updates since September 10.

    34. Joe Huttlin III on

      Have you requested any of our shipping details yet? I can't remember if you have. If not, when will we be expecting an email asking for such info? Is there a projected shipping date based on how the prototypes are doing?

    35. Vitor de Miranda Henrique on

      I sent a message to @dane no feedback yet... i want my x-cubeee :(((((((

    36. Missing avatar

      mohammed alsammarraie on

      Any update on the progress with the X-cube please?

    37. Missing avatar

      k40342 on

      Hi Dane,

      It has been a while since your last update. Even the last update on your website was dated 7/30. It would be nice if you can update us backers through the kickstarter "update" channel.



    38. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on

      Yes, if you pledged to get an X-Cube you will get one of them as well when it is produced. The files are a bonus.

    39. Hendrik Rommens on

      I dont want the files, I want the x cube produced.. this is what we will get right ?

    40. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on


      The files were sent out today! :)


    41. Hamid Lalani on

      When can we expect to get the files emailed to us?

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schmid on

      Congratulations on having the X-Cube completely funded!
      Now to wait until mine gets here. :)

    43. ScottG Canon on


      Thanks for clearing some of this up. I can tell you that this is already being shipped from the other company right now. I just played with one at a Mensa meeting I was at this morning in Philadelphia, PA. It seemed top notch quality to me for 29 dollars. Either way, I will still look forward to your version for a quality improvement.

    44. Dane Christianson 2-time creator on


      I assure you that the X-Cube is original work by me. I was the first inventor to release a functioning model. No such puzzle had been seen before.

      Check this out.

      Here is the video I released on December 11, 2012 of my first prototype of the X-Cube:…

      When I posted my video on the twisty puzzle forums, I was informed that someone else was working on a puzzle similar to my own. I asked for proof, and he sent me this video of his prototype on January 6, 2013:…

      The difference in the quality speaks for itself. I am confident this established me as the inventor (in addition to the USA First-to-Invent patent law in place during 2012).

      I decided to move forward with the project because of the how well my puzzle was received. The X-Cube is an expansion of my work in 2008. The competitor developed this recently, and it is pre order only. This reference to Aleh was in reference to a 3x3x5-- NOT an X-Cube. This citation does not apply to this project.

      You can go support them by all means, but I don’t think the quality will hold up to The X-Cube.


    45. ScottG Canon on

      Ok ok, HANG ON JUST ONE SECOND!?!?!

      This exact design is available on the Internet right now for $29.00 with the same name as you are using!!! There is a reference dating back to 2008 by Tony Fisher, puzzle designer and seller that shows this was originally developed back in 1989 by Aleh listed below.…

      Calvin's 3x3x5 Cuboid Series

      - co-designed by Aleh, Tony & Evgeniy

      Brand : Calvin's Puzzle
      Material : ABS plastic, PVC stickers
      Packaging : opp bag
      Weight : about 120g

      I thought I saw this before too when you first showed up with this on kickstarter. Now I have Massive concerns about all of this.

    46. Joseph Sweeney on

      Hey Dane, I know a few of us have had some questions and thoughts :) With only a few days left before this ends, I was wondering if you might be getting around to them? Thanks!

    47. Joseph Sweeney on

      Just out of curiosity, with a few days left, do you have any stretch goals in mind? It might help to boost pledges and recognition.

    48. Travis Richey on

      Dane, you're smart and cute. A dangerous combination; use your power wisely :-)

    49. Joseph Sweeney on

      Woo hoo! Just became a backer! How did I not see this sooner!? Great job!

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