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A new documentary revealing the secret world of magic & magicians as told by the finest thinkers, creators and performers of the art.
A new documentary revealing the secret world of magic & magicians as told by the finest thinkers, creators and performers of the art.
A new documentary revealing the secret world of magic & magicians as told by the finest thinkers, creators and performers of the art.
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    1. Baruch Weiner on

      I paid 150$ for the special deck when it was offered. It is now years latter and still have not received it and my emails go unanswered why?

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      James Marshall on

      I was one of the original backers for this project on Kickstarter and the special edition dvd was part of the deal that I signed up for. I hadn't received it yet but I'm now noticing that you're offering it to others on your website. Why haven't those of us who pre-ordered this long ago received these yet? My address details have been provided long ago... are you still waiting for these to be delivered from the manufacture? I've sent you messages on Facebook and your website... will someone please take a look at the amount of money I sent to you back in 2013 (and read the messages between the moderator of this project and me that have been archived in this project) and send me what I paid for!!

    3. Duncan Ramsay on

      DVD isn't what was described. Essentially a very overpriced version of the standard DVD that shipped many months ago. Won't waste time complaining as clearly backers will continue to be ignored and treated as an inconvenience. Perhaps I'm alone in thinking the main film isn't actually that great either, perhaps the feeling of being conned has something to do with it.

    4. Vincent Flores on

      I haven't gotten a dvd and paid $150.00. Is it just a deck that we get? Answers are needed

    5. Lucas Monge on

      This is what the backer option I paid for, said: Magicians Exclusive! Receive a signed DVD/Booklet of the project with exclusive bonus footage, production photos and never before seen magic tricks revealed by some of our guest presenters.
      I am still trying to find the tricks revealed by some of the guest presenters. Any idea? Any answer to this? Cheers,

    6. Lucas Monge on

      And the Tricks revealed??

    7. Missing avatar

      Yigit Emre Sahinoglu on

      I also wonder where is the trick reveal?

    8. Chuck Genco on

      Thank you for this. I just received my DVDs and watched the first. I what love most about this is it amplifies our understanding what magic can be. I don't want information about how tricks work. What I want from magic is to be amazed, and this documentary made me want to go out and see it performed live.

      Well worth the wait!

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Terry Osborn on

      Will there be a way to change our shipping address? I've moved twice, once across the USA, since I backed the project.

    11. Vincent Flores on

      And still hoping to see the deck for the $150.00 package. I figured it would have been shown on your Instagram like the other decks you guys have shown thought the past since this was funded.

    12. Andy Ravenna on

      Can we save you the postage and pick our DVD up at Magic Live if we are attending?

    13. Richard Kempter

      Another message via Kickstarter. Lets hope this is better depending on how long Magic Live is.
      Just heard back directly from the Twins. The DVDs are expected to be completed on the 8th of August, from there, they will be taken to Magic Live and signed by Paul and Jason. As soon as the Twins are back from Magic Live, the DVDs will be sent out.

      Magic Live runs Aug. 9-12 in Las Vegas so maybe a ship date soon after? (Will be really pissed if not.)

    14. Richard Kempter

      I contacted D&D via Kickstarter today and here's their reply. It says nothing. Not very happy at all.

      We do apologize for the long delay. While there is no hard date for release, I know that it is very close to replication. Expect a ship date to appear within the next month or so on the Kickstarter page and various D&D websites.

    15. Duncan Ramsay on

      Share the frustrations of everyone else here. My personal opinion is that the team behind this project have mistaken Kickstarter for a source of charitable funds and feel absolutely no obligation to any of the backers of this project. The sad irony of this stance is that some of the greatest admirers of R Paul Wilson and D&D now have the exact opposite opinion of them. Whether it's a complete lack of commercial acumen, weak organisation or just a lack of care this project seems to be in a mess. To not be able to create very modest products for a fairly small number of people with a $63k budget and 2 years is unforgivable and it's certainly radically changed my opinion of all involved. Raised my concerns via Twitter and was blocked by Paul Wilson - hero to zero doesn't come close to the damage this project has done to his reputation in my view.

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    17. Santiago Performs on

      Guys ,I love you,but its really a let down of how much we waited for the dvd's,Sorry but,I'm not backing a project of you again :c

    18. Eric Wall on

      Any updates here?

    19. Missing avatar

      Joseph J on

      No DVD yet here, either.

    20. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Did anyone get the dvd yet? i haven't gotten anything in the mail

    21. Sky Sithbunkerd on

      The streaming password is still incorrect. Is it possible to fix this? Also, any word on when we may be getting our physical copy?

    22. Billy Lian on

      I feel that I've leaved magic quite some times. And now, it's the time for me to really dig into books like I did last time, to feel and to be amazed. Thanks for the video and now, I shall wait for the rewards to come.

      Truly touched.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lenore89 on

      The film was amazing and thank you for sharing that with us online, but any word on when backers will receive our other rewards (i.e. shirts, cards, etc.)? It's been over a year and I haven't received anything and it seems like other people haven't either. I understand that this is a massive project and people are busy with other things, but a little more updates and action would be nice please. Thanks.

    24. Vincent Flores on

      Still curios on a view of the deck of cards or when we will get it if you can let the backers know in anyway that will be great thanks.

    25. Sky Sithbunkerd on

      Is there an estimated time on the physical DVD? I was unable to view the film in the 24 hour span that it was available. I am anxious to see it! Thank you for your time.

    26. Vincent Flores on

      Hey guys so we got a short trailer and whatnot but when will we have a final product? It's been a while since the last update and have asked about the special signed decks before about what they will look like? Anyone of those answered would be fine thanks a ton.

    27. Missing avatar

      Albert Lu on

      Did the reward tiers stack? I backed it with Magic Con admission and was wondering if I would get any of the other rewards in the lower money tiers!

    28. Eric Scharin on

      Hi. Any update on the incentives for backers? The last update was over a month ago and mentioned additional rounds of funding, but no delivery date for those who backed the first round. Can we get an estimated delivery date? Thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      B Sweet on

      Hello, how to download the movie and receive the items for a $65 donation? Many thanks!

    30. Vincent Flores on

      So what will the decks for the 150 pledge look like?

    31. Missing avatar

      James Marshall on

      I was on the website for Magic-Con but I could not locate the VIP registration option. I believe the $250 donation included this... should I just choose the early registration option like everyone else?

    32. Kirk on

      You guys aren't ones for updates, huh?

    33. Cong Wei Ng on

      Guys, no news since end of backing date?

    34. Lucas Monge on

      I am counting the days already!!! increible!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Connor Hoyt on

      I got a great feeling about this

    36. Robert D Adams on

      Great project! I'm sure you'll do an excellent job if it!

    37. The Magic Apple on

      It's about time there is a movie like this. Congratulations!

    38. Lance T. Miller on

      Awesome project guys! Can't wait to see the documentary! :D I'll help promote this anyway I can.