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A new documentary revealing the secret world of magic & magicians as told by the finest thinkers, creators and performers of the art.
A new documentary revealing the secret world of magic & magicians as told by the finest thinkers, creators and performers of the art.
480 backers pledged $62,593 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals

We already have what we need to make a fantastic documentary, but with your help we can add more locations and crew, hire additional help, and develop a professional marketing and P.R. strategy to share "Our Magic" with the largest possible audience.

$50K - An additional $7,000 will help us to extend our production schedule and visit new locations.

$55K - Translation services for subtitles requires an extra $5,000 to send "Our Magic" around the world.

$75K - An additional $20,000 will fund equipment costs, help us to pay crew expenses, and expand our post-production schedule. Even with "friend and family" rates, travel, food, and equipment costs are considerable. These additional funds will add enormous value to this project.

$90K - A professional marketing strategy requires a substantial investment, and an additional $15,000 will help us to employ the experts we need to get our film the attention it deserves.

$95K - Finally, we want to share "Our Magic" on every platform, especially new media, using mobile-compatible Apps to give our supporters updates on progress. This will also allow us to receive your immediate feedback. Another $5000 will help make this happen and allow our community to be directly involved.

If you have already backed the film, please spread the word. Family, friends, magicians, and magic fans are all welcome!

We have added four new incentives and, if we hit 100K we will design and print a limited run of commemorative playing cards exclusively for backers of "Our Magic".

Every dollar makes "Our Magic" bigger and better, and you can still be part of the adventure. Pledge today and join the team.

Best wishes,
Paul, Jason, Dan, and Dave


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    1. Timoteo Crnkovic on

      Hey, if I would like to broadcast the documentary on my national tv in Croatia would that be possible?

    2. DAN & DAVE 2-time creator on

      The documentary will be translated to Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and possibly French.

    3. Ezequiel S. on

      Now that you've (or we've) passed the 55k stretch goal: Which languages are going to be in the subtitles? May I suggest (latin american) spanish?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Gielow on

      If I increase my pledge from $65 to $100, do I still get all of the rewards at $65 plus the deck of cards in a bottle, or do I just get the cards in a bottle? In other words, does each level get all the rewards for levels below that level plus the added rewards of that level. I would like to move up a level, but I still want the t-shirt, the DVD, etc.