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A new documentary revealing the secret world of magic & magicians as told by the finest thinkers, creators and performers of the art. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 27, 2013.

A new documentary revealing the secret world of magic & magicians as told by the finest thinkers, creators and performers of the art.

About this project

Having been funded, we are all excited to embark on this amazing journey. Thank you for your support and for believing in us. Our Magic has already begun in earnest but you can still join us and be part of the adventure.

Our goal is to make Our Magic look as visually beautiful as the art itself. If you have already backed Our Magic then we hope you will encourage friends and family to join you and our growing family of backers.

Community, assemble!

In 2012, Paul Wilson and Jason England embarked on a personal project to document the thoughts of their friends, mentors and peers in the world of magic.

These interviews came together as The Unreal Project, intended for both fellow magicians and the general public. These short films became an instant success, were shared across multiple platforms and generated a great deal of discussion within the magic community while attracting enormous interest from members of the public, eager to learn more about the art of magic.

As we edited the footage, the idea for a more ambitious project emerged. This project will offer non-magicians an insider’s look at what we consider to be the real secrets of an often misunderstood art form.

The original interviews were filmed and edited to the highest standards and were funded entirely by Paul and Jason with support and guidance from Dan and Dave Buck. Our original intention was solely to create short videos about various subjects but, as we released more and more of our material, we began to recognize the potential for a full-length documentary about magic BY magicians.

Magic has often been analyzed and “explained” by outsiders. This is an opportunity for magicians to tell their own story, offer the public a peek behind the curtain and share their passion for the art of magic.

We need your help to expand upon the original concept and create a documentary for the general public that magicians can be proud of.

As long as magic has existed, the public has wanted to learn more about how and why it works.

Over one hundred years ago, master magicians Nevil Maskelyn and David Devant published Our Magic, a book that discussed the real secrets of magic in great detail. The authors sought to instill in the public a greater appreciation of the craft through better understanding.

We hope to do the same.

This documentary will open the doors to a world filled with secrets and wonder. It will explore how and why magic works and introduce the audience to a worldwide community of thinkers, creators, performers and enthusiasts who share a passion for an art form that continues to grow and evolve to this day. Our Magic will offer a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of the conjuror’s art. It will also reveal one of magic’s best-kept secrets.

People want to know more. It is easy to find out how tricks are done with a simple internet search but we aim to offer a better option that rewards this fascination, reveals something new and deepens the audiences’ appreciation for what we do and why we do it.

Our purpose is not to expose in order to satisfy gratuitous curiosity. Instead we hope to take the audience on a guided tour of our world, behind the scenes and under the surface to show just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

We have already recorded many hours of valuable interviews and have a wealth of insights from some of the most respected minds in magic, including:

Our Magic will expand upon these interviews with masters from around the world. We will meet the people who design and build magic effects, discover how conjuring interacts with other mediums and meet the scientists hoping to explain how the human brain perceives magic.

In addition we will meet enthusiasts, amateurs and working pros, exploring the community of magicians to reveal that there is much more to magic than the usual cliches.

Our Magic is a documentary film that offers a real insight into the art of magic itself. To make this happen, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Additional filming will take several months and the resulting footage will require weeks to sort and edit.

Your contribution to this project will help us to produce a film of the highest standards that can compete in the thriving documentary market. Our biggest advantage is a subject that fascinates the whole world and a unique opportunity to explore and reveal this world to the public.

We have created some excellent incentives exclusively for backers of Our Magic. There’s no other way to obtain this merchandise so, by pledging to help make this documentary happen, you can receive some highly sought-after items.

Interest in magic and magicians is at an all-time high and it is the perfect time for a documentary like this. Join our efforts, pledge what you can and let’s make this happen together.


Jason England is a highly respected figure in the world of magic and a world-renowned expert on cheating and sleight of hand. Jason is a regular television consultant and movie advisor with twenty years of experience.

Dan and Dave have revolutionized the magic marketplace, from videos, websites and magic effects to accessories, clothing and a highly successful line of bespoke playing cards. has become one of the most recognizable brands in magic and is already crossing into the public domain. Dan and Dave have worked with artists in every field and are two of the finest exponents of cardistry on the planet.

R. Paul Wilson is a world-renowned magician and expert on con games, cheating and the art of deception. He is also a writer, creator, producer and director for film and television. His credits include “Shade” for RKO Pictures, “Smokin’ Aces” for Working Title, eleven seasons of the hit BBC show “The Real Hustle”, “The Takedown” for Tru TV, “Scammed” for the History Channel, “Don’t Miss A Trick” for BBC One, producer for two seasons of BBC One’s “The Magicians” and has advised several major magic shows, television specials and live productions.

END NOTE: All tangible incentives, including Thank You cards, T-Shirts, Magic-Con registration, and DVDs will be produced by Dan and Dave Industries giving Our Magic 100% of the funded amount.

