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'Vetri' follows the story of an unlucky boy looking to achieve success in his life (like his brother) but keeps failing!

'Vetri' follows the story of an unlucky boy looking to achieve success in his life (like his brother) but keeps failing! Read More
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Update: Vetri's post-production is now nearly complete! The release will be on May 12th!

About Vetri:
'Vetri' is a feel-good animated comedy short film about a boy looking to achieve success in his life. I made this short film in my spare time while attending Uni. I know, it's pretty crazy to attempt a 10-minute animated short film on my own while juggling Uni work but I've done this before, so that helps! This has taken me a total of 5 months to finish!

If you enjoy a nice rags-to-riches story, you may enjoy this film. If you're into random, spontaneous comedy films or feel-good films or even films to watch with the kids, this film has a fair dose of each! Hopefully, this film has something in it for everybody

The good news about Vetri, is that the short film is already complete! All that's left is adding the soundtracks and giving the film a final polish. I could use a Kickstarter to cover the costs that went into making the film! Overall, the film has shaped up well, and should be enjoyable to watch. On May 6th, I will be releasing the film on my Youtube channel for the world to see!

Vetri is jealous of the success of his older brother. His older brother has his own car, a girlfriend, a high paying job, his parent's full support while Vetri has pretty much nothing. A depressed Vetri does nothing about it until he comes across a "Guide To Success" course which promises to change his life and become successful!

YouTube channel:
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Vetri Official Website:

Check out some stills from the short film (below) and also check out the trailer! Feel free to comment, critique, feedback on my Facebook!

Vetri's house
Vetri's house

About me:My main goal is to continue making entertaining animated short films and webisodes for YouTube. Through Kickstarter, even if I don't get funded, I mainly hope to gain more fans and followers who are willing to share and give feedback on this project. Your feedback and support can really help me improve my story, animation, modelling, etc, so that I can continue to make bigger and better short films and webisode series that YOU will enjoy!

Where will your money go?

  • RENDERING: During the making of the film, I spent some money (~$200) on rendering farm services out of my own pocket. Unfortunately, I couldn't get many frames rendered and resorted to rendering on my own machine and on community-driven renderfarms. This took a LONG time. I would sure love to get that money back and use any extra money to cover the costs of my next film (to begin shortly after!)
  • MUSIC: The short film has music from a number of royalty-free music websites. In particular,, CapoProductions, AudioJungle and Pond5. On average, a soundtrack costs about $20-40 which includes the licence to use the music in the film. Your money will help pay for the background music of the entire short film. 
  • ADVERTISING: I intend to use the funding to advertise the film on YouTube and on Facebook. One of my long term goals is to build a YouTube film channel, and I believe advertising will help me build higher viewership.
  • SOFTWARE: Any extra money I earn will be used to buy new software. Examples include advanced texturing software, VFX software, music software, a much better video editor than the one I have.

More rewards!
That's not all! After the film has been released, I will release all the assets, production files and scripts/storyboard to the general public. This can benefit anyone who were curious how the film was made. Furthermore, you can re-use all the sets in your own projects free of charge as long as you attribute me!

Risks and challenges

Since I'm working solo on this project, I face much less risk compared to a production team. One on my biggest risks is if my computer decides to crash before release or before I finish post-production and all that hard work gets destroyed. Really hoping my PC (which has crunched away on the film all day and all night) survives before release!

Another risk/challenge is how the audience reacts to the film after release. Feedback such as "This is the worst 10 minutes of my life" can be demotivating after all that hard work. I'm always looking to improve, so I guess building a community can help greatly in this instance.

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