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Global Cardistry Meetup.  Join us July 8-10 in Berlin, Germany.
Global Cardistry Meetup. Join us July 8-10 in Berlin, Germany.
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Cardistry-Con is an interactive conference centered around the art of cardistry, where cardists from all over the world can gather and explore the limitless expressive potential of an ordinary deck of playing cards.

Our aim is to produce an event where cardists around the globe can gather to push the art forward: a place to share ideas and be inspired, learn from one another and collaborate, and have an absolute blast together.

By gathering the community, we believe cardistry will flourish like never before.

The event will take place in Berlin, Germany, from July 8th-10th, and will host the best cardists in the world. Events will include talks, panels, video screenings, challenges, interactive games, exciting announcements, giveaways, and more.


Cardistry-Con is a conference for the community, by the community. We believe that creating the best possible experience is through the support and contributions from those who share our passion for cardistry. Together, we will produce an event far more amazing than we could on our own.

The money raised through registration, livestream access, playing cards, and our sponsorships will directly contribute to the costs of organizing Cardistry-Con. These costs include venue location and setup, staff, audio and video gear, live streaming technology, accommodations for our organizers and headlining cardists, and so on.


Attending this year's event are many of the most influential cardists in the world. This is your opportunity to hang with cardists like Dan & Dave Buck, Tobias & Oliver, The Virts, Zach Mueller, Franky Morales, Chase Duncan, Aviv, and so many more.

Meet them in person and gain invaluable insight into their creative processes, learn a few of their signature moves, or ask them questions you have about the art. Your experience is entirely what you make of it. Everyone attending will have these opportunities and be immersed into the world of cardistry.



As the event space is limited and several spots have already been reserved for organizers and headliners, we can only host so many cardists at the venue in Berlin. Last year we offered only 52 event registrations, and they quickly sold out. This year we upgraded the size of our venue and can offer 100 event registrations.

  • Includes full access to all three days' events, as well as a swag pack featuring several exclusive decks from our sponsors and an assortment of other cardistry accessories.
  • Additionally, every attendee will receive access to the livestream recorded videos to relive the conference and catch anything they missed.



Like last year, Cardistry-Con will again be streamed live across the web for anyone with an online pass to view. We'll be setting up a camera to capture the entirety of the events throughout the weekend and have selected as our content provider to deliver the highest quality video possible.

Get the livestream pass for $25 on Kickstarter only. Once this campaign ends, livestream access will continue to be offered on However, we will raise the price $30, so definitely take advantage of this limited offer now.

  • Includes unlimited access to a high definition video stream of all three days' events. Watch it live as it's happening or stream it later.
  • Engage with cardists attending the event in Berlin through comments below the video for an interactive virtual experience.

This is a great opportunity for cardists not attending the event to be a part of the conference. And even if your schedule doesn't allow you to watch the event live, you’ll still be able to stream the broadcast any time.



This year we teamed up with Benji Taylor of Next Exit to design an exclusive deck of playing cards just for Cardistry-Con. The result is truly unique. Printed on a premium stock with thin borders and metallic inks. The cards feature a custom back design and Ace of Spades with standard court cards in a complementary color palette.

Produced by Art of Play and printed by none other than The U.S. Playing Card Company. These cards are limited and will only be available through this campaign.


To place your order for the playing cards, choose either the PLAYING CARDS reward to the right and then input the appropriate dollar amount from the grid below, or upgrade your REGISTRATION or LIVESTREAM reward by adding on (yes, some simple math is necessary) the calculated amount below for the desired quantity you'd like.

Make sure to use the figure relative to your shipping destination or we will have to contact you for extra money, which can significantly slow down the delivery process for you.

If you have any questions, just let us know.

 We will do our best to fulfil your order by mid-June, so that if you are registered to attend, you will have them to bring with you. And depending on inventory, we may bring a supply to Berlin and offer them for sale at the conference.



We're really excited about the location for this year's event. As our first event outside of the United States, we chose Berlin as the destination for cardists across Europe and found an amazing loft to accommodate us.

For the space, we wanted an environment that would both reflect our culture and also complement the art. A hotel ballroom simply doesn't cut it for us, so we searched and searched and found the perfect spot. It's a giant open loft in Berlin, converted from an old chocolate factory, and it has everything we need and more.

The Berlin loft is centrally located in Berlin with quick and convenient access to public transportation, accommodations and restaurants.

Since our event space is not a hotel, you're welcome to seek accommodation wherever you like. Berlin is full of options, and if you want to stay close by, we recommend rooming up with another attendee and seeking a place on Airbnb to stay.


To cater our event to the community as much as possible, we've been collaborating with some of the top minds (and hands) in cardistry to help organize this year's Cardistry-Con.

This year's organizing team includes Chase Duncan (PKT PRK), Oliver Søgård & Tobias Levin (dealersgrip), Kevin Ho, Huron Low & Daren Yeow (The Virts), Chris Severson & Franky Morales (AVANTH), and Dan & Dave Buck (Dan & Dave).


Risks and challenges

This will be our third annual Cardistry-Con. And with a successful campaign for last year's conference, we are confident in reaching our goal and producing another event.

Additionally, with four years of experience organizing a much larger conference, Magic-Con, we're very familiar with the risks and challenges of producing an event like Cardistry-Con. And although Cardistry-Con is a smaller conference , we have not taken this for granted and are dedicating just as much attention and resources towards organizing it.

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    Full access to Cardistry-Con 2016 in Berlin, Germany July 8, 9 and 10. This is your ticket to come hang out with the best cardists in the world. Also includes access to the recorded Livestream videos.

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