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A Feature Length Film that documents some of the biggest, most interesting people that make YouTube videos as a Full Time Job. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 3, 2012.

A Feature Length Film that documents some of the biggest, most interesting people that make YouTube videos as a Full Time Job.

Dan Dobi
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Dan Dobi

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About this project

Recently, I started making this YouTube Documentary in which I would go out and follow a select group of YouTubers for a full day.  The idea was to share the other side these people's lives and show you HOW they make their videos, where they came from, how they got started, blah blah blah.  In a way, it's like taking you on an adventure to SEE how they shoot their videos, and live their lives when the camera turns off.  I started doing it as an experiment and wanted to make a series on it, however after showing a few people, everyone was saying "Hey!  If you made this into a feature length documentary, I would totally watch this".   A lot of people I showed some of the footage to that wasn't involved in the YouTube community kind of just shook their heads and said "I had no idea people were doing this as a job!  I want to know more!".

After the super strong reactions I've been getting with the limited amount of footage I have, I REALLY want to make this feature Documentary come to life, but to do it the RIGHT way, I'm going to need a little help on the financial end of things.  If the kickstarter goal is met, this means I can go out and continue this documentary with a crew, get a professional sound guy, rent better cameras, hire cameraman, be able to pay the crew day rates, pay an editor, pay an assistant editor, pay people per diems, meals, etc.  I don't want to cut any corners and do it on the cheap, I want to give you guys a quality product that you can watch and say "wow, that was awesome!".

If this project gets funded, I'm going to put it up put it up on iTunes for less than a dollar, where you can watch it in FULL HD, put it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Stream it to your Apple TV or whatever you want to do.  By doing it this way, it creates less overhead so we can focus on making the documentary the best it can be, without having to worry about old distribution methods, after all, this documentary is about the people who put their content on the internet, so why not prove that it can be done with a feature film as well?  Also, if you don't want to buy the documentary, every YouTuber that is apart of this project will have their section edited down so they can put it up on their channel for FREE!

Who will we be documenting?  Well this project is subjective to the people that will let me document them!  A lot of YouTubers like to keep a private life so SOME of the ones you would want to see might not be available to be apart of this, however I promise that 90% of the people I'll be shooting will be familiar faces.  I'm ideally trying to get the most diversity, and not necessarily focus on the people who "get the most hits" per say.  You can find a list of the people i'm looking to shoot.  I'm fairly certain that all of the people I'm looking to shoot will say yes.

Bottom line, this is a passion project for me.  After being apart of the community throughout the last few years, it's opened up so many doors and friendships that I really want to take you guys on this adventure and show you this world that for so many, didn't even know existed.  YouTube is going to be if not already the new TV for a lot of people.

Donating is easy and there are a lot of plans to choose from.  I REALLY want to make this documentary happen the right way, so if you can donate, even a dollar helps.  Thank you guys for watching, and if you want to see this movie come together, please share it with your friends and donate.

List of People we're trying to Document!

Freddie W


Epic Meal Time

Kassem G

Toby Turner

Charlie is so cool like

Wheezy Waiter

Hannah Hart

The Will of DC



julian smith

what the buck show

Mediocre Films


and more to come!


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