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A smart, satirical mockumentary about the global financial crisis. One man accidentally caused the whole thing. Now, he has to fix it.

  • 2.8 trillion dollars... gone.
  • Lehman and Bear Stearns... wiped out.
  • Entire neighborhoods... foreclosed.
  • Europe... breaking apart.

And as the world crumbles, everyone is asking one question: “Who’s to blame?”

Eugene Kramer was a simple Iowa farm boy who brought his folksy wisdom to Wall Street at an entry-level trading job in 2004. His sunny moral principles propelled him to the top — and unwittingly inspired his fellow bankers to unleash a global economic catastrophe. And that was just the beginning...

From the credit crash to the bailout, from the European debt crisis to Occupy Wall Street, Eugene Kramer caused it all. And now it’s up to him to fix it.

False Profit is a smart, absurdist satire told in the style of a sober investigative documentary, through talking-head interviews, mocked-up archival footage, re-enactments, and "documentary" footage of Eugene’s high-octane daily life. Despite its authoritative tone, it’s a gleeful farce in the mode of Arrested Development and Best in Show.

False Profit is directed by Second City director Jeff Michalski (an improv icon who's worked with the likes of Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Chris Farley, Stephen Colbert & many more.) It's written and produced by award-winning writers Dan Abrams and Josh Zepps (who plays Eugene.) And the cast includes some of the best improv comedians from film, television, the Second City and the Upright Citizens Brigade.

But it’s more than that. False Profit is a disruptive experiment in film financing, production and distribution. It’s a new way for America’s best talent to launch projects outside the studio system, with less upfront risk, a shorter production cycle, and stronger links between the filmmakers and their audience.

False Profit is a smart, irresistibly silly satire of the crisis that defines our age.

“Who’s to blame?”

Make a pledge, and find out.


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