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A smart, satirical mockumentary about the global financial crisis. One man accidentally caused the whole thing. Now, he has to fix it.
A smart, satirical mockumentary about the global financial crisis. One man accidentally caused the whole thing. Now, he has to fix it.
284 backers pledged $50,634 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Shooting Day #1

It's been a long road but tomorrow marks our most milestone yet: Day 1 of Shooting.

I wish I could tell you more right now but I've got a long night ahead finishing up getting ready for tomorrow, but I'm going to write up a longer update tomorrow night to let you know how it went.

In the meantime, here's a mini-breakdown of our schedule:

September 8-16: NYC/NJ production.

October 5-15 (Tentative): Chicago

November: Conclude production in NYC.

Wish us luck.


We did it!


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Hero Exec Producer Glenn, one of our early supporters, just helped us cross the $50,000 mark. In the words of my mentor, Homer Simpson: "Woo-Hoo!"

This is the point where we try to encourage potential backers to still donate. This is a very small amount of money with which to make a movie and every bit more counts and will make the movie look better, sound better, and frankly have more awesome! So if you were planning to back, there's no reason not to.

In addition to raising this money and getting this movie off the ground, I've spent the last few months on a low-carb diet. I intend to celebrate this evening by cheating for the night and eating some ice cream.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. I need to spend a few hours to write down the huge list of people, it's so long. A huge special thanks to every backer and everyone who championed us (Jason and Horace in particular went above and beyond to garner media attention). Expect a very long list of thanks very soon.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We did it.

Expect a more detailed update from me as soon as I can stop jumping up and down shouting in joy.

Dan Abrams

6 Hours...94.6%

I'm about to have a heart attack. The tension is KILLING ME!

Thank you everyone. This is incredibly exciting.

21 Hours to Go...This is going to be a dramatic finish!

21 hours to go. 80% funded. My nails are being bitten.

It is totally within our grasp and possibility to fund successfully. We've had terrific days the last two and we have a few big backers who've held out until the end. 

However, it's hardly a given that we're going to make it.

Man, if this Kickstarter were a movie it would have a great last ten minutes.

Help us make the last ten minutes of this kickstarter a success. We have until 7:19pm Eastern time to successfully raise another $10,000 or we get nada. Spread the word, in an email, on facebook, on twitter, in your blog, on Fox News, in Skywriting over dense population centers, or by very quickly publishing an excellent novel.

And once again backers, thank you. I have never felt as much self-worth as I do right now.

-Dan Abrams