Special thanks to Ana Gomez Bernaus for offering her artistic talent to the project.

Risks and challenges

One of the key challenges for any documentary is securing the best footage and gaining access to the most valuable resources. Dan and Dave Industries is already connected to every major performer, thinker and creator in the field of magic, as are fellow producers Jason England and Paul Wilson. Before embarking on this project, the producers consulted with everyone they would need to help make this film a success and were met with overwhelming support.

The producers are held in the highest regard in the magic community thanks to their work in film, television and marketing. Jason England is a world renowned collector and performer who has consulted for some of the biggest names in magic. Paul Wilson is a writer, producer, director and host of eleven seasons of his own BBC show who has produced television specials in the US and live shows in the UK. He has directed films, documentaries, reality television and consulted for many of magic's most famous performers. Dan and Dave Buck have access to countless resources thanks to their network of developers, helping them to shoot and edit products to the highest level. Should any issues arise during production, the producers enjoy a wealth of options to help overcome them.

Once funded, Paul will set up a core team to support the project, while he produces and directs. We already have a lot of footage from previous projects but the new material will tie that footage together, go deeper into the subject and capture much more than the public has seen in the past. In the event of problems, Dan and Dave, as executive producers, will share the workload and manage the requirements of the project and ensure completion. The producers have estimated the budget carefully so that they can achieve a successful documentary for the target amount.

Should this project be successfully funded it will have the support of a worldwide community of magicians who will help in any way to finish the job to the standards expected of this production team. We have no doubt at all that, should we be funded, this film will be completed successfully.

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    Your support is greatly appreciated. Anything helps. Donate as little as two bucks and receive a signed thank you card from the Producers.

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    Online Screening w/ Q&A: See the film, before any theatrical release, via live broadcast. Watch from your computer or mobile device, and after, we'll stick around to answer your questions. Already pledged more than $10? You will automatically get access to the online screening.

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    Thank you so much for your support. Your pledge has taken us another step of the way to making this happen and we will thank you by name on the “Our
    Magic” website when it is launched AND you will be given free access to the finished documentary, when it is released along with a signed thank you card.

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    Perhaps one of the most rewarding incentives. For the small donation of $35 your name will be forever imprinted on the final scrolling credits of the film as "Our Magicians".

    This goes for all donations above the $35 mark, no matter what reward you choose.

    Your name will also appear on the Our Magic website and you will receive a signed Thank You card from the Producers.

    Additionally, you will be invited to a special online screening with a Q&A, prior to any theatrical release.

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    Limited edition “Always Wonder” T-Shirt. This
    is the official production shirt made only for crew and Kickstarter supporters.

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    Magicians Exclusive! Receive a signed DVD/Booklet of the project with exclusive bonus footage, production photos and never before seen magic tricks revealed by some of our guest presenters.

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    Factory sealed Bicycle® playing cards inside a glass milk bottle. An original wonder inspired by Harry Eng and impossibly bottled by Jamie D. Grant exclusively for this project. A featured item at Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and your home/office.

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    We are now offering a single deck of Playing Cards signed by 52 different magicians and artists associated with Our Magic. For $150 you can be one of 52 collectors to own this truly one-of-a-kind memento. The deck will be packaged inside a custom case, letterpressed with a list of artists on one side and the original owners of the deck on the other. ¶ Only 37 are being made available on KS, the rest we be giving to the producers of the film.

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    Magic-Con. If you intend to join us at Magic-Con 2014, California’s premier conference for magicians, then this level will entitle you to VIP registration PLUS red carpet entry to an exclusive screening hosted by the Producers. Your name will also appear on the closing credits. Visit to find out more about this amazing event.

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    Institutions, Magic Clubs, Non-profit organizations, and Independent theaters; In return for the generous donation of $300 we will allow you to host your own organized screening of the film, prior to any theatrical release. Please contact us with any questions.

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    This is a big project and we need your help. Contact us and be part of the adventure!

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    Associate Producer. For this pledge you will be credited as Associate Producer in the final credits and on IMDB. You will receive invitations to premiers and regular updates on our progress. You will also be invited to join us on stage at Magic-Con 2014 during the screening of the film.

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    Co-Producer. For this donation you will be recognized for your enormous contribution in the opening credits and on IMDB. You will receive invitations to premiers and regular updates on our progress. You will also be invited to join us on stage at Magic-Con 2014 during the screening of the film.

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    Executive Producer. Our aim is to put every possible penny onto the screen. With this size of donation, we will take a huge leap towards our creative goals and your contribution will be recognized with an Executive Producer credit in the movie credits, IMDB and the film poster. You will be invited to attend all events relating to Our
    Magic, receive a generous package of merchandise related to the film’s production and
    receive regular updates on our progress.

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